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From the original bottled Jia Jia Liangteh to the well-loved brewed drinks we know today, JJ Drinks has come a long way. The company began as a trading firm in Singapore in the late 1980s. Recognising a market niche for traditional drinks, we carefully sourced for quality products from Taiwan and Malaysia. These were packaged under the Country House and JJ label. Today, JJ Drinks’ brand beverages are wholly produced in Singapore. Through our enduring commitment to developing wholesome products, the JJ brand has become a respected mark for top-quality drinks.


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Surprisingly nice and refreshing

I've always thought that all herbal teas were yucky and bitter, and for this reason, I avoided all herbal products whenever I could.

However, there was once I when I was suffering from a really bad sore throat, and my friend bought Jia Jia Liang Teh for me. I was skeptical, but my friend assured me that it tasted really nice. I tried it, and lo and behold, I was won over by it. I was expecting it to have an awful taste like most of the other herbal teas, but it tasted really sweet and nice. Best thing was, the drink really soothed my throat! It really serves its purpose as a tasty cooling drink to ease sore throats.

Now, even when I don't have sore throats, I still like to drink Jia Jia Liang Teh. It makes a nice drink to drink on hot sunny days, and tastes even more fabulous and refreshing when it's served chilled. It's even more convenient that this drink can be found at most places in Singapore, such as coffee shops and vending machines, so anyone and everyone can easily buy this drink.

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My Saviour

I have extremely sensitive tonsils so if I eat lots of chips or sugary items and not drink plenty of water, it'll get inflamed and I'll get fever.

In primary school, my tonsils became inflamed really badly and my throat was hurting insanely! My mom's friend recommended me to drink the Jia Jia Liang Teh, claiming that it'll help soothe my throat. I was quite doubtful about whether it would work or if it'd make things worse. However, I was pleasantly surprised that even if its at room temperature, it's still super cooling. Since then, Jia Jia Liang Teh became my favourite drink/cure when my tonsils get inflamed.

I like how it's not super sweet like other manufactured canned drinks (iced lemon tea, peace tea) and it's tasty for a herbal drink. If you're having a sore throat or inflamed tonsils, this would definitely help soothe it.

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Household Brand

I was always given the impression that Jia Jia drinks only sold one niche drink: Jia Jia Liang Teh (Cooling Tea). In fact, this local brand has been so successful in promoting its brand image that it can be seen almost everywhere, even the vending machine that is located downstairs carries Jia Jia Liang Teh.

While my family loves the refreshing taste of the tea and even commends the texture of the drink, I find that it does not appeal to me as much. I personally have an aversion to tea which is self-explanatory as to why I wouldn't like Jia Jia's drink.

Despite my aversion to tea, Jia Jia has struck a chord in me when you mention "Liang Teh". This means that Jia Jia has managed to achieve a title as one of the "household brand".

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Herbal Tea can taste good too!

I first came across Jia Jia Liangteh through a TV commercial! It no longer airs and I can't seem to find it online either but, basically, the commercial features Singaporeans in situations where they feel 'heaty' and upon drinking a can of JJ Liangteh, the whole screen is covered in blue and bubbles are seen floating to the top, showing the cooling effect of the drink.

Soon after, I tried Jia Jia Liangteh at a hawker centre and was surprised at how refreshing and 'unbitter' it tasted! It still had a trace of bitterness in it but it was more mildly sweet than anything. Each gulp is cooling and very pleasant. It is especially heavenly on a sweltering hot day, which is something Singapore has no shortage of...

I consider Jia Jia Liangteh one of the healthier drinks available at the hawker centre drink stalls as it is herbal tea after all. I also like how recently, there is a special panda design on the drink can! This could be related to the arrival of the two Chinese pandas (of which, one is named Jia Jia). I think it is really cute and eye-catching and is sure to attract young children to drink Jia Jia Liangteh!

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Refreshing and soothing

Jia Jia Liang Cha is my canned drink of choice whenever I'm down with flu or sore throat. Despite the common misconceptions and sayings that canned drinks, filled with artificial additives and flavourings, will exacerbate the illness, I found Jia Jia to the contrary.

