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Emma Lee
Listing created by Emma Lee on January 07, 2016    

 Deon Toh is an alternative folk rock singer-songwriter from Singapore. He has released 2 albums - "Oceans" and "Antiphobic", and self-produced demos such as "Letters".


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Local music for hipsters

Recently released in 2015, the album (Oceans) produced by local artiste Deon Toh has the perfect soundtrack for all hipsters out there. Filled with a mixture of catchy and calm tunes, his music is definitely a must-hear.

I particularly love with his unique voice, which adds a reflective and melancholic feel to his songs. His calming music never fails to transport me to a distant land, and evokes a peaceful feeling. My favourite song in the album would be “Summer”. The varied rhythm is paired with repetitive chords, making the song addictive and meditative.

Deon Toh’s music might not be your usual Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift hits, but it satisfies me just as much. If you are into creative music videos, be sure to check out his music videos as well!

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