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Listing created by Damien on April 13, 2012    

"Jai" means "Heart" in Thai, "Jai Thai Restaurant" was set up with the aim to maintain Mr. Swang's cooking experience and recipes by putting our hearts in every dish the way Mr. Swang did. Jai Thai Restaurant offers the Heart of Thai Cooking for good food and excellent value. Jai Thai Restaurant is renowned as having the "Most Value for Money Thai Restaurant in Singapore".

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Inconsistent, but Fantastic when Good

I discovered this Thai eatery during my Junior College days when I went exploring around the area in between classes. Just a stone’s throw from Marymount MRT station, their Green Curry and Tom Yam Chicken Noodles were my go-to dishes for whenever I needed something warm and comforting after a long day of lectures.

With each main dish averaging about $5, this place was and is extremely popular among my peers. Everything tastes authentic, meat portions are generous, and the staff make an effort to remember the regulars.

Unfortunately, this great quality isn’t consistent across all outlets. The Marymount one still serves the best food, so that’s the only one I patronise now. I’ve had to deal with the disappointment of almost-meatless olive rice and diluted milk tea at Dhoby Xchange and Purvis, the latter of which had a very grumpy server who chased us out after our meal even though it was still 15 minutes to closing.

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average Thai food, but value-for-money

Jai Thai was one of my favourite after-school lunch hangouts, being just a short walk away. The restaurant is hardly ever empty, but once seated service is prompt. My friends and I usually opt for the set meals, which are served with a drink and dessert. I never liked the drinks as both the lime juice and lemon tea had strange aftertastes and tasted a little medicinal. The Thai iced tea is also underwhelming - it was watered down and a far cry from the actual drink.

The food however is delicious, with my personal favourite being Green Curry set. ($7.80) Not too spicy, but extremely flavourful and just shy of cloying. Other favourites include the omelettes ($6/7), pandan chicken ($5), Pad Thai set ($6.80) and Tom Yum rice set ($7.80). Set meals are unfortunately only available during lunch, but hardly any à la carte goes beyond $20, not too shabby for a full Thai meal!

Even though not all the dishes can be claimed as truly authentic, if you’re looking for an quick, inexpensive Thai cuisine fix then Jai Thai’s the place for you!

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Mediocre Thai Food

The food at Jai Thai is sure affordable as compared to other high-end or popular Thai places, but I'll just say that you pay for what you get. The food I had were was sub-par and didn't meet expectations.

Other than the green curry, which was satisfying enough, the rest of the dishes disappointed. The Pad Thai did not impress at all as it greatly lacked flavour. The Prawn Cakes weren't delightful. In fact, I don't even think I tasted prawn. The KangKong and the Thai Iced Tea wasn't good - just normal. In addition, the orders were messed up and some dishes we ordered did not come while dishes we did not order came.

Being a big lover of Thai cuisine, I'd not travel to Purvis street just to come here again. I'd probably dine here again only if I'm in the vicinity.

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(Updated: May 29, 2013)

save several degree burns off your pocket!

Hidden among shophouses is a place that serves authentic thai food! Nice attitude from the staffs, and food are being served timely too...

Mixed Platters ($7.00) consists of Fish cake, Prawn cake, Thai Spring Rolls, and Deep Fried Beancurd. It's actually a mixture of all their appetizers. Nothing special, but it's still nicely fried :)
Fried Kailan Chinese Mushroom ($5.00) that has crunchy vegetables, but not so flavory. Pandan Chicken ($4.00 for 2 pieces) is quite oily, but put aside the overcooked corners, it's yummy!

Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil ($6.00). Sweet with a little spicy sauce is drenched over chicken basil and the soft, bouncy tofu. Deep fried fish with pepper and garlic ($6.00). Came in small chunk size, but meat is soft, making it easy to chew. Great for kids!

Pineapple rice ($4.00). Rice is quite mushy, and topped with what I think is chicken floss? Not sure if the mushy-ness is supposed to their style, but I quite like it. Green Curry Chicken ($5.00). Curry is thick and sweet, and suitable to go with rice.

