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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 04, 2012    

Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink is located next to the Rasapura Food Court and is designed for novice to intermediate skaters.

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11:30am to 8:30pm Daily
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11:30am to 8:30pm Daily
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Just settle down for a free show instead!

Skating at the Marina Bay Sands skating rink is an experience that I would probably never ever want to do again. Having gone to the ice skating rink over at Kallang Leisure Park, the MBS rink definitely paled in comparison with its more "authentic" counterpart. Major differences would be that the MBS rink has a marble(?) flooring instead of real ice and in place of a grandstand audience, you can have smirking food patrons giggle as you jerk unsteadily around the rink as they finish off their bowl of prawn mee.

Understandably, it is near to impossible to ask for real ice to be used, given that the architecture is one that boasts of an "open-air" concept, and the skating rink itself is surrounded by a gaggle of chairs and tables set up for the patrons of the food court. However, during my maiden skating trip in the rink, I had a hard time adjusting to the new flooring, which was very rough and uneven and relatively difficult for even a experienced skater like me to move about.

Objectively, I have also been a outside viewer to the skating ring, where I have enjoyed the spectacle of watching adults fumble helplessly around in the bright red skates as their children weave around them seamlessly with a certain kind of childish grace. I should think that this skating rink would be more suited for children, as the lack of real ice would make it more safer for them, should they fall down. The surrounding food court is also a good alternative for parents who are unwilling to make a spectacle of themselves by following their kids out onto the ice, but want to keep an eye on those little darlings. So parents, why not grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle down whilst your kids can knock themselves out (figuratively) in the skating rink!

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The ice skating ring seems to be a desperate attempt to make the tourists spend and earn a couple more of tourism dollars.

The ice skating ring is pathetic, rather I should say that the skating ring is pathetic as the ground of the ring is not even ice! I am sure that pro skaters would scoff at us as they pass by this "skating ring". It definitely does not make for a good skating experience. The existence of this ring is perhaps my only gripe about Marina Bay Sands which in my humble opinion is one of the most well-managed and well-designed mall in Singapore.

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

A rip-off to con little kids

I don't understand the location of this skating rink at all! It's located right beside the food court, and it's open-air. Meaning firstly, that people eating their lunch can gawk at you (and vice versa of course). More importantly, what's the meaning of (ice) skating when it's not going to be cold and icy! Because this rink is right beside a food court (think steaming food and piping hot kopi). I guess it makes it less uncomfortable when you fall, since your butt won't get wet or cold or whatever, but honestly, the possibility of all passersby judging you would more likely make you burn with embarrassment.

It's all right to have people staring if you could whiz around the rink like Michelle Kwan or Kim Yuna but because this is not real ice, and you don't wear real skates, it doesn't make for a very smooth skating experience.

I guess it's good if the kids enjoy but personally, I don't know why anyone would pay to try this.

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(Updated: December 17, 2012)

embarrassing and pricey

Skating at MBS has a different feel compared to skating at the Rink at JCube. While not as boisterous as the one at JCube, the feeling of eyes watching me as I stumble is slightly embarrassing and makes the skating rink bigger than it is. The fact that the mall is dotted with branded, luxury shops just add to the feeling that there are wealthy people around who are highly skilled in skating – and they might just be watching me, judging me, laughing at me…

Things are pricey here too, I did not bring my socks and they told me to buy one first, happily recommending a shop that sells branded socks at over 20 bucks! it is a skating experience I would never recommend to anyone.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)


It is rather weird to place a skating rink right smack in the middle of a shopping mall, in my opinion. I don't understand why the management at Marina Bay Sands had to set up a skating rink there; they could easily have set up a rink elsewhere in a separate location connected to the mall.

I also don't quite understand the open-air concept of the rink, as there is little privacy and people gawk at you as you skate. It made me slightly uncomfortable. Also, it became rather boring after awhile as all you can do is skate back and forth. The whole set-up of the skating rink made it seem very small and drab. Also, being right in the middle of the mall, you are subject to all sorts of noise, complete with zero privacy.

If you really want to skate, I'd rather you visit The Rink at J-Cube.

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