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Listing created by Jelly on June 29, 2013    

The Dream Makers is a drama series on Mediacorp Channel 8. As a commemoration of Channel 8's 50th anniversary, this drama takes viewers behind the scenes of the entertainment world.

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Singapore’s Hollywood

The Dream Makers is a Mediacorp drama screened on Channel 8 which depicts the behind-the-scenes life of Singapore celebrities, or celebrities in general. It mainly follows the life of Zhao Fei-Er, a budding actress who shot to fame. However, as the movie progresses, it becomes increasingly disturbing as it portrays the backstabbing and loss of privacy of the stars.

In my opinion, The Dream Makers is one of the most successful Mediacorp dramas as the development of characters and storyline is executed very well. Moreover, it casts big names such as Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Wu Qi Yu, Zoey Tay etc who are very proficient in acting and portraying the right emotions.
In fact, the drama was so successful that a part 2 is filmed and going to be screened in 2015.

This is one of the rare Singaporean dramas that is worth your time! (no offense)

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Interesting Characters, Really Bad Ending.

The drama showed the struggles of celebrities and the works behind the shows you watch on television. It focuses on a female actress (Fei Er) and showed as she progress from being an unknown extra to a popular celebrity.

The show did a fantastic job in developing the character. As the series progress, the characters gradually deviates and this was mostly due to the circumstances that had befallen them. As the series progress, the characters become more complicated and flawed.

However, I hate how they ended the show. It was too abrupt and filled with unnecessary events that was put there just to forcefully extract emotions from the audience. Other than that, this is a good show filled with interesting characters.

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Intriguing and close to reality

I'm going to be honest. I rarely do watch Mediacorp television shows.

But when I do watch the shows, it really goes to show that I am intrigued by its contents and story line.

The Dream Makers is one of those drama serials that catches my attention and leaves me at the edge of my seat, yearning for each day to pass as quickly as possible so I can catch the next episode of it.

The very interesting concept that is being employed here is that this show is about acting and producing television shows and variety shows. It is like an "act-ception" and I have to applaud Mediacorp's courage here:allowing the audience hindsight into the reality behind the glitz and glamour - the back-stabbing, the pains of being an actresses, the pros and cons of being famous and recognized.

Maybe because what actually happens behind the scenes is always so concealed and hidden from the audience is what makes us, or at least me, more intrigued by this whole drama serial. Well, though there could be some exaggeration in the show, I do believe that things like that do happen - politics, it happens everywhere isn't it?

This is one of the rare drama serials that's worth your time!

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Get Reel!

The Dream Makers is one of the few dramas from Mediacorp that is worth watching. In this drama serial, the Channel 8 scriptwriters finally venture out of their conventional family dramas and let viewers take a peek into life behind the reel. The drama, that is currently trending on twitter and instagram as #zzsf, is clearly Mediacorp's 2013 blockbuster. Zoe Tay, Jeanette Aw, Rui En are just a few of the big names in the cast list. But it is not just the star studded cast that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats every night. While it is true that many things in the show have been exaggerated, there is some truth in them (read: fierce competition within the industry, dealing with paparazzi, and sacrifices). I also love to watch the backstage heroes do their job in editing, directing, make up, preparing costumes etc. There is so much going on behind each and every scene that we watch. Kudos to them!

On a side note, I love Qi Yu Wu and Jeanette Aw as an onscreen couple. They share so much chemistry it's delightful to watch them. It is also refreshing to see Rui En so bubbly and comical in her character 'Big Head Prawn' as well, although she might be overdoing it sometimes.

I'm definitely tuning in to tonight's episode of #zzsf!

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Finally moving in the right direction

Seemingly one of Mediacorp Channel 8's biggest productions with hot favourites like Zoe Tay, Chen Liping, all-sweet Jeanette Aw, one of my favourites, Rui'en and heart throb, Qi Yiwu. It was such a 180-degree change for Rui'en who usually appears indifferent and rather aloof, to this cute, bubbly director. There's just so much to look forward to and I am staying tune to every episode. It's a must-watch I have to say.

Well done, Mediacorp. You are finally picking things up and moving in the correct direction!

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Interesting plot - a must-watch drama!

I don’t watch free-to-air channels often, because I don’t have a very good impression of local television. The storylines always revolve around the same ol’ things – love triangles, family problems and the occasional police drama. I came across the trailer advertisement for The Dream Makers, and intrigued by the fresh concept of this drama, I decided to catch the first episode. 5 episodes later, I can safely say that I’m hooked.

The Dream Makers has so much to offer. It’s one of those dramas that you know will win at The Star Awards. It’s interesting, the plot is believable and most of all, it’s a much-welcome breath of fresh air in local television. There aren’t many dramas that show you what goes on in the entertainment industry, and I find it really fascinating to see what sort of people there are in this industry. It should be taken with a pinch of salt, of course, but there’s no denying that this drama is highly entertaining.

What surprised me most about this drama is the star-studded cast that it boasts. With hot favourites like Rui En, Qi Yuwu, Desmond Tan and Jeanette Aw working with “ah jie”s like Chen Liping and Zoe Tay, one can’t help but be excited to watch this drama, just to see what they have to deliver. So far, their acting has been stellar, and I can’t wait to catch the next episode. Two thumbs up – this show is a must-watch!

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