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Listing created by delilah on January 11, 2013    

A mediacorp produced show hosted by Utt about supernatural incidents in Singapore. Shows can be seen on xinmsn.


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Horrifying Advertisements

I used to cover my ears and scream aloud when the advertisements played on the television in my Grandmother's house. My sister would do the same. Somehow, there was something disturbing about the advertisements that would get into your head and haunt you. I never knew why they would play the advertisements for this series in the daylight hours at about 4pm in the afternoon.

The advertisements were usually made up of echo-y footsteps and voices together with creepy music playing together in the background. The visuals were no better - with actors or actresses with very mentally shocking looks on their faces with blood dripping down or silhouettes walking along a dark corridor. I knew that I was never a fan of the series. Even though I have never watched the show, the advertisements were enough to scare me and my sister back then, not so much now. But thank God that I never was awake at 11pm to watch such startling things.

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First and foremost - a disclaimer. I am actually terribly timid, and it frankly scares me whenever I catch a glimpse of something supernatural beyond 8pm. And the way I judge a horror show? If it scares me, it's good. Which probably isn't that much of a good gauge if I were to be completely honest - just ask my friends.

That aside, on the rare occasion when I actually do feel brave enough to catch The Incredible Tales, I find myself slightly spooked out - but definitely, not very scared.

I think the spook factor can largely be attributed to the fact that these stories are actually related to our Singapore context. But besides that, there's not much of a scare to this show. I mean, look at their actors. I'm not sure if Mediacorp is running on a budget, but the actors in The Incredible Tales tend to be really really stiff in their acting. Personally, I think that I'd do a better job at acting scared, but that's a separate story altogether. Next, the plots aren't really much to marvel at. Most plots are very shallow and they just give you a brief overview of where the spirits appear, how the main character screams and yells in fright (that isn't really convincing), and tada - The End.

That said, while the show itself isn't very scary, I find their theme song pretty creepy to be honest. I think that's when you realise a horror show isn't a very good one - if its theme song is actually scarier than the show itself.

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Incredible Tales - Genre: Comedy

For the purpose of this review, I read up on the description of "Incredible Tales" to get a better understanding of it for fear that the few episodes that I'd watched were not enough. I then took the liberty to edit it according to what I think is the reality of the state of the show, and here it is:

"The comedic, the cheesy and the downright boring.

Hosted by some random idiot talking in an unauthentic accent and shot on HD (but filled with crappy CGI and mind-numbingly terrible special effects), Incredible Tales brings you unremarkable stories with plots so straightforward you could spot them light-years ahead and stories so un-scary a baby would laugh watching it (my nephew actually the ghosts) from not just Singapore, but neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Get ready to feel your brain cells dying off and your eyelids droop!"

In other words, don't waste your time watching it. Unless you're looking for cheesy, campy "horror" stories, in which case STILL don't watch it. It's just that bad.

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Incredibly stupid tales

My friends know I'm versed in all 16 languages of rudeness when it comes to our local broadcast channels.

And most of it is because of all the new Channel 8 dramas. I have always told myself that The Noose exists to tell all of us there's still hope for Mediacorp but besides that, the Singapore broadcast industry is doomed.

Let me start with one of the lower end causes - Incredible Tales.

All the viewers must remember - you are not more scared because the show does a good delivery job, you are ONLY more scared because these are play outs of ghostly scenarios closer to home.

Every single American horror story wins this while laughing but we're not terrified because they're in America, what are they gonna do, take a spirit plane here?

And so for this cheap thrill, I tried an episode and I was shaking my head and wondering who was the genius in charge of special effects and how the actors live with themselves knowing they've done a skit so half-hearted.

I am going to go watch my plants grow now, I think that's scarier.

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Kills my Saturday nights

I loathe watching Incredible Tales on Saturday nights. I find that a title such as Incredulous Tales suits the series better. To start off with, the script is usually weak even though there is a premise to begin with but somehow the scriptwriters could turn something which is potentially scary to become not scary come the end.

The acting is usually quite wooden. On top of that special effects (if any) are tacky at best. This series and Crimewatch actually go along very well together. Both are poor shows.

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(Updated: March 03, 2013)

Could do better

A sucker for horror and gore (but still very easily frightened), Incredible Tales piqued my interest from the very start. The idea of such a concept, together with the spooky and real life encounters and recounts, had so much potential! Yet everything is pretty much ruined by the corny acting and effects.

Giving it the benefit of doubt, I continued watching the episodes but the lousy and predictable scenes were really more of a turn off — or as local colloquialism has it: lame. As mentioned, perhaps the acting is downplayed for the sake of viewership and the children audience. It is still a good show though, for the timid mice around us.

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Local ghosts

Just one of those Channel 5 programs that I always happen to stumble upon while switching channels. I don’t mean to brag but I am not one of those who is easily frightened by horror movies. Rather, I love spooky and spine-chilling ghost movies the most.

I don’t find Incredible tales to be scary but I find it to be interesting and educational at some point. Since this is a Singapore-produced program, it incorporates disturbing occurrences experienced by Singaporeans themselves by supernatural entities. I learn the different types of ghosts that are believed to exist by the Chinese, Malays, Indians etc in Singapore. Even ghosts are multi-racial!

Overall, Incredible Tales is not for ghost enthusiasts like me. It is more of an alternative for the weak-hearted to watch and scream their lungs out.

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To keep boredom away

One of my favorite catch up TV programs available on Xinmsn, incredible tales is like a daily bedtime story, I will never get bored of it. With more than 50 episodes available online, there are a lot of different supernatural stories from different parts of Asia. It usually starts with a narrative, before the real person interview.

One reason why i continue to watch this drama is that it is quite addictive to watch! Personally, i like to watch supernatural stories, just to get the kick of out it. Watching the stories, i will sometimes remember the better ones to retell it to my friends next time!

However, some negative aspects of this show is that sometimes it is quite draggy, with the plot long exposed before the climax, thus making the story not interesting anymore. Also, the "ghosts" are not very real, and are poorly disguised, so i won't really be scared.

3 out of 5 stars! Don't watch it if you are easily frightened though...

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Great but mofe could have been done.

I really enjoy watching this show as every episode tells a different story, so there is always something to look forward to. Furthermore, the story is both acted out and told through a third person to make it look convincing. I am always convinced by the story in each episode.

However, each episode is really short and sometimes I feel as though the only effort made in the show is to interview someone and act out the scenes accordingly. I personally come away from each episode expecting more and wishing that there could have been more plot to the show- instead of it just being seen through the eyes of a person.

Maybe, they would then have more viewers.

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The only attraction is these tales are supposed to be real

I don't know whether the tales were real but every episode, they would get someone to tell a story as it had happened to them or someone they knew. Everyone should have heard of some supernatural stories and some of these tales coincidentally were very similar to some of those tales I had heard before.

Hearing it and seeing it acted out had a difference. When I just heard it, I used my imagination to picture it, I had wild imagination so what I pictured can be very scary. But when it was acted out, it was presenting the picture that the script write or director imagined. Somehow, it was not as scary. It may be due to sensitivity to TV viewers but if you cannot make a show scary then why make a scary show.

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