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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

Located in the heart of Orchard Road - one of the world's most prestigious streets and Singapore's main shopping street, Wisma Atria has established itself as a fashionista's mall offering the best of international high street fashion and unique fashion labels. The 230,000 square feet centre is directly linked underground to Orchard MRT station and neighbouring centres. With its excellent location and close proximity to hotels and service apartments, the centre draws a high shopper traffic of locals, tourists and business travelers. Wisma Atria boasts five levels of shopping with one basement and four levels of retail space as well as three levels of car parking space. The centre offers over 100 speciality stores anchored by leading Japanese department store Isetan, fashion brand Gap- the first flagship store in Asia outside Japan and local food haven Food Republic. Shoppers can indulge in endless shopping with an extensive array of international fashion brands such as Cotton On, Dorothy Perkins, Esprit, Forever New, G2000, Lacoste, Miss Selfridge, Seafolly, TAG Heuer, and local favourites Charles & Keith, GG

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Needs a revamp...quick!

Other than Isetan, I don't find anything much else to do in Wisma Atria. Walking through Isetan can take up alot of time, but once I get bored of looking through stuff, I find that usually, nothing in Wisma Atria catches my attention. Besides the Starbucks, which is usually where I wait for my friends to turn up, I don't really hang out there at all.

I honestly find that Wisma Atria is living off it's former glories. Like The Heeren, I think this is another mall that's way past due for a major revamp to bring back more tenants and draw back the crowds.

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(Updated: November 04, 2012)

Nothing much

I wouldn't make a trip there with the intention to do some shopping or specially for the restaurants.
They have a food republic which boast famous hawker stalls in Singapore and a big departmental store, Isetan. However there's only few shops and these shops can be found at other shopping malls that like ION and Takashimaya which is just next to it, they have much more stores and restaurants.
Basically i'll only drop by that place if i'm on my way to Takamshimaya maybe just to pick up tickets from the Sistic counter.
Well, its still clean and well-maintained though.

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Just another mall

I used to frequent Wisma Atria or Wisma as it's usually known in Singapore for the Forever 21 branch. Now that they have a much bigger branch in ION, they've closed down that branch. The more affordable brands are in the basement, just like other malls along the Orchard shopping belt.

One can smell Garrett Popcorn from quite a distance, which has overwhelmed the smell of Famous Amos that used to dominate there. There's nothing much to do or see there. In my opinion, ION or Taka would be better options.

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The food court here is pretty good, for all else nah

Wisma is a boring place.

It's probably ION but a cheaper version of it. The place has many mainstream brands and affordable food places compared to their sister mall, but it also generally lacks a crowd which leaves the place pretty empty.

There is a big Starbucks here and I guess that's the selling point. You can get a great view here, you could overlook the lower stories. There is a Japanese restaurant further up and you could overlook the whole mall from their window-side tables and I guess that's a good save too.

I do love the roof garden here though. It's small and stuffy but it feels authentically roof-y. Roof gardens mostly look too official and warm. This one feels a lot more secretive and private. A nice place to hang out with a best friend or a lover.

But that besides, move over to ION.

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New stuff

There's the new cafe from Korea - Paris Baguette that's worth a try. Otherwise, Wisma's just a 'stopover' mall when you walk from Orchart MRT to Ngee Ann City.

There was recently some upgrading done to the facade of Wisma which made it more "futuristic". Bottom levels of the mall are more affordable shops like Pedro, Gap and Cotton On. There's also a food court that I feel is great for tourists (Try the Hokkien Mee - It's supposedly famous).

Last but not least, a quick tip for diners : The Din Tai Fung beside the food court has a good view of Orchard Road, choose a window seat. Queues expected though!

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Used to be local's popular hangout

Wisma Atria used to be a good hangout mall for tourists and locals. Located at the heart of the ciy and just next to Takashimaya Shopping Mall, anyone who passes by Orchard Road will have to pass by Wisma Atria.

Today, Wisma Atria is located just next to the Orchard MRT Station and opposite the popular shopping mall, ION Orchard.

Despite many new and fresh shops open in this mall, the stream of visitors coming in is still increasing, mostly is tourists. As a local, I feel that the change does not do much to attract us.

What you can expect when u enter Wisma Atria is some retail shops such as Forever 21, Charles & Keith ,and Cotton On. Also you can find some food and snacks stall such as Famous Amos, Breadtalk and ice cream & Yoghurt stall Sour Sally. If you walk in further, you can see Isetan with more or less 4 levels storey.

Going up on the next level, most of the shops you could see is higher end retail shops such as GAP, Bebe, Nike and Adidas. If you are hungry, you could go up to the highest storey and land yourself in Food Republic. There might be wide variety of food but be informed that they are expensive meals.

Tourists might find Wisma Atria fascinating but for us, locals, maybe we would find somewhere else to shop and hangout.

