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Listing created by Iswariya on November 20, 2012    

The National Police Cadet Corps is the largest uniformed group youth organization in Singapore. With a strong mission to develop its cadets into caring and responsible citizens, the NPCC is one of the more well-established youth organizations here in terms of reputation and membership. 

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Kids on a power trip

This review is somewhat similar to my review of the NCC. As a Aikido Instructor, I was in charge of conducting martial arts workshops for uniform groups in various schools. NPCC was one of them and like NCC, it seems like kids abusing their power.

I was very disturbed to see the seniors shout, scold, and insult the younger juniors in a manner even more demeaning than an actual army sergeant. The punishments they meted out were also usually unfair and not in keeping with the offence. I believe teenagers should not have such authority handed to them.

With no prejudice to NCC or NPCC, the seniors of NPCC groups do usually seem less aggressive and abusive. Perhaps its the group culture? Army groups may have a more gung-ho approach while police groups may need more tack and restraint similar to the actual police force?

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