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Toys"R"Us provides a big selection of toys and baby products that are suitable for young children.

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Age does not define maturity!

Toy’R’Us never fails to make me feel like a kid again. Even at the age 17, going in there makes you feel nostalgic and playful.

I can never control myself from playing with all the things they have. I wonder how the staff there can resist from playing with the toys. They do categorise their toys so that it is easier for kids to find what they want, and parents would not need to fuss about toys to get for their kids. The best part is that the store is huge. So, it means a lot of toys and plenty of fun ahead.

I have to admit that the prices there are a lot more expensive than how I remembered, but toys are advancing just as much as phones. So, whenever I am looking for a perfect toy for my relatives, or feeling nostalgic, Toy’R’Us is the place to be.

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unleash the kid in you

if you have a boyfriend, good. This is where you can unleash your girly side (if you are a girl) and if you are a guy, you can relive your childhood fighting monsters.
Toys'r'us sells all kinds of toys- from cheap toys which you'd only play for awhile and then leave it somewhere to collect dust to expensive toy story kind of toys. They even have baby walkers and princess dress up costumes!

I dont like that their soft toys are placed in shelves so people when don't replace them properly they end up on floors which isn't very hygienic.

If you go to toys'r'us, play with the noodle sticks! Chase your friends around the store with it, wear a mask (you can grab a wolverine mask that was what my friend did) and play until you get chased out. That's where you turn away, take out the mask and make a dash for the exit.

I don't know why I'm gonna say the next sentence but:
They don't sell a whole pack of regular sized balloons. I don't know why. Maybe it was just the branch I went to.

This is just a happy place. You don't even have to buy anything. Just be careful of knocking kids over.

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Never too old!

I've always LOVED going to Toys R' Us, and now at 18, I still do!

I would especially go mad at the girls section, daydreaming about all the Barbies and thinking I'd buy them all if I had the money. It's like I'm 7 all over again. But then again, the outright gender streotyping of the toys (boys section all blue, girls section all pink) makes me somewhat comfortable. My 5-year-old brother loves the color pink and dolls, but then sometimes when he's at the girls section and is all excited, some people would look at him weird. I propose Toys R' Us be more gender-neutral. I mean, if I have kids of my own one day, I don't want him/her to be restricted to a certain section because of his/her gender.

Besides that, Toys R' Us is a great place to feel like a kid again. The staffs there are generally helpful and outgoing, and doesn't mind if they see you playing with the toys. Two thumbs up for that!

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Everybody Love Toys!

Back in those days when I was a kid, I always pestered my parents to bring me to Toys R Us during the weekends, to have a look but in the end always having my parents to get me anyone one of the toys that I wanted badly in the store.

I remember the shelves were very organize and neat, even though there will be kids playing around and knocking toys and other stuff from shelves to the ground, or just leaving toys on the floor. I always look out for my Digimon toys, and Digivice ( A small gadget or digital toy which is pretty much similar to Tamagotchi for those that play it ) . They also features new toys from action movies like Spider-man, Hulk, Spawn etc. It is every child's dreamland.

However it will be a problem getting help from the retail assistant as they only point the direction to you and you will have to go and look for it yourself, which takes up a lot time when my parents were going off to look for other things and told me to just grab any toys that i wanted or go. However The price is consider high for kid's toy which can be a burden for parents that are wanting to get something that their children really wanted.

Besides all the negative things about the price and retail assistant, there isn't anything more that you can ever want in such a huge toy store!

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Every child's dream

When I was a child, Toys R Us was my haven. From shelves of barbie dolls to Hot Wheels cars, it had every toy I could every dream of. Until today, the same brands continue to wow and wonder at toys r us - with life-sized kitchen sets, bigger and better Hot wheels tracks, fairy barbies and Sea Monkeys! Even till today, I love reliving my childhood at Toys R Us. Walking through the store itself is a fun experience because of the novelty of its products. The possibilities are endless in this store. However, I must stress that the prices are on the high side. Nevertheless, the novelty is always a plus factor.

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Huge range of toys!

Being a collector of action figures and still a kid at heart, I love visiting Toys R Us outlets whenever I am window shopping. Toys R Us, in my opinion, has to be the largest Toy shop in Singapore, bringing in a huge range of toys.

I am starting to collect Lego sets, so I try my best to find the store which brings in the latest sets, at the fastest rate. Other than Lego Flagship stores, Toys R Us always brings in their toys much quicker than the departmental stores. I love how they section their store into different categories, which makes it so much easier if you are finding something for a specific audience. The toys are split into categories such as boys and girls toys and also other more generic ones like board games and stuffed toys as well.

Aside from the wide variety, I think the problem with the place is that children flood to the store to play with those toys without any packaging, and end up messing up the store. I believe that the staff have too many duties, which leads to the mess being left alone. This gets pretty annoying when you are walking and there are toys all over the place.

