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HDB Bukit Merah #01-60 122 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Singapore 150122
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Listing created by strawberryswirls on February 25, 2014    

Your practical, old-school bakery located in the heartlands, just opposite Alexandra Village Food Centre. Sells a variety of old-school cakes, cookies and buns. Takes orders for Chinese New Year cookies during Chinese New Year as well. Opens daily from 12 - 9pm. 

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12pm - 9pm
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You’ll fall in love with the confectionary here

Love Confectionary is a small, rustic bakery at the side of Alexandra Village. Despite its outdated and old-fashioned exterior, its cakes and pastries taste so good, and are on par with the modern desserts of today.

The butter cake with cream is a must-try for everyone. It’s soft and fluffy with a rich vanilla flavour, and for those who don’t fancy cream, don’t worry! The cream is really light and does not overpower the fresh butter cake taste. They also have chocolate version which are equally good, all at really affordable prices.

Do drop by Love Confectionary after your meal at Alexandra Village for dessert! You won’t be disappointed with their butter cakes for sure.

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Love it

Omg. Is this?? Could it be?

I used to come here specially just for the piping hot custard buns (note: not the liushabao that's on everyone's instagram now). It was always only available at certain times of the day, so I had to pick my days wisely, at specific periods after school. It was 30 cents each then, and the creamy custard buns never, ever, ever let me down.

I can't say much about the rest of the pastries because I honestly only tried the custard buns, but I can say that this is a very affordable old-school bakery. In fact, it's owned by an elderly couple who simply bake to pass their time.

If you're in the area, it's definitely worth to pop by.

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(Updated: February 25, 2014)

Fluffiest cakes ever!

As I get older, I start to have a liking for desserts that are not that rich in taste, not too creamy or overbearingly sweet. Basically, I see myself eating desserts that will not make me feel too 'jelat' or bloated. Imagine my joy when I got to know about Love Confectionery as it caters to my tastebuds really well!

Love Confectionery is located along the shophouses opposite Alexandra Village Food Centre. It looked exactly like the old school bakery that were rampant in the older days. Many old school cakes and cookies are sold here. I did not really have high expectations as the simple and perhaps, old furnishing of the shophouse was the reason why. To my surprise, I fell in love with the cakes sold here. Their butter cakes and pandan cakes are the fluffiest I have ever tasted and that was no exaggeration. There is a layer of cream on top of the cakes, but unlike other cakes with cream which I usually scrape away and refuse to touch, this is light and not overbearing. Not forgetting to mention, the cakes are very value for money too. One slice of butter cake is priced at around $1.20 and you can purchase one whole butter cake or pandan cake and even choose the toppings, such as chocolate rice, peanuts or almond with cream. To top it off, the vendors even help to cut the cake into slices at request. Old school cookies are also sold here and priced reasonably as well.

During the period before Chinese New Year, Love Confectionery would start taking in orders for Chinese New Year cookies, such as their famous pineapple tarts. You have to act fast if you want to order because they will stop taking orders approximately two weeks before Chinese New Year. Fluffy cakes, yummy crunchy cookies and great service make me come back to Love Confectionery time and time again. Everytime I go to Alexandra Village Food Centre for lunch, I make it a must to buy some snacks from Love Confectionery so as not to make it a wasted trip. You should give these old school goodies a try too!

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