C.L.I.F. (警徽天职)

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C.L.I.F. (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, or 警徽天职) is a police procedural series produced by MediaCorp Singapore in 2011 in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force. It was aired from 31 May - 27 Jun 2011 on free-to-air MediaCorp Channel 8 and consists of 20 episodes. The drama stars Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng, Joanne Peh, Chris Tong and Tracy Lee in the main roles with a large ensemble supporting cast. It was directed by Chong Liung Man, who previously directed another award-winning police procedural C.I.D., which also starred Tay and Qi in the lead roles as police officers.


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Haziyah Ali
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(Updated: February 27, 2013)
What happened yesterday?
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Definitely an interesting show! Till yesterday.

I found myself anticipating each episode. I flicked Channel 8 on the moment my hour hand on the clock kisses the number nine every weeknight. It was an applaudable show that flaunts the local police professionalism. Some parts were rather comedic though. Especially the din regarding a guy who wanted people to inhale his body odour. It is rather informational though! Who knew rubbing ginger over under arms could combat body odour. However, the writer of this show was rather questionable. Why didn't they make him use perfumes? The automatic outlet that could subdue odours, morphing them into aromas! Additionally, the lineup for this show is definitely impressive. Comprising of professional veterans like Pierre Png and Rui En. They certainly injected an applaudable quality within the show!

The criminal was about to be caught yesterday. I was on edge, literally. I wanted to quench my curiosity. The curiosity as to wether my theory on who the criminal hit the bullseye, or not. Suddenly, the show emitted no audio. I thought someone may have pressed the mute button. I checked all the remotes and confirmed that my TV was on full blast. Several minutes later, the audio returned. Phew. My relieve was short-lived! The subtitles and channel 8 icon at the top right hand corner vanished. Equipped with zero knowledge in Chinese language, the show became foreign to me. The subtitles failed in making a comeback even when the credits rolled in. Where did the subtitles go and why did it vanish during such a climatic crucial moment!

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