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Singapore Idol is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by MediaCorp Studios and FremantleMedia Operations BV.

It is a part of the idol franchise and became one of the most popular shows in the history of Singaporean television, and has so ran for 3 seasons.


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Not worth its sponsors and viewership

Call me cynical, but I think that Singapore Idol is not a congregation of talented singers but also hordes of 'entertainers'. The first segment of the show is not just about showing those who passed but also to highlight the various clown acts of some auditionees, and they seem to have overshadowed the true purpose of the show for more people watch these failed auditionees doing their failed acts compared to the actual competition.

Another major problem about this show is the unfairness in the competition. Sure I agree they need to make profits, but should the competition really float just based on votes and not with judges opinions as well? There will sure be people who get their richer kith and kin to call in, and the more talented but less wealthy may end up not making it through due to lack of rich voters, something which really puts me off.

Finally, I think that the fact that all the 3 winners are Malays has put some people off, and while I am personally ok with it, I am too beginning to question what part of this competition and show may have caused this.

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Once Upon a time

The franchise of the American idol chain, Singapore too could not loose out on the craze. Initially during the first season (which I thought was the best and most popular) as the idol hype was still all about, it looked like a really good opportunity for potential performers out there to display their talents on a more public platform. Furthermore it was a great stepping stone for many amateur singers to step it up and gain some experience on an event with such a massive scale.

I enjoyed watching the first season of Singapore Idol very much. I remember pestering my parents so that I could call to support my then-idol Taufik Batisah who eventually still won the competition without my vote. I thought the way the contestants performed were really professional and it was really nice to see how the nation supported singing talents.

Though the aftermath of the competition did not ensure much continuous recognition to the stars, it was one of the better and more popular shows that hyped up singing talents.

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Singapore Idol reigns in the local entertainment sector! Why isn't there more?

I was an avid fan of Taufik Batisah. In fact, I still am! It was akin to love at first sight. Love upon the first few notes he belted out for auditions like My Girl. Separated only by a mere flat screen glass that sprawled across a box we call, television. He had a vocal flavour that was like no other. It was branded with a Singaporean accent making this vocal wonder rather impressively unique. He was like the Usher. Or Ne-yo. He swooned the crowds by equipping his performance with an applaudable set of jaw dropping moves. My jaw was certainly one of those that dropped.

Singapore's music industry seemed rather lacklustre. Taufik Batisah is certainly a key ingredient that spices up the what used to be a stagnated and monotone industry. I remembered voting for him religiously too! I dialled. I prayed. Never had I been ever so dedicated in making a fellow contestant clinch the winning spot!

Unfortunately, the contestants in the next two seasons didn't seem to spur my enthusiasm as much as Taufik Batisah did. The contestants were certainly interesting what with the myriad of personalities gelling into one to form a music video each week. It is certainly entertaining to watch the unknown step into the realm of the known. I certainly do not find myself engaged in a yawning session whenever I tune in to watch the show. I find myself glued to the show naturally. This show also shrouds me with the astounding fact that there are in fact grammy potential vocalists embedded within the tiny red dot called Singapore. I am also attracted by how the swoon worthy eye candies or talented beings and me aren't separated by any form of ocean. GPRS is smaller than a thousand! It also raised the chances of bumping into them, discover the chemistry between us and even extending the family tree line.

Otherwise, Singapore Idol is definitely a far cry from the useless Sasuke Singapore which shows men of all forms conquering ( mostly not ) the same obstacles week after week. It deserves a comeback. Bring it back.

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Show of Shame

I have never been fond of this TV genre that condones public humiliation. And shows like the Idol series go so far as to showcase it as a highlight of the show. Since when has entertainment degrade into watching ordinary people like ourselves suffer miserably on stage? Yet millions around the world do enjoy it. Guilty pleasures, they call it.. and I thought the phrase only refers to chocolates and ice cream. The harsh criticisms, rude taunting, barbed sarcasm, everyone laps everything up eagerly. This show is the new colosseum in our age of information, where the world relish watching people get hurt not with weapons, but words.

Of course, there is the argument that all these contestants are going into the arena willingly, so they should know what to expect. But aside from wackos like Banana Man, who is obviously only there to be a fool (of which I respect him totally for) and create laughs, there are also normal people looking to challenge themselves onstage. It's just too bad that if they happen to be bad at singing, they'll be thrust into the limelight of shame in a heartbeat.

In Singapore Idol, Dick Lee is aptly named, dispensing vital ingredients of the show like hurt and venom out to contestants regularly. I guess the harshness of the judges also serve to accentuate the impact of their praises on the rare occasion they give it to a deserving contestant. Never mind hurt feelings, this is showbiz after all.

