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Owl enforces stringent quality standards in the production of its extensive products, which include roast and ground coffees, 3-in-1 coffees, teas and cereals. Owl is probably best known for its range of 3-in-1 instant coffee sachets.

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Love the soya bean more than the coffee..

Owl’s instant coffee taste great, but what’s really a hit with my family and I, is the instant soya bean curd pudding as an alternative to popular Lao Ban soya bean curd, Mr Bean and 51 Soya bean. The soya bean curd, or tau huay is so soft and silky and so easy to eat! All you need to do is mix the powder with water, boil it, let it cool outside before leaving in the fridge and wait for it to solidify! The result is a sweet, soft and succulent bowl of delicious soya bean curd pudding, which tastes so, so delicious. Almost as good as popular 51 and Laoban soya bean, and the best part is, you made it yourself.

Especially during periods of promotions (buy one get one free), Owl’s soya bean curd is so worth it (in my opinion)! The usual is $5.50 for one packet, where each packet contain 5 microwavable containers, and a sachet of soya bean powder that can fill all 5 containers! So for promotions period, that’ll make 10 bowls of soya bean worth $5.50, which means one bowl is about $0.55! Amazingly worth it, isn’t it? That always keeps me coming back for more, cheap and good quality tau huay!

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Reliable caffiene in a packet

I do not normally discriminate in the brands of coffee that I drink. To me, coffee was just coffee, and its main function was to keep me awake and hopefully energetic so that I can get through the day (or night) and do what I have to do.

However, owl, being one of the brands favoured by both my father and brother, inconsequentially became quite a prevalent item of interest in the house. Simply open the dustbin, or check various places such as in my brother's room or my father's study table and you could see at least one packet (full or opened) lying there.

In terms of name, the brand coined the most essential function of coffee pretty brilliantly. The owl, being a noctural creature, was the epitome of lasting through the night when most people are asleep. However, function-wise, i find that on average, the caffeine can keep me going for merely 1 to 1.5 hours more. The aroma though, is pleasant and at times intoxicating. The brew itself, upon mixing with hot water, tastes a bit too sweet for coffee but still acceptable by my standards.

In my opinion, a relatively average-tasting brand.

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An aromatic cuppa

I am not a coffee connoisseur. However, judging that I'm a regular customer from a popular coffee chain that starts with 'S', I'll say that I can tell between a good coffee to a bad coffee.

My closest friends and family will know that I'm a huge fan of instant products. Owl has been a household name in Singapore. Their instant coffee is palate-cleansing with some liveliness on the tongue. The coffee smells aromatic and it is satisfying for my fussy taste.

I would say that Owl gives Nescafé a run for its money because it tastes good and smells good.

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A compromise for a coffee addict

Being a coffee lover, my mum tried all means to cut down my daily coffee intake. I must say, my addiction was getting a little out of hand with me downing 4 cups of strong coffee everyday. I honestly think that the coffee helps me stay vertical throughout the day before I pass out as soon as I lay down in bed.

Before, my mum actually made me go cold turkey, not allowing me any coffee. But it didn't work especially when I have sneaky cuppas during work. So, OWL coffee is our compromise. It's coffee at probably the weakest stage, in my opinion. I hated it to the core, but rather than having no coffee at home, it's something I've lived with and gotten used to for a year now.

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Owl is best known for being an instant coffee maker. However, they have made some interesting developments and have not just stagnated at producing sachets after sachets of instant coffee. In fact, they even have an Owl cafe at Star Vista! I doubt anyone has ever heard of an instant coffee maker branching out into the cafe business. The cafe sells traditional coffee, toast and even some novel mains like stir fried spaghetti with soft shell chilli crab. Definitely worth a visit, if not for the food, but also just for curiosity's sake.

I see Owl as a more modern coffee maker as compared to the likes of Super or Gold Kili. This is probably due to them advertising on television with Jeanette Aw as their spokesperson, which helps me to spread the appeal of the brand. Owl has also come up with instant soya beancurd, yes you heard me right. It comes in powder form and all you have to do is add water and leave it in the fridge for some time. Although I appreciate this cool and interesting idea, I very much prefer original beancurd. For me, Owl's beancurd simply tasted too artificial. Nonetheless, it did create a buzz when it first came out and a lot of my friends were talking about it.

