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#02-05/08 International Building 360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869
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The secret behind the delightful difference of COCA Steamboat is our home-made COCA Sauce - created by our founder, Mrs. Patama, from her own unique recipe in 1957.  COCA 'Suki' Steamboat was founded by Mr. Srichai Phanphensophon and his wife, Mrs. Patama, in 1957 in Soi Dejo, Thailand.

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Coca International Building
360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238874

26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138


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For the ones avoiding heat,

Being able to enjoy the steamy hot soup without having to feel the frustration of the overwhelming heat, Coca restaurant has been a regular favourite of mine since the days when my parents use to bring me for dinner as a kid. The buffet menus are more worth the money as compared to the ala carte one for those who arrive with a growling stomach as after separately it would usually amount up to the same cost anyway. During its meal hours, the restaurant may be packed with people and there may be a queue so I would suggest making reservations to avoid disappointment.

The special thai chilli sauce that the place serves is unique to its own as it is spicy but yet not overbearing. For the steamboat selection, the menu lacks no variety as it covers from different types of vegetables to seafood and house dumplings and pastes. The electronic hotplate is also idiot-proof, making it simple to prevent the food from overcooking. The service crew is also strategically placed around the restaurant to make sure that no table is left out of sight or forgotten about.

Enjoying the quality food is one thing, but being able to do it in a comfortable area makes it even better. It even has its separate function rooms with personal waitresses to hold bigger families who want a more exclusive experience. In general, do drop by with a big appetite.

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Have Steamboat in style !

A good steamboat to me consists of a good pot of soup and good sauce for dips. Coca has the duo! There are a few soup bases for you to choose from and I'd usually take the plain chicken soup. Anyway, the food you put into the pot will add flavour to the soup later on. The speciality chilli sauce Coca serves makes your meal even more appetising. It's sweet and sour with some parsley added in for the extra fragrance. I can eat an entire bowl of rice just with the sauce as condiment!

Another speciality is the fish paste which comes spread out on a flat plate. It tastes somewhat like fish cake when cooked and with a dashing dip into the sauce, wala! The rest of the steamboat condiments are pretty standardised and nothing too special. It is their chilli sauce that makes the food tasty.

Overall, this is the place to go for a good steamboat and to eat in style. No need for perspiration over the heat or worry about exiting the restaurant smelling like food. The attentive waiters will also be there to help you cook your food at times. So, no chance for unglamorous moments at steamboat:)

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

My family's tradition for happy meals

Oh, Steamboat. Another food topic close to my heart. Especially if it's Coca Steamboat.

Since my childhood days, my family always celebrated a happy occasion with a visit to Coca. During our dating days, Hubbs and I also liked to frequent Coca for a happy meal and still visit frequently. It's menu has not changed much over the years. My favorites are the pork ball, their green spinach wanton noodles and their home made chili sauce

Their meat balls (Beef, chicken, pork and fish) are all hand made by their in-house kitchen staff. It's yummy and full of flavor, unlike commercial pork balls which are springy, sweet and taste of food additives. The green spinach noodle is their spin on normal yellow wanton noodles. It might look unappetizing but after you have cooked it in the sweet broth, it is amazing! Oh, don't get me started on the chili sauce! It had coriander leaves, sesame seeds and their special rendition of chili sauce. I always ask for several helpings as it is just so good! Spicy yet sweet.

The wait staff there are mostly very accommodating and are quick with processing your orders. That's what I like and coupled with fresh, piping hot food, that's the reason my family, Hubbs and I are regular returning customers.

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International Building
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Coca Steamboat - Tom Yum Soup option

COCA Steamboat is an excellent choice for a gathering with friends or dinner with the family. The variety of cooked and ready to cook food is great and it is always good fun to have a steamboat.

The Tom Yum soup option always tickles my taste buds and have never failed to choose that option over the plain one. The food somehow tastes better as the tom yum gets infused and the after taste of lemon grass kicks in.

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Pleasant eating experience

I'd recommend this if you're looking for an eating location to catch up with your friends, because I had a great time doing so there.

The variety of food they offered was average-- similar to just about any other steamboat buffet restaurant with a few exceptions here and there. To all you beef lovers out there, the beef at coca is really good-- nice and tender. I remember getting myself multple servings of beef. The prawns were big and juicy as well, slightly sweet.

Despite the MSG my mother has always warned me of, I found myself drinking a lot of the soup as well. I thought the stock tasted pretty rich. But then again, it might just be the added flavour of all the other dishes (prawns, vegatables, chicken, fish etc).

I don't find the price very much worth it though, unless you're taking ambience as a consideration factor.

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