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Singapore Pools is the only authorized company selling Toto, 4D, Singapore Sweep and Sports betting. They have branches all over Singapore, conveniently located for people to place legal bets.

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That unrealistic hope

I’m sure everyone has this love-hate relationship with Singapore Pools. Lucky winners love them but victims due to unhealthy gambling definitely hope they close down tomorrow.

I can’t really place my stand on this. When my boyfriend strikes, I feel happy for him and of course kind of grateful that Singapore Pools exist. But whenever he loses money from the soccer betting and excessive gambling from 4D, Toto and the like, it definitely makes me infuriated that he spent so much money on it.

Eliminating Singapore pools definitely does not reduce vice but may create other problems such as illegal gambling etc. I think the key point is not to stop gambling altogether but to prevent excessive gambling and ensure loved ones and families do not get hurt due to one’s gambling addiction. In addition, people should always understand that gambling is unrealistic and you might end up losing more than you could imagine.

Of course, that is easier said than done. I do hope I strike someday too.

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A healthy dose of realism

Singapore Pools outlets are located almost everywhere on the island. Unless it is a few hours before a large draw, the outlets are usually not that crowded. They provide quick service as well (may give fast food restaurants a run for its money!).

I would say that gambling is a means of entertainment, making money or getting rich for many. I usually gamble during festive occasions such as Chinese New Year with my friends and family to have a good time.

It's always good to have a healthy dose of realism and not turn it into a problematic behaviour.

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A gambling spot

When I was a kid, I actually thought that Singapore Pools was a group that was in charge of all the Swimming Pools in Singapore - I even asked my mother if I had to go in and queue if I wanted to go to a public pool. It was only later when I was older that I deciphered that the word "pools" meant a pool prize that everyone would try to win.

To me, when I pass by Singapore Pools, I'm faced with people from different age groups and different income ranges. From the middle aged to the really old, from the lower income to the middle income, they are all present in the crowd that gathers to try their hand at winning the pool money. My experience at Singapore Pools hasn't been a positive one - I've always thought of it as an aimless gamble. While there might be chances of winning a prize, the chances are slim - even a single win could have easily been offset by the amount that has been accumulated via spending on gambling over the years. Bluntly put, the winner might not even gain from the win unless it is a huge sum, and even then, big prize winners are few and far between.

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Not a way out from poverty...

Gambling is never a way out of poverty, it can drive you further into it and for some even drive you to your grave.

But gambling is also something that you can never fully eradicate from Man's psyche so outlawing gambling is akin to denying its existence. So Singapore Pools is a government approved body to regulate gambling in Singapore. My opinion, I think is that it is a necessary evil. Singapore Pools does get itself involved in charitable endeavours. While it hopes to lend itself an air of legitimacy, the fact that it promotes gambling in the first place tarnishes it.

So, while you are placing your bets hoping to strike it big, more often than not you lose that bet. You may take solace that your lost bet would help someone later down the line. Morally ambiguous but it is as complicated as Man himself.

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(Updated: July 17, 2013)

A good solution?

The thrill of taking a chance, a risk and the possibility of receiving a great return are reasons why people gamble in the first place. In a society, there are bound to be people who are inclined to gamble, hoping that lady luck would smile on them just this once.

I do not condone gambling. But gambling, a social vice, is easier to control when done out in the open and in the control of the government instead of all being done under the table. Singapore Pools also helps to raise funds for the nation and donates money to charity, making productive use of those gambling bets.

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It is still gambling

I know many people who buy one of the game draws/bets from Singapore Pools such as 4D and Toto, but I hate how they always say it is a lucky draw or game and not gambling. But after looking at these game draws/bets over in over again, every part of it still is gambling, and when dealing with gambling, it can be addictive and cause problem gambling.

While the government says it is concerned with problem gambling, it actually supports Singapore Pools, which has caused many people addicted to things like 4D and Toto to have gambling problems and it tears apart families and friends. And I must say, no amount of good deeds to charity that Singapore Pools does can remove it from the fact that it is a medium for the creation of many problem gamblers which in turn tear up their relations with their families and friends over gambling.

While horse and soccer betting does in a way keep the two sports lines going, over betting still causes problems. And unless you get really lucky, the chances of you losing your money in things like 4D and Toto is high. Unless they impose a per person bet limit or exclusion order for Singapore Pools, I feel that it would continue to be a profit generating betting syndicate that has been legalised.

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Buy a hope.

Legalised gambling under the scrutiny, eyes and hands of the government is not at all a bad thing after all. Let's face it. There's a gambler in all of us and I think for most of us, Singapore pools is like a place we go in to shade off some numbers on the little pink piece of paper in hope for a hope. Winning or not is another story with a bonus. Gambling with a non-greedy heart is high-level self-discipline and as long as we keep to that, it should do no harm.

I do not frequent Singapore Pools but each time I step in to get a ticket to try my luck on those big prizes TOTO, I harbour high hopes of winning and yes, at times I even fantasise on winning the grand prize already. Putting a bet down somehow turbocharge my day a little and I am always very appreciative of the aunties at the counter who will warmly wish me the best of luck in my bets when she hands me the betting ticket. A few bucks for a hope, why not?

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A problem we can never run away from

Like it or not, the problem of gambling amongst Singaporeans is here to stay. Buying of 4D or Toto has become so ingrained into the lives of many Singaporeans so much so that they cannot imagine living without it. While speaking to some relatives, I was told that this small hope of winning some money from Singapore Pools provides them with that bit of entertainment to help break away from the monotony of work.

I am no big time gambler, but every 2 years, I have a tradition of betting on the world cup and European championship matches also hoping to make that small fortune. For me and my mates, watching these matches simply won't be the same if weren’t for the money that was at stake.

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Singapore pools - probably singapore'a no.1 earners

Singapore pools. Honestly, I think the people who started of this company have one heck of a brain. In singapore, this has to be made a landmark for sure.

Gambling is an addiction, and to use ones weakness to your benefit is a ruthless yet smart move. Singapore pools definitely seems millions in profit and even my parents seem to be stuck in that vicious cycle. Nevertheless, it's a good revenue point for the government and it gives people some action in their life. The thrill of winning the lottery cannot be described and people get addicted to that. People do not realize the money they spent and the money they get back when they win is totally different. They still end up losing.

However, singapore pools does support our local football, which is a good thing. The fact that they support the S-league helps bankrupt clubs come to life and keeps singapore football alive.

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(Updated: December 30, 2012)

Government-approved gambling

Humans are greedy creatures, and gambling feeds our greed. However, gambling has existed ever since centuries ago, and it would be entirely impossible for the government to keep track of all illegal gambling underground movement within Singapore, so I suppose the most logical course of action would be to take gambling under its wing and turn it into a form of legal act, such that at least the government would have some semblance of control of gambling affairs in Singapore, leading to the creation of Singapore Pools.

I don't advocate gambling, but I do suppose Singapore Pools is a fine example of controlled gambling. People aren't allowed to place too high a bet, and prize winnings are split equally in a pool shared with other prize winners, which definitely makes such a form of gambling a pretty docile form, as the system is pretty fair, and the maximum sum of bets imposed certainly won't compel anyone to start borrowing from loan sharks.

Personally, if I had to make a choice, I would definitely choose Singapore Pools over the casinos at the Integrated Resorts anytime. While the lotteries at Singapore Pools are scheduled, people can enter the Integrated Resorts pretty much everyday, which is definitely detrimental.

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