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Cannot help me become an owl

I am a coffee addict and each day I would have up to three cups of coffee. I seldom take 3-in-1 coffee because most of the brands that I had tried did not suit my tastes. Owl was no exception, its taste of coffee was not strong enough and it tasted very artificial. The worst part was I could not ask for "gau" or "xiu tai".

When I passed by the beverage section of supermarket, I saw many more products of Owl coffee. They have different tastes now but I had not tried any of the new tastes yet. The new packaging looked more appealing, if any day I passed by and they are having a very good special promotion, I may buy one packet back to try.

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Not Owl then what ?

To me, coffee means Owl brand. I'm a coffee addict and I have to drink coffee to start of my day. Whenever I got to the NTUC fairprice near my place, it's a no-brainer to pick my favourite coffee. Even my family knows it.

The Owl brand coffee has been such an important part of my life that when i went to Malaysia once, I headed into their minimarts looking for the coffee. I was shocked when I realised they did not have the coffee in stock. I ended up buying another brand of coffee, which I do not want to describe how it tasted like. This coffee can be eaten with toast, biscuits and even nasi lemak. Somehow I feel this is one of the things taken for granted in singapore, but yet has played a huge part in many Singaporeans lives.

The bottomline is, my day can never begin without my cup of Owl brand coffee.

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Aromatic coffee.

What i remember most about OWL is of its instant coffees. i remember it used to be in our camp staples when we were in an OBS camp. It comes in a small sachets with the usual coffee powder with an aromatic smell. Not too sweet and not too creamy, i feel that this taste better than the other coffee brands, judging by the large variety of packet coffee i have tried out.

i was first introduced to this brand of coffee from the aforementioned OBS camp. During those hard and tired days in the camp, this packet were like gems to us. However, we did not have hot water during the trip and were of course too lazy and didn't have sufficient time during trekking to boil water so we couldn't use it. Then i though of a crazy idea which was to just eat it in the powder form. And heavens, it was GOOD. well, maybe it was cos anything would have tasted good then. But no, when i went home and tried it again, it tasted really not bad, though i would never waster my calories like that again.

One packet makes a half cup, so don't think of being a cheapskate and making a full cup, you'll just regret it and start complaining of its dilute taste. Of course it cannot compare to starbucks or coffeebean, but its good enough considering one packet's less than a dollar.

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I'm a bit of a coffee snob, and would only drink instant coffee when I absolutely have to, like pulling an all-nighter for my schoolwork and such. My mum has always brought Nescafe's 3-in-1, so when that one time she wanted a bit of a change and brought Owl's, I was quite frankly, appalled.

I've always thought of Owl as a brand for cheap, low-quality coffee, and I was right. It tasted horrible and reminds me of dirty, drain water. Enough to make me swear off coffee forever if I have to drink Owl's for the rest of my life.

Sorry, but I'll stick to Nescafe.

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Victim of age...

Owl brand coffee has been around for ages. What they were pretty famous for was their ground coffee which had nothing for you to shake a stick at. But get this, preparing coffee using coffee grounds requires an art that is refined by practice. You need patience and you cannot rush the coffee, lest you want a cup of piss-poor coffee. Hence, in the age of perpetual rushing, instant coffee and 3-in-1 coffee became more popular relegating Owl Brand and their comrades to the background.

Any who loves coffee will know that instant coffee tastes nothing like coffee that is expertly brewed and the quality of the beans is a big factor in the resulting cup of coffee. That is why coffee grounds are still sold.

The packaging of Owl Brand has been given a cosmetic upgrade to keep up with the times. The coffee still tastes great. Most of the coffee sold is in little bags that you soak in water to brew it, reducing the tedium and mess. But I find that the recommended 1 bag to 1 glass of water results in a very thin tasting brew, so I resort to using half the amount of water for 1 bag or I just dump 2 bags into a full glass of water. After that just soak and enjoy.

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