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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

This three-storey luxury mall is home to high-end retail brands like Bally, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and more. Everything here including the food court and other franchises are  at 20% marked up prices possibly due to the high rent.


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Looking costs nothing

Every time I go to the Shoppes (asually to the theatre I hasten to add) I am surprised at how empty the mall can be. The only reason the exclusive shops in this place make money, I think, is that they must have a deal with the integrated resort. I was going to say casino, but I felt that political correctness was a better move so I didn't. The deal? Let someone win a jackpot every so often and then point them in the direction of the conciere who stands guard on the exclusive salons and only allows the well heeled in... Cant have poor riff raff from the heartlands sniffing things to make sure they are really made of yak leather.

The mall is definitely an attraction in itself with its gondoliers, its amazing fountains, its futuristic design, its ice skating rink, its situation on the south bank of Marina Bay, its amazing if expensive) museum, its wonderful theatres with their usually great shows: all in all it is a place to gawp at.

But to shop? Armani, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Versace, Prada, Ralph Lauren: you get my drift. Watches? Brands I have never even heard of: HYSEK, LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Swatch... Swatch? Oh, yes, I remember them. But the others are amazing. I won't be buying any for a while... but then I have never won a lottery or a jackpot.

And I never will. Sadly.

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My favourite shopping mall by far, I love how the whole experience of shopping at Marina Bay Sands is so comfortable and relaxing despite how huge the mall is. Its like exercising both physically and financially. Home to many luxury brands, it is the one stop destination where all the boutiques are not only large but situated near each other. The spacious concept of the whole building makes it possible to accommodate a large amount of people without people feeling congested, possibly why many shoppers enjoy it as no one likes to shop in crowds.

The Rasapura Masters food court imported all of the local best. While its quality of food leaves one wanting more, the wide range of delicacies makes it impossible to eat every single one of it. Although it may be a little too packed at meal hours, being able to enjoy so many different types of good food all in one area makes worth it as it is so convenient and comfortable. Furthermore, there are high-end restaurants and well-known restaurant chains located all around the mall. The restrooms of the mall are also obviously no less than what you can expect from a luxury hotel mall.

The ice-rink which has been recently converted into an exhibition area, was housing a Narnia exhibition at the time I was there. Although it wasn't drop dead fantastic, it would provide an alternative for the bored kids or the tired husbands to relax in while the ladies indulge themselves in the endless shopping that the mall has to offer. For customers other than hotel guests, the place is also easily accessible with its own MRT station ( Bayfront ) and frequent bus services.

Be it just for the window-shopping experience or the concentration of good food, this place bids no less than a world-standard destination.

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Rasapura Masters Food Court
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a truly luxurious experience

If you’re looking for place to chill during the weekend, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is not for you. Home to some of the top international luxury brands and boutiques, shopping here is an experience only for a select elite. Still, the mall is elegantly designed, featuring water fountains, a theatre and even a museum. Window-shopping is always an option, and the mall is very spacious so you won’t feel claustrophobic while shopping.

For a relatively cheaper meal, try Rasapura Masters food court for pretty local hawker fare. If you get tired of window shopping, there’s an ice skating rink at the centre of the mall, which is far less crowded compared to the one in Kallang Wave Mall. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is luxurious, upscale, and a shopping paradise for tourists or the higher-income group. I found it pretty therapeutic to just wander through the spacious corridors, even though I didn’t (and couldn’t afford to) make any purchases. The mall is convenient to get to and a dream to shop in, truly a world-class shopping destination.

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Window shopping and nothing more

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands – one of the latest tourist hot spot, it is of no surprise why there are mostly shops with high-end labels. One of Singapore’s two casinos is located there too. At times when I am there, I wondered if these shops are there to cater for casino-goers. The sudden windfall will probably lead to a greater temptation to splurge.

Brands with bags that will cost a few thousand dollars; the amount of salary or less, people receive a month. Not many will be able to afford this luxury. Therefore, to minimize the damage to your pockets, I would suggest window shopping if you make a trip down to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Dining places are similar. Do not expect to find fast-food there. One of the more affordable meals there would be at Rasapura Masters, the food centre. The name sounds fancy but it is just our usual hawker fare, really. Yes, it is at Marina Bay Sands so do expect prices to be marked up slightly. Same food you can get at hawker centres but slightly pricier. There is actually an ice-skating rink located near the food centre. At the side of the rink, there will be customers dining. You probably would not want to have so many pairs of eyes watching you as you ice-skate.

After a long day of walking, there are areas just outside the mall to sit and chill. It is a nice spot especially in the evenings or at night and the view is not too bad too.

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Exciting mall with heaps to do

Located right next to the Singapore river gives the mall a unique appearance. balanced right between the skyscapers and the river creates a good contrast that gives it an appealing touch.

I am a big fan of this mall solely because it's a stone's throw away front the art science museum which usually has heaps of interesting exhibitions. When I went there, the Harry Potter exhibition was on going. The exhibition itself was a definite treat for any "Potterhead" out there. Offering an experience that seems far too surreal. Fibbing you into believing that you're actually on platform 9 3/4. Living the life of an ordinary witch or wizard.

The mall also has a ice rink situated right in the middle of it, which I really appreciate. It's a good alternative for the ice rink in Kallang as it's barely as crowded which is a huge relieve. My parents were watching the Broadway show "Annie" when I was there, looking for things to do while they were inside. The ice rink definitely allowed me to spend my time doing something worthwhile instead of sitting around or splurging money aimlessly.

