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JJ Lin is a Singaporean Mandapop singer-songwriter, composer and actor based in Taiwan.

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Amazing talent!

I remember when I first heard JJ Lin's voice in primary school, I was deeply captivated by his unique voice. The voice playing on radio caught my attention, and soon, I found myself becoming a huge fan of his.

I was such a huge fan of his back in the past. I bought every single album, and knew the lyrics to every single song. He is THAT good. The songs he writes are of really catchy, meaningful and of great quality.

Even though I'm no longer crazy over him now, I still admire him. He comes off as someone who is extremely talented and sincere. Singapore is so lucky to have him as a representative, pushing our country's name to greater heights and letting everyone know that Singapore also has amazing talents like him.

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A well liked talent!

I remember when he was the hot thing in Singapore releasing album after album of his amazing singles and featuring his array of talents from dancing, singing, playing the piano etc, i was so into him, like a crazy fan. Even my brother was so sucked into this amazing singer that he had posters of him everywhere on his room walls.

I thought he was perfect. I loved his dimples which gave him a cute contrast on his edgy and suave outlook. When he smiled, i melted. Now, im not such a fan of him anymore, though i still admire him. I hardly hear about him anymore in singapore though. I think he has gone to greener pastures and expanded his career in other countries.

I'm so proud that he is a singaporean. He has indeed brought pride and glory to our little island.

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Amazing talent

JJ Lin is someone who comes of to me as a person who has made it through sheer hard work. You can see that every time he sings. His effort, his song writing, his technical singing ability. I would even go as far to say he was born as someone of natural ability. But he put his mind into what he loved most, worked hard, and here he is today.

He deserves all of his success. My favourite song by him is Jiang Nan, and its hard to believe a Singaporean guy came up with that. All my friends sing his songs during KTV. I absolutely adore him and he has paved the way for Singaporean musicians showing such success is possible if you put your heart and soul into what you do.

Just please don't be forced into singing YOG songs other people write for you again.

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(Updated: December 19, 2012)

Not much of a fan

I am not a Mandopop fan, and also not much of a fan of JJ Lin. I liked him even less especially since he sang that annoying theme song for the Youth Olympic Games where all I can recall is him going "Oh yeah, oh yeah, hey!" and nothing else.

All that aside, I have to admit to JJ Lin is one of Singapore's most successful Mandopop acts, having ventured overseas with success and I applaud him for that, since it is a feat most Singaporean artistes struggle to achieve. Even though he isn't good-looking, he still can sing pretty well and has come up with a few decent Mandarin songs. Still, I'm not a fan - the YOG theme song still continues to haunt me.

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)

One of Singapore's greatest pop hits

As he celebrates 10 years in the Mandopop scene, it is amazing to look back at how he has progressed along in this career. He retains his boyish charms but remains full of surprises musically.

Throughout his career, he has produced several pop hits that are memorable even till today and these still remain in my list of favourite Chinese songs, which include melodramatic "Jiang Nan" or happy and cheerful "Dou Jiang You Tiao".

He has made Singapore proud by being one of the most recognisable faces in the Mandopop scene and is probably considered one of Singapore's greatest exports. I look forward to seeing him celebrate his next 10 years, and 10 years after that, and so on... Because I believe that with his talent and hard work, he has the ability to continue on in the entertainment scene for a long, long time.

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Meaningful lyrics and catchy songs

I love analysing the lyrics of his songs because they are really meaningful and applicable to life. His MVs are also interesting featuring touching and catchy stories. I have been listening to his songs since his first debut and have been a loyal suporter of his.

Sadly, he cannot really dance well but his vocals are really strong and his songs are really so catchy that even my mum and dad also know. No one can deny that his songs are perfect for karoke as they are songs almost everyone knows!

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Karaoke favourite!

It is certainly no small feat for a Singaporean to be able to achieve commercial success and overseas recognition in the mandopop industry - it having been traditionally dominated by Taiwanese idols.

I don't think that his composing and vocal talents have to be reiterated again, so I shall move on to the best example of his popularity among my friends - karaoke. He is perhaps the only mandopop singer whose songs my 'banana' (yellow outside, white inside) friends can and know how to sing along to. That alone, for people who do not appreciate mandopop to know how to sing his songs, is the perfect testament to his popularity and abilities.

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Talented, well-rounded Local songbird

JJ Lin is really a local talent that every Singaporean should be proud of. Not only does he sings, he also composes music and lyrics for himself and other famous singers like Ah Mei, Cyndi Wang, SHE. This all rounder is really a gem to the mandapop industry!

JJ is really well-versed and diversified in his music. He can produce and sing songs that adhere strongly to the Chinese heritage and cultrure like 'Cao-cao' (Ancient china figure), he can also dish out songs that are romantic and melancholic like 'ji de'. These ballads are so soothing and pleasant to the ears, and many a times, they strike a nerve in our hearts because his words, his tune just speaks our feelings, our experiences.

JJ Lin has achieved much in his music career and i hope he can go to greater heights in composing music that speaks, that inspires and that loves and harmonize

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Amazingly talented

This guy writes the most poignant lyrics, ever!

He's been in the singing industry for a very long time, and I don't think his songs have ever disappointed. Although I'm personally not a fan of Mandopop, I did actually have a slight obsession with his songs back when I was in primary school.

JJ Lin writes his own songs, and actually sings them. Unlike many of the over-rated pop artistes nowadays, JJ Lin breathes fresh life into the music scene with his poignant and hard-hitting lyrics that captivate his audience. The lyrics in some of his songs can be a little dark, but I find that amazing, because it's not everyday that you see a popular singer express his darker side and emotions in his songs so publicly, and he does so with the sort of fluidity that simply draws people in.

His voice is pretty unique as well. Although his voice can't quite be considered low or even baritone, his surprisingly high voice is fresh and carries his touching lyrics perfectly.

I'm not a big fan of the song he did for National Day once though. That song was absolutely hideous, but it does not change the fact that this guy is an absolute talent!

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A true talent

JJ lin remains one of my favourite mandopop artists even after all these years, and he is definitely an iconic representation of Singapore's music industry. What I like about his music is it's ability to tug at our heart strings, and it allows us to identify with his music. Moreover, he wrote most of his songs, with the lyrics being touching yet meaningful most of the time. His voice is so soothing, velvety that I can't help but love it. That's what I call talent.

Some of my all time favourites include 一千年以後, 江南 and 她說. Even now, as I hear his songs, I can automatically hymm and sing along to his songs.

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