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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Compass Point is situated in the heart of Sengkang and is integrated with the MRT, LRT and the bus interchange. It is also easily accessible by the Tampines Expressway (TPE). It is Singapore’s first thematic suburban mall based on the theme of learning. It also organizes “Fun Ahoy! - Learn Thru’ Play and Craft”, a monthly kids’ programme. Anchor tenants are Best Denki, Cold Storage, Kiddy Palace, Kopitiam Spectrum, Metro and POPULAR Bookstore. In 2003, Compass Point won the prestigious Maxi Award, an international award that is given out yearly by International Council of Shopping Centers to shopping centres, which have successfully implemented marketing programmes. Nursing rooms with diaper-changing stations are located on Level 4 (near Kopitiam). Kiddy toilets are located at Basement 1 and Levels 1 to 3. Kiddy toilet with diaper-changing station is located at Level 4. Shoppers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access with [email protected]

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Not much of an entertainment venue.

Defnitely accessible. Not only is there a bus interchange linked to it, you can get there by MRT/LRT as well.

It lacks the generic entertainment like a cinema or KTV. However, that does'nt make it anywhere less decent as a hangout place.

There's much to eat. Fast food includes both KFC and Macdonalds, as well as subway, mos burger and burger king too. Burger King allows studying, so there's a study location! Another study location would be Starbucks, though it's kind of small. It'd be a good place for work if you manage to get a seat though. Of course, if you dont't mind the lack of air conditioning, there's always the tables outside.

Restaurants include Sakae Sushi, Jacks Place and also Swensens. Of course if you're trying to prevent the hole in your wallet, there's always the Kopitiam at the top floor. So if you're looking for food, there's no need to worry!

There's also an arcade (timezone) at the basement as well. Great place to entertain the little ones. There's not much shopping to be done at Compass Point though. The shops are very standard, not much of a variety.

The library could keep you entertained as well. Compass Point caters to all your basic needs (there's a supermarket at the basement by the way) however if you're looking for entertainment of greater value, it's not the place to go.

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Thanks for the memories

Compass Mall holds many memories for me.

But we are not here to talk about my nostalgia, so moving on!

Compass Mall is a beautiful place. Stand in the atrium one day and look up. I cannot stress how much I love the intricate painting of an actual compass on the ceiling. Not only that, they have exquisitely handcrafted ships on their upper pillars. I am a small-time art appreciator and I love the thoughtful architectural touches -- makes me feel inspired.

While they do not have a cinema, they have a very extensive Kopitam. Everything here is top-notch and in the classiest setting. I love their drink stall's bread and butter breakfast set. It would be a far stretch, but it feels like I'm no longer in Singapore having a meal, I'm in a more exotic place enjoying my blessings.

The McDonalds here has been a study date rendezvous for a good year at least and I'm forever thankful that the cashier cordons away from the sitting tables, leaving you to do your work in absolute peace and quiet. I do not like their Starbucks though, much too squeezey and full usually anyway.

My favourite shop here would be Hallmark. I love buying unnecessary things so Hallmark is my wallet vacuum. I have bought more cards than I can count, for more occasions than my friends can scratch their head over. Thinking back, I would be so much richer without all that overpriced cards.

Come here to immerse in this unusual mall's atmosphere.

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A shopping mall which fulfils one's necessities as well as wants or cravings.

I have been to Compass Point quite a number of times in my life, because I have a direct bus to get there. Since November or December last year, the thing that always draws me to Compass Point would be the fact that they have a KOI outlet! Living in Hougang, there aren't many KOI outlets around me, and in fact Compass Point is the nearest place to satisfy my KOI cravings, I believe!

Moving on, Compass Point seems to have almost everything a mall should have - restaurants, fast food chains, cafes (they have Starbucks!!), Kopitiam, a library, Valu$, a supermarket, etc. Although most of their food places are leaning towards the 'common' side, I'd say the mall picks good choices of such restaurants and eateries like Pizza Hut, Toast Box and Swensens. Students can come here for lunch because majority of these restaurants have good student meals or value-for-money lunch deals. All they need is a cinema and the mall is pretty much all-rounded.