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The MBS Shoppes is a much more entertaining place to be than at Resorts World. Other than offering an ideal variety of well-known luxury boutiques here (Bvlgari, Cartier, Hermes, Chanel and the like), less upscale brand names like Sephora, Steve Madden, La Senza etc have also made their way into this dreamland. Connected directly to Bayfront MRT Station, this shopping haven has cleverly made their mall a welcoming and less intimidating one. Other than just shopping, MBS Shoppes also houses several food establishments that have piqued the interests of many like Au Chocolat and Pizzeria Mozza.

A downside to spending your reward points at this place is the additional 20% levy of your purchase. Another smart move made by the Casino for sure!

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For the upper class

Catered for the upper-class and wealthier members of society and tourists, this mall is extensive in the sale of high-end goods and luxury labels such as BVLGARI, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren.

Usually when I do visit the mall, it is only when I patronize the ArtScience Museum where the Harry Potter Exhibition, Genghis Khan Exhibition and Titanic Exhibition was held. The Museum is right next to Marina Bay Shoppes.
The mall is connected directly to Bayfront MRT station on the circle line and is easily accessible. It also has a skating rink and a canal with boats that visitors could take a ride on. The water is a beautiful turquoise and is a great place for taking photos with friends. Not to mention the casino that attracts a huge crowd both locally and internationally.

The only time I actually enjoyed my visit to The Shoppes is when Narnia Exhibition was being held in place of the skating rink. Though photos were not permitted, the exhibition itself was very interactive in that we could touch certain items like the wall of ice, the armour and try carrying the sword.

Whilst it is an interesting place, it is not suitable for the lower and middle income individuals. Singapore does require malls such as The Shoppes to cater to the upper-class and those patronizing the casino.

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If you strike jackpot, this will be a good place to spend money.

Being located together with the Casino, I think the target audience for this shopping mall is those rich in cash, the Casino calls them whales, or those that strike Jackpot in the Casino.

Most of the shops are selling branded products and most of the prices are beyond the reach of the average working class.

Even the ice cream shop on second level sells the ice cream at a high price. It is no wonder they let you try the flavours before confirming your orders. I bought two ice creams there and the price should allow me to buy a whole tub of ice cream from supermarket.

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Not for the Frugal

These shops are not for the frugal. For starters, MBS has Tomy Hilfiger, Armani and Chanel. I have sashayed here a few times and it gives me the feel of a supermodel by walking and being surrounded by high end brands. They also have middle price brands like Adidas or if you are hungry you might want to buy some overpriced chocolates at MBS 7 Eleven.

However, if you won the jackpot or had your luck at the casino, you might want to start to splurge your money here.

Marina Bay Sands is really living up to its global reputation. From highly rated hotel rooms, world class casinos and not forgetting high end boutiques. Truly a Singaporean pride.

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MBS is the place to go if you are not getting good service from the sales staff in other outlets

Strange as it may sound, I actually find it very therapeutic to walk around the mall on weekday afternoons, perhaps because there is not much crowd.

If you have had bad experiences being ignored by the sales staff of high end boutiques, MBS is the place to go! Chances of being the only customer in the shop is so high that everybody is serving you and nobody else. I enjoy spending weekday afternoons browsing around the shops ... taking my time to try out all the bags I love in Chanel ... Dior ... Prada ... Miu Miu ... Gucci etc etc ... not to mention Valentino Red that's only available in MBS as that's their first store in Singapore. It's definitely quite impossible to do this on Orchard Road as the sales staff will be too busy to entertain me if I'm not buying anything!

I'll give the food court a miss though ... the food is expensive and some of the servers are quite rude to customers, which may leave a bad impression for tourists.

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(Updated: December 30, 2012)

A marvelous sightseeing experience:P

Be prepared to glam yourself up if you ever want to visit this mall. Completely covered with branded luxury shops, it is definitely not a place for us poor Singaporeans.

My family was completely wowed when we visited this place together, none of us had the guts to even enter any of the shops here, knowing that we would never be able to afford any of the goods sold. It is more a place for sightseeing than a place for shopping.

The view outside the mall is marvelous, and completes the luxurious feel of being in Marina Bay Sands. If I'm not wrong, there are also water displays for show on some nights.

Treat this as a pampered sightseeing experience if you ever visit this place.

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For the rich and wealthy, or... if you won first price in lottery.

When you walk in, a majestic feel engulfs you. All around you are ceiling to floor glass displays, white washed walls that threaten to blind, sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and service staff with their starched formals guarding the high doors of each branded shop.

As if that isn't enough to scare us peasants from stepping into the shops for a look. Remember, if you're not of that class, just pretend to be, put on your best clothes and smile and stride in to the shop as if you were the owner of MBS. Then while you're walking and gaping at the sparkly displays, don't show your excitement, simply nod as if this wasn't your first time seeing items priced at numbers with more than 4 digits. Escaping gracefully- tell the service staff who has been patiently following you behind while you tour the whole store that you would come again or better "This watches are too cheap, ill hop over to Rolex, thanks!'. And then make a graceful exit.

Well, if you're not the type to splurge on branded goods, then possibly use that money to splurge on your stomach. Hop over to their eateries and restaurants to settle your belly. If you're the type who rather spend your money wisely on a plate of $3 chicken rice rather than get it at the foodcourt at double the price, then i suggest walking out to the open area and take in the beautiful skyline of singapore. Don't forget to take some pictures, and tag "The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands" before posting to instagram. You have to let the whole world know you've been here, y'know.

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