Made from authentically well prepared brewing, herbal drinks are inherently packed with vitamins and other minerals essential for good health. Whilst I had to concede that Jia Jia tastes quite artificial in comparison with conventional brewed drinks sold by TCM shops such as Hock Hua, the essence of the drinks is essentially the same. In fact, I would applaud you that while you drink soft drinks when sick, at least you are taking in healthier alternative versions, not simply Coke or Pepsi.

I enjoy Jia Jia tremendously, and would recommend it should you be dining at a hawker centre or food court. However, at the end of the day, canned drinks may indeed be unhealthy if taken in excess. Do switch to healthier alternatives every now and then!

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Liang Teh

I honestly don't know if Jia Jia makes any other drinks apart from their famous Jia Jia Liang Teh. It's a popular canned drink that can be found almost anywhere in Singapore, in coffeeshops, food centres, 7-11 and hawker centres. I used to drink it often because I thought it was a good drink to cool myself down in Singapore's super hot weather. It tastes nice and you can taste the herbs inside the drink but I find it to be a little too sweet.

For health reasons, that's why I abstain from Jia Jia and instead opt for other less sweet options like brewing my own chrysanthemum tea at home. However, I will admit that the Jia Jia Liang Teh drink is wonderfully refreshing and great to drink on a sweltering hot day or after your exercise. Apart from that, an interesting point to note is that the cans that Jia Jia uses are thicker and heavier than the usual cans. No wonder I always found the cans harder to open.

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Good herbal drinks need not be bitter

The most famous of their drinks is probably the herbal teas, which were their initial business ventures. I prefer their herbal teas to the freshly boiled ones probably because not only is the taste milder, but also because it is not bitter and can be drunk as a normal beverage instead of a remedy. However, it being a herbal drink, its quality is subjected to the ingredients available at the time, thus the taste of the herbal tea is not always consistent.

Other than the herbal teas, I really enjoy drinking the Uncle Djengot series, which features bandung in its original flavour as well as with other flavours such as lychee. The Royal series which feature drinks such as iced lemon tea is less commendable, and it pales in comparison to other brands. Overall, the JJ Liangteh and Uncle Djengot drinks makes a good beverage when thirsty, especially when chilled, but I feel that one little flaw in the drinks is the design of the cans which makes them slightly harder to open.

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Better quality cans

Recently, my children's school started a recycling competition and the class that collected the heaviest bags of recycled cans would win the competition. It was just nice it was Chinese New Year and during visits, my children were able to collect quite a number of cans.

My sister-in-law saw them doing that and told them her own experience. She told them that the cans from Jia Jia weighed more and so if they really want to win by weight, they should collect more cans of Jia Jia than those of other drinks. This was something that we never paid much attention and when I next drank Jia Jia, I weigh the empty can in my hand and it felt slightly heavier than the empty cans of other drinks. High quality drink comes in high quality cans also. Do not mistake Jia Jia for JJ, if you compare the quality of JJ can, you will know that it is not of the same quality as Jia Jia.

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Bittersweet Symphony

The Chinese believe that the more bitter a medicine tastes, the greater its curative effect. To balance the Yin and Yang in the human body, noxious-tasting herbal concoctions are brewed according to traditional recipes. Jia Jia aims to offer the health benefits of such brews in the convenience of a canned beverage. Jia Jia certainly tastes authentically herbal, but tolerably so thanks to the addition of sugar.

No pain no gain is a Western adage that is the very basis of Eastern herbal concoctions and Jia Jia is a case in point. I nearly broke a phalanx trying to gouge the darn pull tab open on the Jia Jia drink can. Pulling on the Jia Jia pull tab is like someone who isn’t King Arthur pulling on Excalibur stuck in its rock. I had to use my house key to pry it open in the end.

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Inconsistent and could be better-tasting.

JiaJia Liang Teh was introduced to me by a friend a couple of years back, and ever since then, I drink it about 6 - 8 times a year. the thing is, I do not find any consistency in the taste of their signature Liang Teh. This herbal tea does not always have the same taste in every can. Try it for yourselves! however, there is no doubting the authenticity of their sugar-free and low-sugar drinks.

I believe that even on their best, JJ would do well to add a little extra "oomph!" factor in their drinks, something which i feel is lacking now. And being a local name, I think it would be nice if they engaged people of all races to sample their healthy herbal tea.

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