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Hady Mirza is the winner of the second season of the reality TV show Singapore Idol, having garnered 70% of about one million votes cast by television viewers.

He was also the winner of the world's first Asian Idol competition held on 16 December 2007 in Jakarta, in which he competed against 6 other contestants who won their respective country's Idol competitions.


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(Updated: February 11, 2014)

The shadow of one

The fact that he was the second winner and not the first made his win in Singapore Idol less groundbreaking, and I feel that he has not employed sufficient methods to connect with his fans or the media industry. While Taufiq, the first winner of Singapore idol remains quite popular, not the same can be said for him, as apart from a few occasion gigs, he is absent from the media scene.

While he has decent looks and good vocals, he has not done much to outreach to his fans who supported him, and I feel that it makes him less of a star compared to his predecessor Taufiq, who continues to be seen in the media industry. Even if he joined the competition as an experience, in my opinion as the winner he has to stay connected with his fans who truly supported him and not just disappear from the media scene when he decides to take another pathway in life. Overall he is good, but his absence from the media industry makes his popularity dwindle over the years.

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Good Vocals, lacking stage presence

While he was a winner of Singapore Idol, I felt that I liked Taufik more than him. Although Hady had the talent, I felt that he lacked stage presence and was a little bit reserved when singing unlike Taufik's natural stage charisma. Maybe he might be better than Taufik in terms of singing, but stage presence is half of the performance as well - the stage presence of a person determines the way one can excite the audience.

However, despite his win, it seems that he has faded from the music scene altogether - while Taufik is still active in the music industry in coaching and the like, Hady seems to have disappeared from the limelight. Where has he gone? Maybe he was one of those talents who had their five minutes of fame and decided to choose another path - but it was such a waste, he had such good vocals that could have been paired with good stage presence if he wanted to.

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)

He won Singapore and Asian Idol not Suria Idol!

He seemed to be rather one sided ever since he was declared the winner for Asian Idol. He belted flawless performances week after week. Unfortunately, none were his own personal self produced or composed tracks. His performances included a cover of U2's song. Which performed he did. Even now. I saw him last year at an event at Gardens By The Bay. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by an applaudable track that is finally personally his and not simply a mere cover of other already famous tracks derived from celebrities abroad. However, I was taken aback much more later when he began crooning to that same old U2 track again. Didn't he know that that tune was so last year? Oh, but his vocals sounded impressive though!

After his performance there, I whipped out my phone and conducted an impromptu mini research of him. The research I did extended for several days. Apparently, he is now active in conquering the Malay radio stations with malay songs that were exceptionally slow paced. Why didn't he release any tracks in English too like how Taufik Batisah did? One album that catered to both the English and Malay speakers? Hady Mirza shot to fame via Singapore Idol; a show that was in English. He didn't rocket into stardom via a Malay-language singing contest! His lingering absence in the English speaking industry was probably the core reason how he morphed in to a fading idol who has diverted himself away from the route towards internationally soaring success.

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What's the point?

Is it me or has he like, vanished into thin air? At least after the competition he did star in some 7-11 advertisements which other contestants of the same competition always star in ( i notice a pattern here) and some malay shows. I'm chinese and of course i don't follow Suria, but i do see some advertisements about the dramas.

No doubt he has a good voice and a pleasant face and charming smile, but i guess joining this competition provided just a source of experience to him, for he and the winner quickly lost their popularity.

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Personally, I have never followed much of his career after Singapore Idol. True he is talented, and he is arguably more good looking than Taufik. However, he has the unfortunate distinction of being the second Idol, as compared to being the inaugural champ, leading to less popularity in my opinion.

He is a good singer, and I love his rendition of You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi during the competition. With a proper marketing campaign and connections, I believe he can gain even more success in a nation that puts more focus on music and the arts. If not, he'll never amount to much in Singapore.

Truly deserves much more than what he has now.

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