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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

Erlin Montel is the Suria show several years ago which rocketed to fame instantaneously. It revolves around a girl, Erlin, who was rather chubby. This show tackled weight and social issues. Accompanied by humour, the show succeeded in appealing to many. The lead cast comprised of Fadhilah Samsudin and Haizad Imran.


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This show turned out to be one of the most memorable show from Suria. For me, that is. The weight issues alarmed me. It's message was crystal clear. I no longer indulge in potato chips or roller coaster snacks with a smile across my face. In face, I do not even purchase or consume these items any longer.

The storyline was certainly no bore. I was an avid fan who crumbled into a heap of laughter regularly whenever this show was broadcasted. The actors and actresses involved in this show did an applaudable deed with their roles. I found their acting supremely natural. No mechanical or robotically stiff acting available in this show at all. This show deserves a standing ovation.

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