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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 16, 2012    

Your Hand in Mine (想握你的手),was a long-running chinese drama (180 episodes). This drama described a few families of different backgrounds living in the same neighbourhood.


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Noticed something?

I don't know whether any of you notice something hidden in the show like an Easter egg. If you have the chance to watch the show again, please pay attention to what I will be writing and see whether it is true.

The title of the show when translated mean "Wanting to hold your hand". So every time in the show, when there is a scene showing people holding hands, there will be a special sound effect. I noticed this first and told my daughter, she was a big fan of this show and may have watched it many times from XinMSN. She concurred that my observation was correct.

This is just little thing in life to teach your children, you should be observant to your environment even when you are entertaining yourself.

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(Updated: January 16, 2013)

Heartwarming but what seems like forever

Till now, I am still catching the re-telecast of the show faithfully, almost every weekend afternoon. I enjoy watching it as I find some of the heartwarming scenes pretty much relatable in our daily lives. And I do love the fact that show teaches us about the importance of family bonding, kinship and learning to treasure what we have. Something for us to ponder about and reflect on our lives.

As much as I enjoy watching the show, I feel that it should be capped at 100 episodes as viewers will ultimately still get tired of the show when it appears to be running for eternity, because the show tends to get a little draggy. It kinda reminds me of long sappy Korean dramas at times.

Then again, no doubt the story plot may be a little too clichéd for some of our liking, but sometimes, it is such topics that really touch our hearts, right?

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A normal cheesy drama

Much as i feel that this series had short of no storyline, i do feel that certain parts of the show were very heartwarming. Instead of the story, i feel that the part showing the bonding of the families, the kinship and the friendship tells us alot about the ties between friends and families and alerts us to not take our families and friends for granted, which is important. I guess that's the crux of the show.

The show however is dragging on forever and features zero action packed scenes, just cheesy, corny love scenes in between sets. I only watch when i have time though.

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Mediacorp cannot seem to produce a good television series.

Well at least this one doesn't attempt to bite off more than it can chew and include police drama or fantasy (which, by the way, Mediacorp really cannot do well) but sticks to normal, day-to-day Singaporean life.

As the reviewers before me have mentioned, the series was really long and unnecessarily dragged out. What could have been concluded in 150 or maybe even 140 was lengthened into 180 episodes. There were confusing plot twists and turns and the whole thing was just a massive train wreck. Also, it was extremely hard for the viewers to suspend their disbelief. Neither the plot nor the acting was realistic.

The characters in the show were also unlikable. They were one-dimensional and there was no life to them. They were unrealistic and I was unable to relate to them and confounded by some of the things they did.

My next minor grievance with this show may be considered petty, but it has to be said. What IS with the sparkling sound played every time a character's hand touches another? It is cliched, distracting and immensely annoying. It cheapens the entire programme and makes it seem juvenile.

In short, another one of Mediacorp's spectacularly horrid television programmes.

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Taiwan soap drama wannabe

Evident from its title, this drama was long-running and draggy. Quoting my mother, "this show is as long as the cloth used by great-grandmother's to wrap her feet!" I believe drama series can be long-lived, but they certainly must have an amazing and enchanting plot to keep audiences interested.

Unfortunately, this show did not make it that far. Although my knowledge in acting, scriptwriting, directing...basically the essential skills to pull off a show or performance is limited, I felt, as an audience, that the show was a sheer waste of my time. In most episodes, dialogues were unnecessary and 'brainless' and the actors acted as if they were not in their characters, or perhaps simply not convinced by the script themselves.

Sad to say, this show was a bad imitation of Taiwanese soap drama like Ai and Yi Nan Wang. The draggy factor was perfected, but at least the Taiwanese shows had slightly more unexpected surprises in their plots.

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I guess everyone had the same comment, this is really a very long series. And frankly i only got to watch about 1.5 season and I stopped cause it dragged on for so long that i got lost.

Although there were probably depictions of some real life stories behind the series, I find that there are certain portions when it could be really dramatic and funny. For eg, the 3 crazy daughters of Chen Liping and Huang Wen Yong. I guessed its bad enough to have one unique child in the family, end up there are 3 in this family or rather 5, since the two parents are equally eccentric in their behavior.

I still remember the scene where Chen Liping was pregnant and she was trying to have Penang laksa but the whole bowl dropped onto the floor. and she literally cried over spilled laksa. Another touching scene was when the grandmother was the only one who realised that the 2nd daughter was really sick, since no body else bothered as she was just a cleanliness freak.

Anyway, it's on show every weekend, for those who missed it, do catch up :0

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A little too long-winded...

I find that this drama series was too long for it's own good. There was a sense of a dragged-out ending and a resulting anti-climax when the series finale aired. I mean, it's cool to have such a long-running drama, but it's gotta be filled with decent material or else it'll fizzle out.

I think Pierre Png and Adam Chen did creditable jobs with their characters respectively, but I feel that they were let down by poor scripts from time to time. It was a fairly good run but perhaps it would have been better if it was capped of at 160 episodes instead of 180.

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I like this drama as it is a drama that somewhat shows us the image of Singaporeans and some scenes or scenario do happen in real life. The characters played in this drama could be a more exaggerated version of Singaporeans but it does show us a rough idea, like family problems and always wanting to own branded items, and also doing things that is to our own benefit.

I personally do think that the mum in this drama who is played by Chen Li Ping is a little irritating, as she do things as how she wants it and not really sparing a thought for others. It also shows that in life, we have to give and take or we will end up losing more than what we already have.

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