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Orchard Central is the first new mall on Orchard Road in over 10 years. Orchard Central's 'Center of New' positioning permeates every aspect of the mall - including new architectural and design forms to bring about a fresh and distinctive new retail experience for the sophisticated urban shopper. Fronted by an iconic exterior featuring local artist Matthew Ngui's eye-catching digital art membrane, the mall presents a unique cluster concept, grouping complementary offerings together to serve as special destinations for shoppers. Differentiating itself through a myriad of new experiences, Orchard Central features the world's tallest indoor Via Ferrata climbing wall, the largest collection of public art installations by acclaimed international artists commissioned by a commercial development (over $9 million worth), a 24/7-operational Roof Garden and Discovery Walk, as well as Singapore's first dedicated Mediterranean retail and lifestyle destination located at Basement 2. At a high vantage point above the Orchard Road strip, shoppers can dine along an open-air verandah and soak in the street buzz at the same time. This unique feature is sure to attract diners who love alfresco dining at an altitude. Orchard Central's Roof Garden also gives patrons a choice of dining amid an urban oasis, providing the ultimate sky-high dining experience under the stars.

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The mall is so convoluted

Located in Orchard road, one would wonder why anyone built such a mall. The architecture of the mall itself is complicated, making it hard to navigate within the mall itself. The stores featured in the mall are many and diverse, i personally like the mix of stores, which include Sakae Sushi, Quiznos, KFC, Gong Cha and more. However, because of the convoluted layout of the stores, many do not frequent this mall, and it is relatively quiet, with the mall opening in late mornings and closing early. It is not my favourite place to come to when it comes to shopping, however, I suggest students come here if they are looking for a place to study while grabbing something to eat.

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Classy on the outside, 'dead' on the inside

'Don't judge a book by its cover' and so the same thing applied to Orchard Central. The exterior design of this shopping mall is so unique, appealing and fascinating but once you step inside, it just seems 'dead'. Yes, there are a lot of retail outlets in there , but all of them are not those sort of shops that attract crowds.

However, what I love from this shopping mall is the unique escalator that exists outside the mall itself. It is connecting you from the 6th to 8th floor, meters high and while the escalator is moving, you could enjoy bird view of the busy Orchard Road. Reaching up to the top level, you could find yourself in a fascinating balcony with surrounding garden and a few top notch restaurants for dining experiences.

Other than that, at the lower level, there are plenty of shops and food outlets, but perhaps they haven't gained any much popularity, hence, not many people would patronize the mall. Most of the shops is fashion boutiques that are not really crowd catchers, as the products are either too costly or the designs are not preferable by the shoppers. Orchard Central is recommendable for either the working adults who are looking for a short getaway from the city or for the youths who seek a great place to hang out.

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unique layout

Orchard central is one of the newest shopping mall along the streets of Orchard Road. The nearest MRT (Somerset) is just a 5 minutes walk away. When it first started, there’s some controversy over this mall. Some said that the interior tenant layout was like maze which makes the interior very messy, while some others commented that this mall lacks a positioning and a crowd puller. Some of the tenants in this mall include urban write – a stationary store (also one of their major tenant), fast food chain – everything with fries and many middle to high end restaurants on its top level.

On the exterior, the mall looks very striking and unique especially when the LED lights lit up at night! Orchard Central also uses an outdoor escalator as part of its exterior design. This elevator goes right up to the 7-8th floor! It can get pretty scary when I took it at first. But, the outdoor view up there is amazing!

What I also like about Orchard Central is that they tend to put up many temporary stores on the first level and they sell everything from cute accessories, clothes, electronic gadgets, home decor, snacks, cakes, baby’s wear, etc. The stores are constantly changing so I always find myself to be in for a little surprise whenever I step into Orchard Central

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Alternative new-edge mall

Orchard Central must not be belittled or disapproved simply because of its rather confusing layout and unconventional structure. Indeed, Orchard Central is not your convenient and typical mall wherein you could easily access and navigate your way through shops. If you have time on your side, you should explore the premises of Orchard Central because there are many pockets of surprises you would have overlooked with time poverty.

