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A Chinese steamboat shop from Shanghai that has opened 3 shops in Singapore.


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Daily: 11.30am – 9.45pm
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Novena Square 2, Bedok Point, Serangoon Nex


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Interesting hot pot!

The chicken hotpot is pretty interesting as instead of normal steamboat (with soup base), it came to the table similar to a stew, but after eating some chicken, you can choose to fill up the pot with their soup. Then, you will be able to put in the normal steamboat ingredients into the pot and eat it like the normal kind of steamboat.

There is a new outlet opened at Westgate in Jurong East, and the service is pretty good, where the waitresses are attentive and polite. Price range is pretty acceptable if your budget its within $20. If you are around that area, feel free to drop by the shop and try it out, you may be in for a surprise.

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(Updated: February 27, 2013)

Perfect pot of chicken!

Just the perfect pot when a craving for savoury food arises. Nestled just outside Fairprice (Novena square 2) supermarket, this little corner seems to be crowded every lunch time. It is famous for its aromatic clay pot chicken cooked in thick brown gravy. Very suitable for people like myself with a preference for the saltier taste. The fish pot is a little bland in comparison.

They also provide mini steamboat on an alacarte basis and prices are very reasonable. The seafood range is limited but good enough and is very fresh. I wouldn't say this is the best place to dine around the mall but their super friendly service crew definitely makes your meal a better one.

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Yum Yum Yum

The food here is GOOD! The food is so aromatic that those passing by can simply take a whiff of the aroma of freshly cooked prawn and chicken. With the captivating aroma that would make the stomachs of passer-bys rumble and the open concept of the design of the restaurant which results in said passer-bys peering into the restaurant inquisitively, many find themselves cast into a spell and captivated, causing them to walk into the restaurant like hungry zombies (at least for myself).

And boy was I not disappointed, my every expectation was met as my teeth sank into savoury and flavourful and well marinated chicken that was kept warm by the hot pot. I don't remember anything else besides leaving the restaurant very very satisfied.

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Smells better than it is

I had the buddy meal at Chicken Hotpot with my friend because we walked past the shop in Bedok Point many times and it always smelt so good! However, we were quite disappointed with the food.

The meal we choose was restricted to one small pot for two people to share and a few ingredients to cook in the hotpot. There was also a claypot prawn side dish. What was terrible about this dish was that it was filled mainly with garnishing! It was flooded with onions and chopped large red chillis and other spices at the bottom rather than the part meant to be eaten. Utterly disappointing.

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(Updated: September 16, 2012)

Good service and food

Chicken hotpot has been opening outlets around Singapore for quite awhile and since it opened in Serangoon Nex Mall, it has garnered a lot more customers! I’ve eaten at this restaurant for 3 times and I’d not been unsatisfied about the food before.

The chicken size is just right for the pot and has just the right amount per pot size. And the gravy is so good! It’s the right amount of thick, not so much that it makes your mouth full, and they put so much herbs and chili inside. And the service there is good as well. They waitresses are nice and they will observe their customers, helping them to add more soup into the hotpot should it start to dry up. Also, the price is not too expensive as well!

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