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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 18, 2016    

Marks and Spencer Food Hall sells a variety of food items such as pastries, snacks and cakes. They have a wide range of frozen desserts and ice cream. 


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Interesting Snack and Biscuits Selection with Lovely Packaging

If I’m ever at Marks and Spencer, it’s because I’m paying the M&S Food Hall a visit. The food hall at Marks and Spencer is always well organized, with an excellent variety of British snacks, cookies, frozen foods and more.
One of my favorites buys from the M&S food hall are the Rich Tea Biscuits and Almond Cookies. They’re simple, classic, and yummy; perfect on their own, or dipped in a cup of hot tea. I’ll always grab a packet or two whenever I visit. They have a wide variety of frozen, ready-made meals in the freezer section, from ricotta-stuffed ravioli to roast chicken. Their Percy Pig gummies are another favorite of mine; chewy and sweet without tasting artificial.
The prices of the items at M&S may not be the cheapest, but the classy, brightly-coloured packaging makes resistance difficult. I usually only intend to “look around”, but always end up leaving with at least 3 different snacks. Their cookies and confectionaries make for great stocking fillers around Christmas time.

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Gummies for a gummy enthusiast

I’ve always been a fan of gummies, be it Yupi’s gummy bears, Haribo’s fruit gummies or The Natural Confectionary dinosaur gummies. But the best and most authentic gummies I have tasted are the fruit pastilles from Marks and Spencer.

These gummies come in a pack of 6 flavours, blackcurrant, orange, grapefruit and raspberry for the sweet tooth, lime and lemon for those who crave sour treats. I love how cute the gummies are shaped according to their fruit. The gummies are coated in a layer of sugar, but surprisingly, they turn out to have just the right amount of sweetness! The fruity burst of flavour makes the gummies a very addictive snack, and you won’t know it till the whole pack is gone.

The next time you walk along the aisles in the Marks and Spencer food hall, be sure to grab one of these pink coloured packets of fruit pastilles.

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