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Rejuvenate with Yoga

Rejuvenate with Yoga Hot

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Listing created by MummyG on January 25, 2013    

I believe you can do yoga anytime, anywhere and what better place than your home. No excuse to give yourself a break from a good workout with traffic jams or the class is full. I also like to give my students full attention therefore I offer private coaching. I am responsible to make sure your every posture is done correctly and your potential is maximized. Flexible timing and venue of your choice!

Yoga for individual is at $80 per hour per lesson of an hour. Group of 2 is $50 per person per 1 hour lesson. Group of 3 and above is $210 per person for 10 lessons. Yoga for corporate is at $100 per hour, unlimited number of participants as many as your venue can hold!


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