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Listing created by bxbong on November 20, 2012    

Spanning 60 stores islandwide, Shop N Save is a familiar neighbourhood supermarket in Singapore providing convenience and savings to customers.

To cater to customer's differing needs, 36 Shop N Save supermarkets are currently operating 24 hours while most of the remaining stores operate at 7am daily.

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Good alternative to other more renowned supermarkets

"Shop and save? More like shop and spend." I concur with my uncle's remark wholeheartedly - the name is a little off-putting and frankly a little dumb. With the goods at normal supermarket prices, I can't say that the name exactly gives it an edge up over the competition either, it really just leaves you disillusioned.

With a wide variety of goods, though, I suppose it is a nice alternative to the other supermarkets around. It doesn't hurt that it's the only supermarket within walking distance from my grandmother's house - my cousins and I always go there to pick out snacks and drinks for a nice night of movies and cards.

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Giant Express

Just to let everyone know, Shop n Save does not exist anymore. All the stores in Singapore has been re-branded to "Giant Express". So if you see Giant Express, it is the old Shop n Save. For the sake of this review, I will just refer it to Shop n Save.

There is a Shop n Save store 10 minutes away from my house and it is 24/7! I don't buy vegetables and salt at 2am but if I do need it suddenly, I know that there is a store there for me. It's a sense of security that we shopaholics need hahahaha!! The Shop n Save store has an acceptable range of products. Of course, it is not as wide as NTUC and Giant but it is definitely a better choice than 711, the other 24/7 alternative. Their prices are reasonable and purchasing of house brands give you a 10% off. The counters can be improved on though. It is so squeezy and when the lines start to form, it tends to block the pathway of customers coming in. Cashiers are usually polite although I've met a few grumpy ones at night. The store is always clean, air-conditioned well, bright and has no funky odor of some sort. I will still visit here if NTUC is closed or overly-crowded.

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Jalan Membina
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Lacks variety

When I was staying at Bukit Panjang, there was a Shop N Save supermarket within walking distance from my place.

I remembered there was once when I needed to buy drinks because some friends informed that they were coming to visit at the last minute. Out of convenience, I walked over to Shop N Save thinking to buy some drinks.

I wanted to buy the most common soft drink, Coke. I reached the drinks section and looked around, I did not see any Coke. So I thought may be there was some promotion and Coke was placed with the promotion items. I walked around the whole shop and was not able to find any Coke.

I remembered there was some other brand of Cola drink, it was not even Pepsi, it was some unknown brand to me. Since then, I had given up on this store.

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Not quite so 'value', but definitely convenient

Shop N Save prides itself on being the most value-for-money supermarket in Singapore. It may be true, but in my opinion, it isn't that special. Prices there are similar to other supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice and Giant. The USP for Shop N Save however, is the fact that it opens 24 hours a day.

I've bought my basic necessities here numerous times. I could have gotten them at a cheaper rate elsewhere, but the simple fact that it is so convenient makes it an obvious choice. If you run out of toilet paper (pray that never happens) and it's 3am, this supermarket will save your 'life'.

Good enough.

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(Updated: November 22, 2012)

Convenient, cheap, smelly and small

The Shop N Save that i frequent is situated at the Admiralty MRT. Due to its convenient location, I frequent it more often than its other competitors - Fair Price, Giant, Carrefour, etc.

I usually will buy chocolate bars from the supermarket and will chance upon fruits on sale. There will be many aunties choosing the fruits that they deem fresh and edible. As i visit Shop N Save more often, I realise that they often put up their fruits on sale. So if you really love fruits and you happen to see a Shop N Save nearby, go ahead in and see what they offer.

However, there are downsides to shopping at Shop N Save. The place tend to be small and hence the shelves are very close to each other, leaving a small aisle for consumers to walk through. And when I walked into the supermarket, there is an evident unpleasant smell that resembled the wet market. If you do not like to shop in such a small enclosed area that smells like the wet market, you can always opt for the alternatives around Singapore.

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What I can say

Shop n save is a money threatener.

But that besides. Everything else here is pretty good. I always go grocery shopping with my grandma and she's made friends with the staff here. They are very personable and sincerely recommends my grandma what to buy and what to cook for dinner. So that's +5 for their staff.

The things here are very well stocked and regularly, there will be strange promotions on strange items (shirts/ racks/ tv) and it adds to the homeliness of this place. There's always a deal or another on their dried goods and it makes me grandma a poorer woman but a happier one.

They don't have sushi counters or a roast food counter like the bigger hypermarts, so expect to only eat stuff like tidbits or bread. Oh yes they have a very aromatic confectionery here.

I'll love shop n save for the memory, never for the prices.

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Sunshine Place
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