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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 02, 2012    

Joi Chua or Joi Tsai is a Singaporean female singer signed under Play Music. In addition to being a singing superstar, she was the ambassador for the Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign 2005.


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Tranquil and Soothing

She may have enjoyed brilliant stardom in Asia - when compared against Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin who have made it even in other countries like China and Tai Wan but Joi Chua has no doubt once produced many hit songs which are used as theme songs for well-adored local drama serials.

I personally enjoy her voice very much. There is this special tranquillity and peace in her voice that can at times appear restrained but yet also powerful. What captivates me most about her songs are her lyrics. Beautifully-written lyrics that are inspiring, reflective and encouraging - and somehow rather relevant to any life circumstances you may encounter in your life.

I was, at some point in my younger teenage years, so captivated by her songs that I would hit the replay button countless times on my MP3. (Yes, we had MP3 then) This petite and gentle-looking female singer was the one who made songs that I could secretly seek solace in.

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Girl Next door singer

Joi Chua is a local songbird, and unfortunately not as successful as other local talents and personally, i do not really enjoy her songs.

Joi Chua lacks a special X factor/ Star feeling that are essential ingredients to success. She is a goody-two-shoes girl next door. Her songs are usually crisp clear, and she has sang for drama series soundtracks but none lingered long in my memories. Her performance range is also limited to mainly slow ballads, i dont think i have ever since her dance, rap or rock.

Overall, a good try but she needs to create a greater impression on audience with her performance tactics or vocal cords

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Talented local talent!

Joi Chua is undoubtly one of my favourite Singaporean singers. I love her soothing voice which can really help you to relax after a tiring day at work. The lyrics of the songs that she sings also carries much deeper meaning as compared to other established singers whose songs are predominantly shallow rantings about relationship problems and breakups.

She also has a pure and 'good girl' image which may be difficult to come by as many female celebrities intentionally involve themselves in false relationship scandals to up their popularity in the industry.

Sadly, this local talent does not seem to appeal to Singaporeans and remains rather unknown. What a pity!

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