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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on December 26, 2012    

Serving up food with the true flavours and tastes of Bangkok, Basil Inn's Thai chef uses only the freshest of ingredients and traditional Thai cooking methods that promise to excite your palate. At The Basil Inn, Thai food is uncompromisingly Thai.

Although it has a small seating capacity of 40 people, it is not surprising there is a queue. It has also appeared on the Straits Times with a positive review with 4 our of 5 stars.

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12:00 - 22:00
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(Updated: December 18, 2014)

One of the best Thai food in Singapore

I chanced upon Basil Inn one day after work, completely unaware that it was THE Basil Inn my friends had been raving about. I'm forgetful when it comes to remembering the names of Thai restaurants, but one spoonful of Tom Yum soup later, I had to look at the signboard.

By default, the place serves clear Tom Yum soup. If you're a fan of the red Tom Yum Soup like me, do indicate so when you're ordering. Most people I know patronize this joint for one particular fish dish. If I'm not mistaken, it's steamed seabass in some sort of spicy and sour sauce. You can't miss it on the menu. Apart from that, the Kang Kong and Basil Minced Pork rice are great too.

It's a good thing Basil Inn is located in Pasir Ris, far away from the hype and rave that is Orchard Road. Otherwise, the queues would be unimaginable.

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Pasir Ris
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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Affordable Thai Food!

My friends living in Pasir Ris have told me all about Basil Inn, and being a fan of Thai food i was thrilled. It was a humble eatery, seating a small number of people. The place was not air-conditioned as it was built in an open concept, similar to the other shops in the row. The price was reasonable ranging from $4- $5 for an individual serving and $6-$10 per dish (for sharing). I thought that it considerably cheap for a place serving Thai food. (Please refer to the listing for individual pictures of the dish and the menu)

Firstly, I ordered the Khao Phad Saporo. ($5.50) The pineapple rice was really fragrant , everyone at the table had their noses whiffing in the direction it came from! It came with prawns and meat floss. I would have preferred more meat though!

Secondly, Phad Kana, Kailan vegetable stir fried with chilli. $6 It looks rather average but tasted fresh and crisp, on par with posh Chinese restaurants. A little oily and mildly spicy.

Thirdly, Phad Krapow (Basil Leaves Minced Chicken, Pork or Beef). $7/ $10. It seemed like a rip-off, with small portions of minced meat, what seemed could be bought at a regular cai peng (mixed rice) stall. The first taste you receive is the tender beef, next bursting basil flavour and the overpowering chilli taste which sends you downing glasses and glasses of iced drinks. I loved it, although it was way too spicy for me to handle.

The iced lime juice ($1.80) or lemon grass ($2) is a good complement for spicy dishes. Many of my friends enjoyed the Thai milk tea ($2) which was similar to Hong Kong milk tea but with less milky. I found it a little too sweet for my liking.

Kaow Niao Ma Muang ($4) is a definite must-try. It is a unique Thai dessert with sticky rice drizzed with coconut milk and topped off with fresh mango. It is available at most Thai restaurants but costing twice or thrice the price. It gives a good closure to the end of the meal, especially those who are not that full with the carbohydrates.

Overall it was a good experience. Service was slow and the waiters were muddle-headed but still polite. The food made the experience great, value for money and good taste. Not for those who are looking for a quick meal, can't take spicy or non-air-conditioned places!

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