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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on December 02, 2012    

Kelvin Tan is a visually impaired Singaporean singer who worked as a street busker for a living before he took part in Project Superstar in which he was crowned the overall Champion.


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Determined and Inspirational

I think it is absolutely selfish for people to criticize a legitimate winner by mindlessly claiming that he won out of the sympathy votes given to him for his disability. I think it could be even more shameless to claim that one had made their vote out of sympathy. Let us first establish an extremely fundamental fact: he did not ask for sympathy.

Kelvin Tan has a great voice and I choose to believe that he has won the competition based fully on his capability to sing and NOT based on his visual disability. He has indeed proven his mettle through the rounds of competition with other strong competitors. His emergence as champion in the competition is a truly inspirational moment for the nation - it has once again reminded us that nothing is impossible in the face of determination and will.

While the previous craze over Kelvin Tan have subsided over time, the humble and determined young man has definitely left a strong impression in most of our minds and ignited a new hope in our hearts.

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Sympathy Vote

I think he won out of pity.

Apparently, in a competition, anyone who is disadvantaged naturally gets sympathy votes. While Kelvin did have talent, I felt that he was incomparable to his competitor who deserved to win. Some songs captured my attention and aroused my soul while others just made me think whether I was just attracted to him because he was disabled.

Since I was undecided between the two finalists, I went to the fan-signing session to see who I would support. I ended up queueing for Kelvin's autograph first. However, when it reached my turn, Kelvin was almost done signing autographs from the fans while his female competitor (I can't remember her name offhand now) still had a strong crowd waiting patiently for their autographs to be signed.

I think I eventually voted for both - with different numbers - but still swayed to his side because of a sympathy vote.

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I watched him on Project Superstar, and have to say he really inspires me to do more with my life! Being visually impaired did not hinder Kelvin Tan from achieving his dream, and what more should I, being able-bodied, not work towards mine too?

Even though I am not a fan of all the Project Superstar/ Campus Superstar shows, I am glad that a guy like Kelvin Tan came on set. His musical talent really shines through and he shows a great degree of emotion when singing, which makes it lovely to listen and watch him. This is someone who rightfully deserves to be the champion of Project Superstar, and I will definitely support him all the way. A great inspiration indeed.

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Whole load of amazingness!

I saw him performing on Channel U in a show called Superstar. He was breathtakingly amazing. The language was foreign to me. Despite that, his performance was sufficient in making me an avid fan that tunes in to this channel just to catch a glimpse of his weekly performance.

He is truly the ideal role model for buskers who would like to cast a spotlight on their singing abilities. The buskers who would like to expand their audience and be placed on an official stage rather than being greeted by passer-bys at the interchange. He sang with an emotion that conquers the language barrier. Anyone hearing and watching him could detect the emotions in his vocal cords and facial expressions. Truly remarkably applaudable! He totally deserves a standing ovation.

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Not a sympathy vote

Like many skeptics in Singapore, the typical reaction when I heard that a blind guy is one of the favorites for Project Superstar is that it's showbiz strategy. They're trying to boost ratings again by doing something outta the blue. Needless to say, that perception changed when one actually hears him perform.

Even disregarding his musical aptitude in playing various instruments, Kelvin have honed his singing to moving perfection through years of busking in the underpass in town. That, in itself, have conferred him a mini-celebrity status, since even someone like me, who doesn't go to town that much, have come across him more than once.

During his rise to fame, he was always dressed in a formal white suit which looks to me a tad awkward. He's supposed to be the common guy image, rite? The PR department should be shot. The chinese papers also adopted a name for him - 盲侠, translated to blind hero, which I find catchy but slightly sarcastic.

However, my most memorable impression of him was actually after his popularity waned. Working as a guide in a centre for the blind, he talked about his current 'downgrade' with humor and without a tinge of regret. 'Yes, the bright lights are not so bright anymore. But in the first place, I can't see the lights.' This guy will get my vote any day, and it's no sympathy vote.

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(Updated: February 28, 2013)

a step of graciousnesss

Kelvin Tan has indeed risen above the storm, not only overcoming his disability barrier but has used it as a stepping stone in his singing career. A few things goes through my mind as I watch Project Superstar. Firstly, he is definitely an inspiration to all singers and disabled. Secondly, it serves as a good reminder to all ingrates who wallow in self-pity thinking they are the most unfortunate bunch on earth after getting dumped or when MRT fares rises by $0.50. Thirdly, it kept me wondering if he made it based on his own ability or through sympathy votes.

Nevertheless, Kelvin Tan has been treated fairly by the judges and given an equally strict judgement, which I thought was a form of respect to Kelvin as a (new-found) professional artiste. As the contestants were eliminated one by one, the competition grew intense. I started to doubt my initial preassumption that Kelvin made it this far because of sympathy because sympathy might motivate you to vote once, or twice but not excessively every single round. Singaporeans, they'll drop coins in your charity tin as they pass you by, but rarely do you know of people sponsoring an Afghanistan child for education on a monthly basis, it's the same theory. Furthermore, Kelvin has a very strong fan base which I believe proves that besides sympathy, there's something much more than that.

As I watched Kelvin clinch the championship for Project Superstar live, I smiled to myself in contentment. Kelvin's victory not only represents Singapore's heart for charity but also represents Singapore taking a great step towards embracing the disabled.

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He got my votes

I voted for him when he was in the competition for Project Superstar. It may be a bit of sympathy vote. I could see that he worked really hard to stay in the competition and although not all the comments from the judges were good about him but I saw his courage in facing the challenges. He was also humble when he received good comments.

It was a small price to pay to vote for him and in the end, it was worth it because he was crowned the champion. I also bought his first album as my continuing support for him. But since then, I had heard little news of him and I did not really listen to Chinese radio stations that much so I had not heard any songs from him for a long time.

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Blind talent!

Even though he is blind, he can do more things than a visually perfect person can. Even better. Being blind doesn't deter him from doing the things he has passion in, what i admire his is for his interest in music and his perseverance. He is definitely a talent, being able to master the piano and guitar without looking at scores or his fingers.

I do play the piano, and am even struggling with my eyes open. I can imagine the hard work he has to put through to be able to play so beautifully being visually impaired. It was really a dream come true for him to be able to perform on stage and star in various charity and reality shows, from a street busker he was until now.

We hardly see him on shows now, but i hope he is doing well doing what he likes.

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