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I think it should stay but it needs to reform

Well, I think Singapore Idol is a good concept to groom local singers I've watched Singers like Taufik, Hady and Tabitha and they're actually pretty good. Honestly, I think the first season was truly the best. I remember my family was divided over the top two and we would call in to vote for our respective idols. The final night of seaosn one was really spectacular and Gurmit Singh was a very suspenseful host.

However, the structure and content of the show is highly lacking. There is not enough high-quality opportunities for the singers to grow, and I feel that many do not develop because the show does not push them enough. I feel like the director of the show formed Idol merely because he wanted to give opportunities for singers, but in actual fact, Idol should be a developmental process for the singers.

Furthermore, the prizes for Singapore Idol is not good enough to propel these singers. I can't blame Idol for this lah, considering tht our music scene is still in its infant stages, but I do think that Idol should continue, but the producers need to think about how they can make the Idol journey a fufilling one for the singers. Think not just about vocals, but about perfomative qualities and charisma etc.

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Waste of time and sponsors.

i dont' see them on air anymore. Probably because of the lack of funds? Or the lack of talent? Or probably they thought that it was a waste of time and sponsors and would rather inject money and time into other productions which would be more refreshing to the entertainment scene rather than cheesy, corny and not that stellar vocals on TV trying to mimic other more professional singing contests like American Idol.

Pardon me for being too harsh, but I'd rather my Point Of Entry anytime. This show attracts much more viewers than this and the former is just earning and extracting more and more money from the public to vote for the contestants in which I hardly see the winners around in the entertainment scene anymore, besides the occasional one-song-air on reality shows or events.

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Money for humiliation

Singapore idol to me, was a total waste of space on channel 5. Channel 5 would've been better off had they screened a movie during singapore idol's show times.

First thing first, I am here not to degrade the show but to give my honest opinions. If you're going to 'copy' the concept of a popular franchise then you deserve to be compared to the original show. Singapore idol looks ridiculous beside American idol. Our judges seem to have an arrogance, even Rihanna does not have. I mean, how many albums would you have sold ? Are you popular worldwide ? Do you have your own genre of music ?none. Secondly, I just feel that the contestants are better off singing in their bathrooms, instead of getting humiliated by our judges. But you cannot take away anything from Gurmit singh. He was an awesome host, always has been, always will be. He makes the show worth watching.

I just feel people are better off joining the actual American idol itself than join our pathetic version of one. Don't trade your self respect for money. Ain't worth it

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What idol?

Another example how Mediacorp tries too hard to attract viewers but fails miserably. Firstly, it was a total rip-off from American Idol, what happened to creativity? Secondly, I wonder what happened to those contestants who competed. The only contestant I know about is Paul Twohill, and its not even because of Singapore Idol. He was the host of Chick vs Dick (A clicknetwork show) and I only found out much later he was a contestant from Singapore Idol. I guess hosting is more of his thing than singing.

The judges here can never compare to those on American Idol. Even Ellen Degeneres did a better job than Dick Lee, and Ellen doesn't even have a singing career. I'm surprised this show even got 3 seasons.

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Laughing stock for some.

I think the most interesting part is the first round of auditions when people try their very best to enter Singapore Idol. It's the only time where you can really look at the screen in disbelief, thinking how hilarious and ridiculous some people are. They just don't know where they stand.

And then there are some, that somehow emphasises on the fact that we should never judge a book by its cover, as proven by some of them.

I don't understand this show and I do hope that SIngapore can come up with something more original and singing-industry-worthy. People are watching Singapore Idol because it's very laughable, and plus, like what the others say, the final contestants fade away. We no longer see/hear about Taufik, Hady, Shazari anymore.

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Who won Singapore Idol?

Let me ask you this: "In 3 seasons of Singapore Idol, who are the winners?" You can't remember right? Well, that in itself should tell you something about the show.

Some may remember Taufik, the winner of the first Singapore Idol. But even he has faded off the scene. I only remember him because my NS platoon sergeant competed in Season 1 and we watched it.

The show itself is quite entertaining to watch. The deluded people who thought they were superstar material were a hoot to laugh at. The "drama" between contestants was interesting although probably staged. And of course there were some truly talented singers who were a joy to listen too.

It is too bad that the music producers in Singapore do not seem to be able to capitalize on their talents. The winners were good, some even had that ever elusive X-factor. But the driving force to catapult them to international fame is sadly lacking.

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