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Clarke quay Singapore
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Listing created by primate on February 14, 2013    

Finally, the wait is over. Bungy jumping has finally come to Singapore! G-max Reverse Bungee is the first of it's kind to land in Singapore. This frontier sport promises to bring extreme adrenaline to Singaporeans.  

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$45 for adults
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Scary but fun

My friends and I were walking around Clarke Quay when one of them suddenly suggested that we try the G-max reverse bungy. I was obviously not mentally prepared when I paid for the ride, but at least I wasn't alone?

Upon sitting onto the seat and holding onto my friends' hands, it took awhile before white smoke came from below and we were thrown up into the air. The feeling was incredible. I've never done bungy jumping before, so that was a first. The special thing about this one is that it's reverse. One thing we're swinging upwards, another we're swinging downwards. After watching the video that was taken of us on our ride, my friends and I could not contain our laughter. We bought the video for memories' sake, and also for laughing again and again.

It was one exhilarating ride but I'm not sure if I want to do it again.

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(Updated: February 16, 2013)

One shot thrill

I tried this once just for kicks and only noticed that the cables looked worn and dirty after strapping in. As the cables tightened for blast-off, I was consumed with the idea of dying a ridiculous death of being launched into the sky and crashing back to earth after the cables snapped. Accelerating into the sky from a complete standstill, you will not have much chance to appreciate the Singapore Landscape. My heart was in my throat, combined with the insane idea that the cables had snapped, ensured that the ride was an adrenaline rush. It only lasts about 30 seconds and is over before you know it.

I tried it a second time a few weeks later and found it to be a one shot thrill. After the first time, you know what to expect, and it takes the edge off the experience.

There is a video camera to capture the hilarious expressions on your face which is great for a laugh after the ride.

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