Orchard Central, in fact, is an alternative arts mall. If you're observant enough, you would realise the few art pieces placed in Orchard Central. For instance, there is a statue of a really tall lady which spans 4 levels high situated on the first level.

Travelling all the way to the top, Orchard Central boasts of an absolutely gorgeous rooftop garden where you could also find some quaint bars that would perfectly seal your night. Try travelling by escalators! Orchard Central has 40 escalators of differing lengths. The longest escalator travels about 6 to 7 levels high. The experience is sweet and peachy.

Head to the fourth level and you might stumble upon Singapore's only in-mall rock-climbing mall! During chinese new year, they would even employ a lion dance troupe to scale the heights. Where else can you get that in Singapore???

Orchard Central also houses local fashion stores which I love, namely Reckless Ericka, Sabrina Goh, Black Market and Editor's Market. They stock unique local and international designer pieces.

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getaway in town

orchard central had great advertisements before it opened and there was great hype about its opening. yet since then, orchard central has become famous for being a quiet shopping mall.

there is no lack of food merchants at orchard central. the place i usually go to would be everything with fries for their yummy burgers and fries. also, the sushi tei branch here is also appealing for me as it is mostly empty.

urban write is also one of the main highlights for me as i go there for unique stationary and affordable scrapbooking pieces. urban write is under the chain of popular stores so if you have the popular card they will offer the same discount here.

they do have a great roof top area which would make for great pictures though you might just want to snap your pictures and leave as it is usually quite hot. at night i've heard that it gets stuff as restaurants have their ventilator outside which causes the roof top to smell of oil.

i do love their glass lifts and long escalators outside the building though that is where my love for the building design stops. inside the building, the layout makes the place a little inaccessible, and the shops along the ramps on the 6th floor makes it a little weird.

i recommend this place if you want a quiet place in town to meet up with friends. plus food merchants here are regularly having discounts so do keep a lookout for great value.

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(Updated: April 29, 2012)

Plus point for the lack of crowds

Orchard Central had good promise, but many found it bare, even to the extent of boring. In my opinion, Orchard Central is getting interesting with the inclusion of many fashion stores like The Reckless Shop, Dr Martens and Blackmarket; therefore, I make it a point to drop by each time I’m in town. One of the latest additions is Editor’s Market, a local fashion wholesale store with its pioneer outlet at Cineleisure. The Orchard Central branch stocks up on more expensive and quality clothing, but do expect discounts if you are buying in bulk, so come with friends!

One positive point about its placidness has got to be the lack of queues (even on weekends). Orchard Central does have quite a number of food tenants, and so far I haven’t actually queued to enter any restaurant, with the exception of Everything with Fries. I have often come across many studying at Quiznos Subs, and if I remember correctly they do have sockets for laptops. The higher levels offer slightly more upscale restaurants, so check it out if you are looking for quality restaurants with good ambiance. Because of the environment, I guess they are good for catching up as well.

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(Updated: April 28, 2012)


Orchard Central is probably my least visited mall in the entire stretch of Orchard Road. Despite being quite large, it always seems so quiet and deserted! This makes it seem unpopular and deters people from going in further.

The pulling point for this malls is its branch of Everything with Fries. It is the only branch that features the $9.90 combo of a main course, choice of fries and a drink. This is an exceptionally reasonable price considering the portion of food you get and the prices of food elsewhere in Orchard! Thus this is my main reason for visiting Orchard Central.

Although they seem to have revamped the higher levels, it still seems quiet all the time. Many of the stop spaces along the “ramp” concept that they have are unoccupied and I am not sure if they have not been rented out or they are going to be used for displays. However, there are some unique shops on this level [level 5] that are worth going to Orchard Central for. There is one that sells fantasy figurines such as fairies and unicorns, great for household deco and I absolutely love these pieces. There is also MIYOC that sells blogshop clothing.

The location is convenient as it is right next to 313Somerset, thus you could drop by to take a look even if you only planned to go to 313. Even though it is a quiet mall, I do feel that it is worth checking out!

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Everything with Fries
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