But other than that, I think that Toys R Us is a good place to find gifts for people.

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Could do better with its customer service

Toys"R"Us is a wonderland for every child. Not only is it a huge toy store stocking toys of every beloved brand such as Hasbro and Lego, the store is spacious, enabling children to run past aisles and aisles of toys, while supervision is loose (not that it is always bad). That means children get to "sample" the toys before getting their parents to purchase them, provided if they are not secured in a box. A trip to Toys"R"Us is hence very children-friendly. But what about for the adults who simply just want to grab a toy as a present and leave?

As the above party, I find that it is rather hard to get hold of a retail assistant to direct me to my desired toy. Most of the times, they will just tell me, "Oh it's over there!" pointing towards a general direction and I have to wander through many aisles in order to get to it. Also, it would have helped if the aisles were indicated with categories overhead. Customers who are rushing for time would find it a tad frustrating getting their toys.

That said, Toys"R"Us has really got to be the most reliable and best toy store Singapore has with all the toys you would need to get.

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(Updated: March 03, 2014)

Kids' favourite playground!

Toys "R" Us is indeed a heaven on earth for kids of all ages. As long as the child in you have not died/matured yet, you are bound to love this place! Even if you are a young adult like me, taking a walk round the gigantic 'playground' will certainly bring back childhood memories. I guess that is why it is such a popular shop in Singapore.

However, nowadays, there are not a lot of Toys "R" Us outlets around though. There is one very big outlet at Paragon that I know of. When I was young though, my mum often brought me to the Northpoint's outlet to play for a few hours. It was so huge in capacity and filled to the brim with lots of different kinds of toys! Now, which kid wouldn't love it? The best part of it was that most of the toys are not packaged in a box, hence you can play them for free. I loved the barbie dolls, toy cars, toy guns... You name it, they have it! In fact, some toys in Toys "R" Us are displayed without the packaging, allowing children to play and sample with them before buying. Even up till now, from time to time, I go to Paragon's Toys "R" Us to walk around and see what are the newest toys and more often than not, I am fascinated with the range and variety of toys available! Especially now that technology is more advanced, the quality of toys are much better and the kids now are so much luckier as they have more choices!

I hope that parents and their children will continue to patronize Toys "R" Us, and that this shop will not ever shut down or close their business. If I have children in the future, I will certainly purchase toys from there and of course, bring my kids to this toys kingdom to have their share of fun and awe!

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Suitable for all ages.

Toys "R" Us is definitely a place that all kids would look forward to visit. In here, you would be able to find all sorts of toys and kids' accessories. They are usually differentiated into sections for easier search, such as: car toys, dolls, building blocks and lego.

I love visiting this shop because Toys "R" Us has got some exclusive items that are not sold anywhere else. For example: Lego series that is carried exclusively by Toys "R" Us , and usually they are displayed in a glass shelves. To purchase, you can just pick the items' cards that are placed outside the shelves.

For the frequent shoppers, you can consider getting the star membership card to earn points for every purchase you make. Then the points can be used to redeem Toys "R" Us vouchers. To qualify, you should purchase up to $50 and you can get the free membership card.

I would absolutely recommend this shop to everyone, especially parents with children and toys' collectors.
Always be informed of the storewide sale and promotions as you could get the items at better prices.

As there are many kids visiting the shop, don't be surprised if you find some shelves untidy and messy.

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Fun for the young and old

Toys 'R' Us is the toy heaven for kids. Since I was a little kid, I always enjoyed going to Toys 'R' Us. The place is a humongous playground, filled with all kinds of toys - ranging from the boyish ones like Lego and water guns to girly ones like barbies and dollhouses. I could easily spend a whole afternoon there while my mum went shopping elsewhere!

Every single franchise of Toys 'R' Us I've been to have been huge, and unlike many other toy shops, they actually put out displays for you to try out the toys before purchasing it. Even if you are not thinking of purchasing anything, you could still play around with the assortment of toys without being penalized by the staff! When I was younger, there were ample outlets of Toys 'R' Us, and I remember always visiting the one in Northpoint. My mum always had a hard time pulling me out of the place because I was always very fascinated with the variety of toys there. It was my favourite place to be outside of home! It's quite a pity that Toys 'R' Us have scaled back on their franchises. Now, there seem to be only a few outlets in town and I hardly see them in heartland malls anymore. The few standing ones are still huge though, and till today, I can still kill a few hours just walking around exploring the playground.

Every time I need to get a gift for a child or a newborn baby, I'd definitely head to the nearest Toys 'R' Us. The large selection of toys is sure to satisfy even the brattiest kid in the world. I'll always be able to find the perfect toy for my nieces and nephews birthdays at Toys 'R' Us! It was a huge part of my childhood, and I hope it will continue to be the happy playground for kids for years to come!

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