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Michelle Racho
Listing created by Michelle Racho on January 07, 2016    

Get estimated bus arrival times for your next and subsequent buses, as well as information on bus capacity including availability of seats and standing space. SG Buses also allows the user to search and browse bus service information by road names, stop names, bus stop ID and service number. Bus service information provided is inclusive of bus routes, first bus and last bus timings.


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Run for buses no more

We’ve all experienced this before - missing a bus by seconds and having to wait agonisingly for the next one to arrive. With SG Buses though, we no longer have to put our patience to the test with its estimated bus arrival timings for both SBS and SMRT buses.

The app allows you to key in either bus service number, bus stop number, bus stop name, or road names, which makes for very convenient and easy searching. Although the app’s estimates are slightly off at times, SG Buses has still proven itself helpful and very much indispensable.

Unless you are a very patient individual, SG Buses is probably something you’ll need in your life.

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The cause of all my morning runs

I’m not an early riser. An average morning in my life would involve me running to the bus stop 2 minutes (according to the app) before my bus arrives, missing it, and dejectedly resorting to the packed MRT because the next bus would make me late.

As established, the bus arrival times aren’t very accurate. Sometimes they are, but the inconsistency of the app makes it lose its credibility. However, I really like how I can set my usual buses as a widget on my phone. It really helps with the multitasking, allowing me to scramble to open my house door with one hand, and check which bus stop I should run to with another.

Sometimes, the bus arrival timings don’t even show, telling me that my buses are ‘not operating’ instead. But even with all these flaws, this app still remains imperative in my daily routine, thanks to its occasional accuracy.

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