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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 12, 2012    

Selling japanese type of pancakes with a large variety of fillings. They also come in the fish shaped ones too. 


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(Updated: August 05, 2013)

Blissful Bites

I went taiyaki-crazy when I was in Japan for a holiday and I was glad to find Mr Obanyaki to get my taiyaki fix in Singapore. There aren't many local stores in Singapore offering taiyaki, but out of those few, I would always visit Mr Obanyaki.

Their taiyakis are light and soft to the right degree and there is always a generous amount of filling in the middle. The freshness of every batch of taiyakis and the abundant amount of filling is what sets them apart from their competitors. The only letdown is that the 'skin' of the snack should really be more crispy than rubbery.

I have never been too fond of trying other flavours once I found one that I like, so I usually buy the ones with chocolate, cheese or custard filling. However, they do offer some interesting flavours such as a combination of kaya and cheese. If you're in the area, do give them a try!

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simply delicious

When you are craving for a snack, head to Mr Obanyaki.

I was first introduced to Taiyaki by my brother, a Japanese food lover, and have never looked back. Mr Obanyaki's Taiyaki, fish shaped pancakes, is one of my favourites. The pastry is just right, crispy and yet soft enough to eat, and always served warm. The fragrant smell of the pancake will also make you gobble up the entire thing very quickly as it is hard to resist!

As I am not a fan of red bean, I never opt for the traditional filling, but usually go for other flavours which Mr Obanyaki offers, such as Chocolate or Cheese. Prices are also reasonable and extremely affordable, around $1.40. Mr Obanyaki also has really interesting flavours available, do go and check it out, such as Kaya and Cheese, which makes me curious as to how it tastes! ^^

If you check out their facebook page, there are also tips on how to keep your dorayaki/taiyaki if you are unable to finish eating. Makes me want to buy more than the usual one in order to have a lovely snack...:3

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Mr Obanyaki sells japanese pancakes with different fillings. And oh my! I am surprised at how generous their fillings are! You can taste the fillings with every bite you take.

My favorite is the blueberry and cheese. I like how the pancakes are always warm, if not, burning hot. The outer layer is crispy while the inner portion is soft and chewy. The combination of blueberry and cheese is unique yet delicious! The sweetness from the blueberry jam complements the cheesy taste so well that I believe I can eat that all day and not get sick of it! Though the price is towards the high side, almost $2 for a piece of pancake, I would gladly pay that price for something delicious like that.

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Absolutely squirtilicious!

Back off, beans.

Where else can you commonly find these type of pancakes besides the two beans?
One sells it throughly cold while one sells it with not-as-much fillings and if you're unlucky, stark cold. Hello?! These type of pancakes were MEANT to be eaten hot off the pan! Even if we don't have the luxury of time for them to whip up on the spot, the least they could do is to control the amount the make one time so that every batch would be fresh and still be warm, or maybe place them in a heater. I can't stand them cold pancakes really, they just taste - well, tasteless and cold fillings yuck, yuck, yuck.

This is where Mr Obanyaki shined. Though they don't have a heater whatsoever, they control the amount of cakes they churn out so every batch is soft yet crispy at the same time and hot and gushing out with fillings. At about the same price as it competitors, they sell huger, more generously filled cakes. One bite and kaya and cheese squirts out from all directions. Bliss is such.

Now i understand the long queues.

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