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The past is golden

Wisma Atria was a lot more exciting for me in the past (when I say the past, I really mean my teenage years). There were FCUK, Forever21 and Topshop (at Isetan). But in life, things come and go.

The Food Republic is now under renovation, so currently there is one less option to go for meals in town when you are too lazy to decide. I really liked the dim sum and beef noodle stalls. GAP and Cotton On have replaced the Forever21 at basement level, but this is not a problem as the Orchard Xchange outlet is just a short walk away. Forever New is a new fashion retailer (a la Miss Selfridge and New Look) and serves as a good alternative for shoppers.

The plus side: Tory Burch has recently just opened its pioneer standalone store here! Also, new trendy F&B tenants have also been popping up at Wisma, including Share Tea, Garrett Popcorn and Sour Sally.

It is rather sad that Wisma is only patronized due to its golden location between the MRT station and Ngee Ann City. However, Orchard Road is already saturated with prominent stores like Aldo and Dorothy Perkins, and opening more outlets doesn’t exactly diversify a shopper’s choices.

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Nothing special here - if you're in a hurry you can give this mall a miss.

Even though I go to Orchard to window shop and hang out with my friends often, I have to say, I don’t really shop much at Wisma Atria. The number of times where I actually go up to the top few floors to do shopping is… pretty rare to say the least. More often than not I use Wisma as an air-conditioned path to head to Ngee Ann City, which is located right next to Wisma.

The basement of Wisma is always crowded and heavily populated with people who are heading to Ngee Ann City or doing their shopping. They do have a wide range of shops there that sells not only fashion accessories and apparels, but also skincare products and food. Garrett popcorn has a shop front in Wisma, and it really is tempting whenever one walks past it on their way to patronize other stores.

Wisma Atria used to have a giant fish-tank surrounding the lift on the basement floor, but after renovation it has since been removed, possibly due to the chore in maintaining the fish-tank clean and hygienic. Which is a pity; the fish-tank was one of the major (and few) too-see things at Wisma, and I feel that it should have been kept to let Wisma Atria provide customers with a more unique shopping experience.

They also do have a departmental store (that spans for a few levels) in Wisma, but it is like any other departmental store, so this is nothing special. They also do have a food court, named Food Republic, which sells delicious Fried Prawn Noodles. One should considering giving this local fare a try, but do be warned that it is a well-known stall and the queue for the prawn noodles can be very long during peak hours.

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just a linking path

Not my favorite mall in town but it's passable.

I absolutely dislike shopping at the basement of Wisma as it often serves as a linking path between Ngee Ann City and Orchard MRT station. The flow of commuters can be compared to water flowing from the Niagara Falls, especially during peak hours and weekends. I am guilty of doing that too. You can say that I am contributing to the flow which is indirectly causing myself to not shop there. But I can't help it, the linking path is too convenient. When I join the path, I don't stop to look at the shops or the good because the path keeps going and I'm afraid if I stop, the rest would fall and squash me flat on the ground. Oops...

There are exceptions though! When there isn't much people and I'm not pressed for time to get to another part of town that requires me to use the linking path, I usually stop by for a big bag of Garrett popcorn. It comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. My favourite would be the cheddar cheese flavour. Another shop worth checking out would be LUSH. It specializes in handmade soap and various natural handmade beauty concoctions that smell absolutely heavenly. You don't have to see LUSH. You sniff the sweet wafting smell to find your way there. Prices are generally a little steeper than your average soap or facial wash but hey, it doesn't hurt to pamper yourself once in a blue moon ;) If you are a tourist, various themed gift boxes wrapped in eye-catching fanciful colored papers are also available for your purchase to pamper your loved ones.

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(Updated: April 25, 2012)

the shopping that always give you new happenings

I used to shop for everything from wardrobe, accessories, personal care to edible products at Wisma Atria. Be it rain or shine, you just don’t have to worry about reaching there or going back home. As it is linked to underpass walkway to & fro Orchard MRT station.

There are lots of changes and upgrading of the surrounding. For instance, the extension and adjacent to Wisma Atria is ION Orchard. But the latter is more suitable for consumers going for branded and luxury stuffs, although there are still minimal of leading affordable fashion shops.

The entrance to Wisma Atria, consists 3 parallel rows of shops. The first to catch my attention, of course will be food! Such as Breadtalk/Toastbox and Subway Niche (small shop selling snacks & pastries). Just to name a few basement 1 outlets: Charles & Keith, Watsons, GNC, Heatweave, Cotton On, Osmose, Nine West, Gap, BettleBug & PrettyFit, City Chain etc. Have you notice a store named ‘Typo’ (#B1-54/61) in between Breadtalk/Toastbox and Cotton on Body? It is known as a 1-stop concept store, that operates under the parent brand name of Cotton on. The Typo store offers very unique, creative designed gifts, typography-centric desk top stationery, attractive wall decals and other awesome collections! Cool! If you happens to go Wisma Atria, don't forget to drop by the store and take a look.

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