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Housed in iconic Tang Plaza on Orchard Road, the original department store can be a rather nostalgic place for many Singaporeans and is still fit to boast the Tangs slogan ‘All The Best Under One Roof’. Both the VivoCity and Orchard locations feature a convenient in-house DHL service, which allows shoppers to mail packages overseas with minimal fuss – perfect for Christmas and birthdays. Don’t forget to take a shopping siesta at the rooftop Island Café.

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Thanks Tangs!

Whenever my bus passes by the age-old, nostalgic building of Tangs, a double-take then a thoughtful consideration would ensue to determine to visit or not. Most of the time, I will just stop by as it's conveniently en route to many other shopping malls at orchard area as well.

Marked by very original and aptly themed decorations that often struck a chord in me, especially the Christmas ones! You know, nowadays you can hardly find fashion vanguards adorned with meaningful art deco. Indeed, Tangs Orchard is a treasure.

Personally, I like the uppermost floor the best. From Herschel to Cheap Monday, I always have to linger a while longer to bask in the latest and nicest-looking stuff the 'world' has to offer. And usually, I find their prices rather competitive and their service, considering Singapore's retail service landscape, to be not bad.

If you decide to be like me,please go try the new Penang food at basement, especially if you are a Penangnite. Besides, you could observe the latest fad in kitchenware (my mother would do that) and probably take a few photos with the angels this season. You can then thanks Tangs for the wonderful retail experience!

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would often patronize tangs to spend the complimentary vouchers

Tangs is a large departmental store along Orchard Road. Ranging from average to expensive brands, it is a store that caters to the shopping needs of each individual.

There seems to be promotions for Tangs vouchers as I often receive them from my parents or won through lucky draws. Either way, the vouchers for Tangs provides me with many options for new apparels and shoes for special festivals, as there is no expiry date for them. The most frequent stores that I patronize will be those at the higher levels, consisting of Springfield and French Connection. The slippers and watches are good places that I go to, to look for Havaianas slippers that are on promotions at times and watches that are good as gifts.

Tangs seems to be constantly crowded, and the influx of people on the first level is even worse on the weekends and during the festive seasons. There is generally sufficient walking space within the stores, except on the first level. Individual stores within Tangs do hold promotions at differing times throughout the year, but have combined sales during festive seasons. During this period, it is best to do the shopping earlier, to avoid the crowds during the later part of the sale.

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Tangs Orchard seemed like an invisible piece of jewel that was right under my nose the whole time just that I did not actually realise it until recently. I am not a fan of shopping in departmental stores particularly because it just seems like I am in one massive shop with various levels of things, however, Tangs is really a place that I would visit.

Every time I walk by Tangs it is to catch a bus at the bus stop outside, or just to walk through to get to the Mrt, but little did I know that there are actually many things in the departmental store.
The basement level especially has little snack shops that always would be packed with people. For a bite-sized snack it really is quite convenient. Beyond the food area, there is a whole lot of pottery and household appliances, to find such a place in the city it just seems a little odd because neighbourhood malls would be swamped with 'aunties" purchasing their pots. Tangs apparently has one of the most stocks for pots and kitchenware, the baking section is always stocked and it carries some brands that are unavailable elsewhere. I must say that majority of the reason why I am frequently stopping by is to check out the things that they are having on promotion and on sale because Tangs do give out the best deals. The clothing section and cosmetics are fairly general because they have a large selection of small counters of different brands, but it sure is a plus that they are neatly separated so as not to be confused.

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Always an iconic place

Tangs shopping center is just walking distance away from Orchard MRT with underground pathway leading to the mall. At the first level, you can find a wide variety of cosmetics, perfumes and beauty products, such as Clarins, Estee Lauder, Kose, etc.

Going up to the second level, it is all about fashion ; men's and women's apparels and accessories. There is an array of designer's items at this level, some selling at affordable prices.

