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369 Tanjong Katong Road (Level 2) Singapore 437126
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Sean Nic
Listing created by Sean Nic on December 07, 2013    

AMPED Trampoline Park is Singapore's first indoor trampoline park and offers 5,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines, a foam pit and parkour walls. They are children and family friendly and also offer services such as birthday events.

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Avoid Jurong branch if you can


My 3 kids (9, 4, 4) were denied access by the manager last week (12 May 2016) just because I told him not to yell at my kids about getting their shoes off. Which he did at least three times.

We know we have to do it but none likes to be welcomed this way upon arrival to any business, specially little customers.

This lunatic thinks he's protecting the Pentagon, and takes "safety" to a whole new level where frightening children is part of his job.

Instead of apologizing he kicked us all out. What were the owners thinking when they thought it was a good idea hiring this clown?

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Pure, childish, sweaty fun!

I have always loved both trampolining and showing off, so Amped was somewhere that I had always been desperate to visit. With two locations and time slots throughout the day, don’t be put off by the image of having to avoid small children left right and centre, later in the day tends to be much less busy and when booking online it also tells you how full the slots are. Be prepared to sweat, a lot, and bring a few extra dollars to buy the sticky socks otherwise you just find yourself slipping all over the place. That is of course unless thats why you want to go.

Luckily I turned up in pretty much full workout gear, unlike some poor unfortunate souls who tried to bounce in skinny jeans and quickly realised that they had made a terrible, terrible mistake. I would definitely recommend going with at least three friends, as jumping on your own quickly gets a little boring and you’ll need them there to create some fun of your own. The foam pit is always a winner, just don’t do what I do and get overly cocky, end up hurting yourself and then have to shamefully limp out of a pool of foam blocks.

Amped definitely isn’t just for children, I had a really good time with my friends and also felt good afterwards, tired like I’d just run a marathon, but definitely the good kind of tired. Don’t be scared to try and do some little tricks, there’s so much space that you have the ability to over do your moves a little without having the fear of landing on a seven year old. So embrace your inner child and don’t be afraid to sweat like a pig with a bunch of your friends, it’s worth it.

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(Updated: January 18, 2016)

Let's get amped! Then take five

I recently came here for a class outing and was ecstatic. I’ve heard so much about trampoline parks! Soaring high, doing flips, and diving into sponges - it’s going to be so fun, right?

Wrong. Well, at least for me. The novelty of bouncing quickly wore off, replaced by tiredness and bore. Diving into sponges was fun for only the first few times. I amused myself by sliding around the trampolines in slippery socks and intentionally falling. What I invested most of my time into were the sloped trampolines at each end of a series of flat ones, which I tried very hard to bounce off of to look like a ninja. Other than that, the experience was more tiring than fun.

Regardless, I’d say give the trampoline park a try at least once in your life - you might like it. You can quickly retreat to your bed to laze around soon after, like how I did after my visit. And no - I do not feel bad about myself.

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Great fun!

AMPED Trampoline Park is a fun and enjoyable place to work out. Who knew that jumping on trampolines for 10 minutes would be equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes? Well, it’s true! And it is a whole lot more fun too!

AMPED has 2 outlets, one in Jurong and one is Katong. I visited the one in Jurong as it was fully air-conditioned, unlike the Katong outlet. Although jumping on trampolines might seem easy, lasting for 1 consecutive hour was not as easy as you might think. Within 10 minutes of vigorous bouncing, I worked up quite a sweat. Luckily, they provided a bottle of free chilled mineral water for each jumper. After jumping for 30 minutes, the water was very refreshing.

The thing that I enjoyed most was the foam pit. You can attempt to somersault into the foam pit, and if you fail, it does not hurt because of the soft foam. If you are not that adventurous, you can just fly in just for the fun of it. However, the soft foam is hard to climb out of, and I spent quite a while just climbing out of all the foam.

Overall, jumping on trampolines are a great way to exercise while having fun. I would definitely be back again.

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Want to burn calories but hate running and other forms of exercise?

My friends and I decided to spend an hour at AMPED for our post-exams and it was a $12 well spent. Burning calories, being unglamorous and jumping around like little kids again trumps watching a movie for $10 or having an expensive meal to celebrate.

AMPED offers different time slots for different age groups, and also have a limit on how many people can 'play' at a time, so you need not fear for the safety of your children or having no jumping space because of the crowd. Their crew is also frequently moving about to ensure the safety of the park's users.

The trampolines were kind of slippery though, so it's rather easy to trip at first. It takes awhile to get used to. Even the walls are bouncy! My favourite part of the place would be the foam pit. You can jump, flip, catapult, do all sorts from the trampoline into the foam and it is absolutely fun. I also love how they provide free bottled water. Jumping around sure makes one thirsty.

Do remember to bring your own socks (or you could purchase theirs with rubber on the soles to make you less prone to slips and falls), and submit your particulars online through their website to make registration easier.

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