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First aired in 1995 (with studio recordings for the pilot episode starting in 1994), Under One Roof was the first locally-produced English-language sitcom in Singapore. A critical and popular success, the show won the Best Comedy Programme or Series Award at the Asian Television Awards in both 1996 and 1997, a Best comedy actor award (Moses Lim in 1996),three best comedy actress awards (Koh Chieng Mun in 1996, Norleena Salim in 1997 and Vernetta Lopez in 2000) and was a finalist in the "Best Sitcom" category at the International Emmy Awards as well as the New York Festivals Awards.It paved the way for future sitcoms like Happy Belly, Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Mr. Kiasu, and Living with Lydia. Some of these characters would be based on the ones seen in another TV show, Lazytown that debut in 2001.

It starred a multicultural cast reflecting the ethnic makeup of Singapore: Moses Lim (Tan Ah Teck), Koh Chieng Mun (Dolly), Vernetta Lopez (Denise a.k.a Stephanie), Nicholas Lee (Ronnie a.k.a Sportacus), Andrew Lim (Paul a.k.a Wan Ah Teck), Selena Tan (Paul’s wife, Anita), Zaibo (Grandpa Yusof), Norleena Salim (Grandma Rosnah) and Daisy Irani (Daisy). In later seasons where Selena Tan's character made an appearance, Chinese-Hong Kong actor Richard Ng was cast to play Bobby, Anita's father.

Under One Roof has been exported to Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, France and Canada. It was the first local series to be aired in Canada and Australia.

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Childhood show

This is one show that I will never seem to forget.

In the days of my childhood, it was my all time favourite show of all time. With the ideal values of family, friends and life lessons all imbued together in the show, it was a family show - my family would always sit down together to watch the show.

The touching lessons together with the humor always managed to attract me and make me continue watching the rest of the episodes.

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Best local English sitcom

As far as sitcoms go, Under One Roof is the best English sitcom Singapore has ever had. The fact that it ran for many seasons testifies to its quality and popularity. Anyone who had followed the series would be able to recall the theme song. Inane as it was, it added to the flavour of the show.

Every character on the show represented someone whom we may know. They are not over-the-top but pretty natural. Despite that, like any good sitcom, each character's idiosyncrasies are played up for maximum effect.

We'll probably not see another sitcom as good as this coming anytime soon. Perhaps, this is one of those "once in 50 years" phenomena.

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Classical Goodness

As a child, I never really understood all the conversation and jokes in this sitcom. But I do know when to laugh when the moment is right. Under One Roof was a sitcom that brought out the atmosphere of a family setting, which most of us can relate to. Even when some of the jokes were overly exaggerating, you still could picture them happening in reality.

It was a heartwarming sitcom where you watch how the Tan family lead their normal everyday life with the help of their goofy neighbors. It was a comedy which promoted family core values as well as racial harmony.

Even though I couldn't understand most parts of the show as a child, I still enjoyed watching it. Channel 8 (Mandarin Channel) was probably the only channel I watched as a child so Under One Roof was the only reason why I would switch to Channel 5 (English Channel). This sitcom has definitely made learning English fun and less intimidating for me.

As I re-watch some of the episodes, I find some of the jokes still incredibly hilarious. Even in today's context, it was still an laughable moment for viewers. That I find, is truly commendable.

It was always fun to watch Moses Lim, portraying as Ah Teck in the show, trying to inculcate and teach certain life lessons or values to his children. Episodes always end off with him telling them a story and then asking them the moral of the story. This is pretty much the gist of the show.

Good sitcom passes and goes. Under One Roof is just one of the many classics you would never get to see them air again. This makes the sitcom even more memorable for viewers like me. Under One Roof fans will all the more cherish this great classic sitcom.

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Childhood tv show

Under One Roof was one of the tv series that I watched as a small child, along with my entire family. Watching it every Tuesday became a ritual for my family, and I have always enjoyed this sitcom.

I'm sure I share the same sentiments of many Singaporeans when I say that this is one of the better sitcoms that has been locally produced. The themes in this sitcom are mainly about family, love, Singaporean lifestyle and such - very relatable, even to me as a child.

A few years ago, channel 5 was replaying older sitcoms and Under One Roof was one of them. I felt so nolstagic when I watched it then, and it still seemed funny to me when I was a little older!

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(Updated: February 28, 2013)

Singapore's Funniest Sitcom

I remember when I was very young, I was taking my Chinese oral exam. The teacher asked me what I thought of Singapore television shows. I remarked that Singapore, being a multi-racial country, focused almost exclusively on Mandarin shows. Singapore TV shows could be more representational of our country if we could have our own English TV shows with the cast from our various races. My Chinese teacher scoffed, and said that our English channel had such low standards, how could we have such a TV show? I don't remember scoring high marks for THAT particular oral exam.

Many, many, many years later, my wish was granted. Singapore's very first English TV sitcom was produced, with stellar Chinese, Malay and Indian cast!

Moses Lim and Koh Chieng Mun were very adorable as the main onscreen couple, and Moses Lim's character, Tan Ah Teck, was aptly named. Another great couple was the Malay pair Zaibo and Norleena Salim. The two Tan brothers portrayed by Andrew Lim and Nicholas Lee were absolutely screaming!

For a pilot TV sitcom, the entire series was very very well done. I could not find anything in the show that needs improvement. The comedy, the actors/actresses and the scripts were perfect! Till today, I still think Under One Roof is Singapore's funniest and most unforgettable show.

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(Updated: February 27, 2013)


How memorable! Certainly one of Singapore's favourite Television shows. This local production depicts Singaporean lifestyle to a tee and drips with humour. The HDB flat setting. The local accents. The flip flops. These Singaporean flavour is definitely one of the leading factor that made this show so famously successful. I encountered dawn after dawn of recognition whenever I watch the show. Anyone who used to find HDB flats akin to shameful slums had the tendency to remould their perceptions simply by watching this show. Personally, I have no qualms of either flats or slums. This show didn't chide my pride. The pride of a HDB resident.

The cast unleashed series after series of humour that set me into peals of laughter. Another fact that made this show successful. Comedy. It's flow didn't seem scripted. It was rather natural. The cast did a totally splendid job portraying each of their own prominent characters. They unleashed the comedic in them. The very same element that they themselves probably didn't even know they had within them.Under One Roof is definitely the legendary local TV Show that formed a platform which boosts the media, local and even the casts!

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