Up to the next level, all is about casual wears and higher end apparel brands, such as FCUK, Billabong, Levis and Converse. Apart from the apparels, you can also find bags, wallets and pouches, and also cameras and its accessories. Different brands of watches are sold at the fourth level, other accessories are also available at this level.

Tangs has been in the heart of Orchard Road for a long time. Not much changes done to the shopping center but it still attracts many shoppers daily. This shopping center is the most convenient one for tourists staying at the nearby hotel.

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PlayLab is worth the go

Tangs Orchard is no longer one of the places for “grown-ups” anymore. With their recent revamp (currently still undergoing one) and the inclusion of the PlayLab, Tangs has been better received for adults as well as teenagers alike.

Tangs Beauty Hall is probably one of the most significant destinations in town. At Tangs, you can find the full range of conventional renowned make up brands like Chanel, Dior and M.A.C, as well as Benefit. At Tangs Orchard, however, you cannot find Anna Sui as it is only available at Tangs Vivo City. During several periods in the year, Tangs holds the 12% rebate promotion for all cardholders and Citibank card members, so that would be a good time to stock up on your make up!

Tangs PlayLab focuses on lifestyle concepts, and is stocked with many trendy labels like Havaianas, Nixon, Sifr and even Dr Denim! You’d be pleasantly surprised to find Lomography items here as well.

Tangs also has the home and food section located at the basement of the mall. It is near impossible to miss it as you go through the underpass, and I for one am always tempted to go for the finger food offered here.

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Lovin' it

Tangs Orchard basically houses many of the beloved, popular and/or major brands of essential beauty, household and fashion products. They have an extensive range of makeup and household products that will cater to every individual's preferences. They also house the local stationery store Birds and Co, your favourite Doc Mart boots, local retailer new urban male and a range of lomography cameras.

The interior and layout of Tangs is highly appealing and alluring. The designers at Tangs are very dedicated and professional in their realm. Tangs is often revamped to suit a theme which changes with the times, keeping Tangs customers very much visually sated with the design elements. I have always enjoyed walking through Tangs browsing through their range of products and soaking in the designer-esque aspect of Tangs.

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one stop shopping paradise

tangs is one of those shopping malls where you can find almost everything in one building. the mall carries major brands for clothes, shoes etc.

like many other departmental stores, tangs carries loads of make up counters and the rarer brand (at least to me) is stilla. they carry the regular handbag brands like guess, mel, perlinni, toscano and is perfect for someone on a budget, or not.

within tangs i believe there is also a nespresso boutique which is great for people who have the machines.

at the basement there is also a food hall where they sell my favourite nasi lemak! so if you are hungry after shopping you can just pop downstairs to grab some food before heading home.

i always love tangs during christmas as their decorations are always very pretty. it is definitely a place to stop by during christmas to admire their deco and prettily printed paper bags!

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great variety of goods
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beauty fanatics, this is THE place!!

With that oriental-looking architectural design, one can never walk past Tangs without looking at it. I personally adore Tangs for its well-stocked Beauty Hall (how nice does that sound? a name specially dedicated to the beauty section!). Tangs is the sole carrier of Burberry cosmetics. It is currently undergoing a revamp and will be re-opened in October with new brands such as Tom Ford Beauty and NARS. I absolutely can't wait!! I have always enjoyed shopping at the Beauty Hall as there are so many helpful sales assistants around to help you with your shade selections and product recommendations.

Similar to Takashimaya. it is divided into plenty of levels. The food section at the basement is relatively small compared to Takashimaya but nonetheless it stocks delicious bites that one would like to have on-the-go.

The summer and annual end-of-year sales at Tangs are well-known events. Shoppers would be ready to exchange their cash for discounted branded goods. Be it crockery, beauty products, shoes, clothes etc... there is something you will love. My mother and I attended the sales last year and left with 5 Tangs shopping bags. It was so satisfying to come out from a sale knowing you have saved yourself a remarkable amount of pennies.

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