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#B1-18 Northpoint 930 Yishun Avenue 2 Singapore 769098
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Dough Culture is established in 1994. It is known for manufacturing and distributing a wide array of frozen dough for fried oriental snacks in Singapore.

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City Square Mall
Nex Shopping Mall
Causeway Point


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fried dough goodness

I dropped by Dough Culture’s EastPoint branch after work one night, and thankfully the long snaking queues I usually saw in the mornings were gone and there were just a few tables occupied. Luckily for me a few sticks of their you tiao were still available, so I ordered a set meal ($2.20) which included a you tiao, dessert and drink, as well as a couple of Butterfly Buns, my personal favourite.

Service was quick and my entire order was served within minutes. Their Kopi-O was not bad, thick and not too sweet. The you tiao was good, crunchy on the outside although already quite cold. Similarly the butterfly buns were cold and much smaller than those I’ve had from coffee shops. Taste-wise everything was decent, and the fried items weren’t too oily which is a plus point. They also serve meals like Laksa and Pho, as well as other fried items like Tapioca Cakes. I visited quite close to closing time, so my experience probably isn’t representative of the actual quality of the food when made fresh. Dough Culture is not a bad supper hangout if you’re a fan of these fried items, but I still prefer those served at coffee shops.

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A passable outlet for your Chinese pastry needs

If you’ve ever craved for some you tiao or butterfly buns in a shopping mall, you would have likely stopped by a Dough Culture outlet for one. Dough Culture is everywhere, and is usually the only option available when you need your fried dough snacks.

Their snacks are always a hit or miss for me. It’s heavily reliant on my luck - whether I’m lucky enough to be served the freshly made ones or not. Cold you tiao is never yummy, but when I do get ones that are just fried, the taste is just average. Their you tiao is not especially crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and tend to be a bit hard and crunchy with a normal soft interior instead.

The pastries aren’t that bad if you just need to have cravings met. But if you’re looking for high quality Chinese buns, then don’t bother investing your dollars in Dough Culture.

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You must not miss this...

If you like youtiao and you must have it halal then you must not miss Dough Culture. There usually is a queue for its youtiao because it sells out very quickly and they usually start frying only when there is a demand for its youtiao.

The nett effect is that the youtiao you buy is fresh out of the hot oil. Taste wise is very good especially when still hot. Another thing I love is their fried sweet potatoes and also the sweet butterflies.

The next thing you need is a good cup of coffee and you have found for yourself heaven.

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Hawker Center Snacks !

Whenever I pass by Dough Culture, there is always without fail a long stretch of queue. I used to wonder what makes it so popular and it hit me. They are selling “hawker center “ snacks such as you tiao in shopping malls! No wonder they became a big hit among locals! It was actually quite an effective marketing strategy I would say.

Their you tiao is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, just like how a perfect you tiao should be. Their butterfly buns and samosa are just as popular. My mom would buy these every month and I would savor almost all of them in minutes. I am such a glutton but who can actually resist these local delights especially when they are still fresh and piping hot??

As mouthwatering as they are, I restrain myself from eating them too often. Especially you tiao, they can be really oily and unhealthy. They may be perfect as snacks but not everyday food.

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You tiao
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Reasonable prices and food

If you are looking for the best fried youtiao, curry puffs, samosas etc.. , you have come to the wrong place. I feel that the snacks sold are quite good in quality, for quite economical prices for a shop that resides in a shopping mall, but the value and quality can never be compared to more established stalls in coffee shops or hawker centres.

The service still has some flaws, as it is slow and there are long queues despite them not being understaffed. Perhaps their best selling point in my opinion is not the quality of the snacks, but rather the fact that you can still get snacks such as youtiao and ham chin peng all day instead of only in mornings and afternoons at hawker centres or coffee shops.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Cheap past-time favourites.

Ever miss your favourite childhood snacks like the butterfly bun, red bean bun, or the "you tiao"? Come on down to Dough Culture then! This place has all your past time favourites all in one convenient location. Prices are also very affordable, with you tiao for just one dollar and buns for a dollar and twenty cents. After eating dinner out I like to buy a red bean bun and just munch on it. A perfect after-meal snack really.

Then again, all these snacks are deep fried and are really unhealthy. Just do not eat them too often. But at times these snacks are just so good who can resist the temptation?!

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Loved by most

I love fried food, and I believe most people do. Recently, I often have cravings for fried dough sticks. I had fried dough sticks from Chong Pang in the morning and sometimes I would like to have some for my tea-time, but usually at that time, Chong Pang fried dough sticks have already sold out and the boss have already went home, so I will turn to Dough Culture. Dough Culture also sells goreng pisang and fried tapioca, which are also my favourite.

However, I still prefer the traditional stall in Chong Pang which sells fried dough sticks, it has a different taste from Dough Culture, maybe it’s because I ate their fried dough sticks since I was young.

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