Overall their food are quite delicious, and with its reasonably priced food, it does save several degree burns off your pocket! :)

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Jai Thai would be the first place my friends and I would visit after school if we craved for a change from our normal canteen fare. Just a 10 minutes walk from Raffles Institution, we would go sometimes as a class, sometimes in cliques of fours or fives.

I love the food there. I always order the famous Green Curry with Thai Iced Tea. Thinking about it even now makes me feel like having a bowl of Green Curry. The first time my friend recommended it to me, I thought it would taste weird as I had only heard of yellow curry. However, after that first spoon, I have been going back ever since.

I have also tried the beef noodles and the seafood hor fun. For dessert, my friends and I have also tried the mango sticky rice. I give a huge thumbs up to all. It is worth its value for money.

Come to think of it, we should pop by there for lunch before we return to collect our A Level results in March.

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For those who enjoy authentic Thai food

This is definitely a go to place for anyone craving authentic homemade Thai food. My family and I enjoy coming here because the food is consistently tasty, and so is the service.

We always order the family set meal because of how affordable it is compared to mainstream Thai restaurants. My brothers and father really enjoy the Green Curry because they say that the consistency of the curry is just right, not too thick, and not too watery. I'm not saying I don't agree with them, I'm just not a fan of curry in general. The Pad Thai is also good with the right amount of spices to give it that Thai flavour, although it isn't the best I've tried. I enjoy the sweet and sour pork with cashew nuts as the balance between the amount of meat and veggies on the dish are just right. I also recommend their stir fried vegetables. It's what you usually eat at hawker centres, but the difference is that this dish somewhat cleanses your palate as you try the many different dishes that come with the set. The desserts are superb, I especially love the sweet potato drowned in coconut milk. The sweet potato is always cooked through with no hard parts.

If there is one thing I dislike about this place, it would be how inaccessible it is for people who don't own a car. I may be wrong, but it seems as if there are no bus stops nearby for those who commute, and it looks like quite a walk from the nearest MRT station, Marymount.

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Jalan Pemimpin Branch
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(Updated: July 10, 2012)

super worth it

Whenever I patronize Jai Thai, I always eat their noodles because they're so good! Especially their Green Curry Noodle, Beef Noodle and Tom Yum Seafood Noodle :) These are must-tries and they only cost $4/5, can you believe it?

Their phad thai, one of the most famous dishes from Thailand, is also pretty good. However, my friend didn't really enjoy it as she found it too oily. The Thai Milk Tea is also a good buy, tasting much sweeter and a different kind of milky/creamy from normal milk teas. I also enjoy their Sticky Mango Rice and Red Ruby desserts which are also the trademark of Thai food.

One should note that Thai food is rather spicy though, so do take note of the spicy icons on the menu and always have a drink on hand! Definitely value for money.

There is also a branch at Jalan Pemimpin (Marymount MRT) which tends to get crowded during lunch hour but is otherwise more accessible.

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Green Curry Noodle, Sticky Mango Rice
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yummy and affordable

Jai Thai boasts of being the most value for money thai restaurant. While it is definitely affordable (about $10 per pax), it is hardly the cheapest thai food you can find in Singapore.

I tried both the outlets near marymount and the one at purvis street. I went to the outlet in Marymount more than a year ago but if my memory serves me right, the prices were cheaper then. or perhaps the prices differ based on location. I remember spending only about $7 for a set meal, whereas at purvis street the same meal (including GST and service charge) came out to about 10 bucks.

That said, the food is quite delicious. The pineapple rice set is a must try. pineapple rice comes with a platter of green curry (very yummy green curry that i love because the coconut isn't too overpowering), pandan chicken (must try), spring rolls and fish. It also comes with a drink and a dessert (small portions and varies daily). The pad thai is also one of the best that i've had. One of my favorite thai dishes would be the basil chicken with rice. The basil chicken and rice ($5 without egg) here is quite special. There's a strong taste of tea leaves - it tastes better than it sounds. the tom yum soup here is average, but the prawn cakes are really good.

The portions could afford to be slightly larger but that said, they definitely don't scrimp on the ingredients.

service is good at the purvis street outlet but the marymount one can get quite busy at mealtimes and service is slow and rushed. The restaurant also gets very noisy, doesn't make for good ambience.

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