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10 Prime Building 125 Defu Lane Singapore 539233
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Listing created by Iswariya on November 15, 2012    

Prime Supermarket has bee serving the daily household needs of Singaporeans since 1984. With more than 20 supermarkets island-side, Prime has established itself has a leading supplier of household needs. 


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How did they survive?

I could not understand why Carrefour closed down but this supermarket can still survive. My old office was quite near the Prime at Chai Chee so I had been there a few times. It always felt very uncomfortable to be in a Prime supermarket. The aisles were normally narrow to maximise the rows of shelves that could be installed into a limited space.

The products did not look appealing and the selections were limited. It was common that you could not find the brand of the products you wanted. After being so used to NTUC, I could not think of this place as a supermarket. This place felt more like a big grocery shop to me but they did not have the personalised service of a family owned grocery shop.

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Shelves of dust

Along the route where I usually jog on, I would always pop by this supermarket for a bottle of H2O drink.
However, my impression of this place isn’t that fantastic. From the vegetables, to the fruits, to the snacks, it doesn’t look exactly fresh and definitely not worth its price (especially the fruits). This supermarket is not as clean and tidy as compared to other supermarket chains such as NTUC or Cold storage. Imagine shelves coupled with a layer of dust, that’s what I mean.

Apart from that, it has a smaller variety of goods and usually do not sell the things that I need.

The only plus point would be its 24 hour operation, where in times of emergency, would be of great help.

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