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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 02, 2012    

Olivia Ong is a Singaporean singer and actress. Although Ong has sung in English and Japanese, a majority of her works are in English. She had mainly been pursuing her singing career in the Japanese market and was a big hit back in Singapore after she sang the theme song of the Peranakan-themed drama serial, The Little Nyonya.


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Sweet voice!

I made mt first acquaintance with Olivia Ong through hearing one of her National Day songs: Love at First Light in 2012! My first impression was one of a sweet and angelic voice, albeit one sang full of meaning and her love for her homeland.

It is extraordinary that Singapore, being commonly dubbed as a culture which prizes academic results above all else and hence stifling the arts and culture in the process, being able to produce such a renowned talent. According to her biography, she has received a repertoire of awards, such as the Best Local Artiste 2011, Singapore 9 Youth Award. Moreover, her greatest hits such as Kiss in the Air have propelled her into the international arena.

I enjoyed the 'Great Great World', which shows her as Ah Min. Whilst she does not portray the level of acting experience when compared to veteran actors such as Chew Chor Meng, she definitely shows potential!

A promising, fast rising star!

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Sweet, unique voice

I knew her from her epic opening song for The Little Nonya - and from that song I thoroughly enjoyed her ability to sing in such a sweet way with a tinge of traditional uniqueness in her voice. The song that she sang was not only befitting of the series that was nostalgic and rather traditional, it was also a showcase of her talent of being able to exude and encapsulate the atmosphere of the series in a song.

Later on I found out that Olivia Ong is actually my mom's friend's god daughter - Singapore is such a small place. My Mum's friend must be proud of have such a talented god daughter - I'm sure I would be too.

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One to look out for!

Olivia Ong is easily my favourite local singer, and with good reason too. She has a brilliant voice, is genuinely beautiful and writes great music as well!

I first heard her at a concert back in 2010, and since then, I've been a great fan of her music. Even though she's widely known for singing the theme song for local drama The Little Nyonya, as well as the NDP 2012 theme song, Olivia's also produced many albums on her own. I'll admit that as a young jazz fan, I tend to head straight to the Western world to get my daily music fix.

Olivia however, has proved to me that the local scene is not one to miss out on, doing justice to great classics time and time again, in addition to writing her own music. My personal favourites by her are You and I, Sweet Memories, as well her cover of Ain't No Sunshine. The last I checked, her albums are still available at HMV (and YouTube), so do check her out!

My only question is: Why isn't she even more popular?

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Beautiful voice

Her voice is really beautiful. I fell in love with her song called The Rose, which I heard when I was reading a blog written by a cancer patient. The song just makes everything sadder, and I actually cried while reading the blog, because the song enhanced the grief of the cancer patient.

She can really portray the emotions and lyrics of the song. Simple, yet heartfelt. I don't really like her Chinese songs though. Part of it is because my Chinese is poor I guess.

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Love at first light

When I first heard the National Day theme song LOVE AT FIRST LIGHT, I was curious who the singers were. It was easy to find a some information on Olivia Ong but not the same for Natanya Tan.

I was not surprised that Olivia was a Singaporean because it would be unthinkable if we ever need to use a foreigner to sing our National Day theme song. My only surprise was that she was already quite famous in Japan and as a Singaporean, I had never heard of her. It was also fortunate that she was chosen to sing this theme song, this at least introduce her back to Singaporeans. Thanks a lot to whoever scouted her to sing this theme song.

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Blues for my blues.

Honestly speaking, I first got my lazy bum up to google Olivia not because of her talent or looks but because she was a Singaporean. I've heard her sing once or twice, nothing too remarkable and same goes for her appearance. "She's probably another Taiwanese, or Chinese. Maybe even Japanese" i thought, so it really shocked me when I heard she was local.

Olivia's Chinese songs are by best, average. Her poor pronunciation of (mandarin) words is probably the main reason why. And later on, I found out that shows that she's a true blue typical Chinese Singaporean. (Although I hope there would be some improvement)

When I first heard her newly released English songs, I almost fell asleep. Not doze off, I'm talking about peaceful, deep slumber. Something that is rare for me as an insomniac. Her voice was so soothing, as smooth as wine. When I went on to listen to more of her English songs I fell in love in her! There's this blues/jazz aura in her voice that calms hearts.

The first English song of hers that I listened to! (Fly me to the moon)

My favourite song (and MV!) (A Love Theme)

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I am proud of the fact that I came across a song of Olivia’s about 7 years ago when I was a young teen (cues early adopter pride). Instantly, I was smitten. This lady has the voice of a goddess! It was with shock that I realized that Olivia Ong is Singaporean — WHY ISN’T SHE FAMOUS YET!? Years later, I am glad that she finally gets the recognition she so deserves (although she’s still underrated, but still) and I am happy for her!

I am still youtube-ing her videos even after so many years. I will stay a loyal fan no matter what.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Pride of Singapore

She entered the Chinese Pop music industry (in Singapore) with a bang by singing the OST of Little Nyonya. Her voice is really clear and crisp. I have followed her performances in Taiwan singing television show (星光大道) and her English songs are really good like "I feel the earth move" and "Ain't no sunshine".

She was even called the silent killer as she could eliminate the other contenders with her slow-paced songs. Nevertheless, I am glad to share that another Singaporean has done our country proud in the Chinese Pop market. Her bassonova songs are one of a kind in this decade.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

Pristine quality

I have never heard about Olivia Ong until I watched The Little Nonya, that was when I realized what an awesome voice she had! Her unique voice blended in well with the characters of the show; seeming to represent the innocence of the Nonya girls in the show!

Every episode, I would sit down with my family and listen to the pureness and innocence in the theme song, marvelling at how well it reflected the mood of that era.

Last year, she also sang the theme song for Singapore National Day and while it was not as good, the pristine quality of her voice shone through still.

She has not sang much songs though, and I guess time will tell whether she can succeed as a singer.

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Bossanova Princess

Not many people can appreciate Bossanova. I do. And it was a surreal moment when I discovered Olivia Ong was Singaporean. Why do Singaporeans always have to "make it" overseas before they are accepted by mainstream Singaporean society? That is something that always irks me! In this case it was Japan, not Taiwan.

I love Olvia Ong's sultry voice and I think it fits the Bossanova genre perfectly. Her "A Girl Meets Bossanova" album which was her first is still my favourite and its full of covers reinterpreted in her own jazzy style. She also sang The Little Nonya's theme song. I did not really like it - that was like her one chance to hit the mainstream market and she did alright I guess, but nothing spectacular.

Will definitely keep rooting for her!

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