Of course, with every mall, there is definitely room for improvement, and I hope to see Compass Point include more popular shops in the future. Till then, I'd drop by this mall every now and then for a meal or to settle any necessities like groceries and dailies.

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just nice for a walk

Compass Point is accessible by public transport (MRT and Bus Interchange). Although Compass Point are not as big as shopping malls like ION and maybe even Northpoint, I would say that Compass Point is a good place for a walk.

Common group of shoppers will be students and residents who live near-by. There is a big Kopitiam at the top level. This place is always crowded whenever I visit this place and was hard to find seats during meal times.

My mother and I love the claypot chicken rice. It was generously served with the chicken meat and rice. Also, the seasoning sauce used makes the dish fragrant.

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(Updated: July 11, 2012)

Satisfies basic needs

I've always had the perception that Compass Point is quite a cozy mall. It's not too big and neither is it small and it is always teeming with families. Although smaller than some of the newer malls, you can accomplish most of your basic shopping there. There is a big food-court (Kopitiam) at the top floor, various fast food restaurants at the basement levels and a few other eateries located on the other floors. I wouldn't say the food options are aplenty, but considering how its not a big mall I think it is just enough to satisfy the needs of most people.

For grocery shopping, there is a cold storage at the basement level. Fashion wise, the stores are mostly geared towards styles that suit older woman. If you want clothes that are more streetsmart and trendy, Metro has a small section dedicated to that.

There is also a library on the top floor, but I don't like going to the Compass Point's branch because it looks and smells old. It kind of smells like feet, which is very off putting.

Many events and promotions are often held at the Atrium of Compass Point. It could be a Body Shop sale one week and an automobile event the next. It keeps the mall abuzz with activities and livens things up quite a bit. If you are around the area and looking to fill your stomach or buy some necessities, Compass Point will be an ideal place to visit. It is however, a very heartland sort of mall so don't expect to be able to find anything too unique there.

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Ideal heartland mall!

Compass point holds a special place in my heart. I spent a good number of my teenage years just wandering around the mall after school. Located at Sengkang which is a relatively new estate, it is home to many young families. With the good mixture of tenant, compass point is considered one of the better suburban malls.

One crowd puller for this mall is definitely the anchor tenant, Metro Departmental Store. It covers 2 storeys and basically sells everything from women wear to kids’ toys to men’s wear to cosmetics to bed sheets and pillows. Apart from Metro, Compass point also houses a decent number of food chains such as MacDonald’s, Jack Place, Subway, Burger King, Yoshinoya, Mos Burger, KFC, foodcourt, Mr Bean etc.

Though mall is pretty small, it covers pretty much everything that you would look for in a neighbouring mall. As for me, this mall is a perfect place to run errands – from paying bills, to banks (POSB/OCBC), to grocery shopping(Cold Storage), to pick some medication etc

Personally, one highlight of the mall is the atrium area. It uplifts the mood in the mall with the regular events held there. Events include kids’ show, home appliance sales, celebrity appearance, clothing sales, etc. I feel that such events are really essential in bringing in crowds for a heartland mall like Compass Point!

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Not nice to shop at. Doesn't have many food choices either.

I used to go to Compass Point every week but it had nothing to do with me enjoying shopping there. I think it’s just okay, nothing really attractive. It’s not a place where you’d hang out or chill but more of to get your errands done and buy your groceries. And then after you’re done with all the chores, you’d find a place to get a quick meal.

One of my favourite eat-in place would be Ya Kun Kaya Toast. It’s not an extravagant meal, just a simple one with toasts and drinks but with the right company, that’s good enough. After all, the toasts are really good!

There is also Ajisen Ramen! My favourite ramen!

If you need to grab some bread and pastries for breakfast the next day, there’s also Four Leaves at the basement. For affordable meals, you can visit Long John Silver, Subway, Toast Box, or Yoshinoya. There’s also a Kopitiam. For a better meal, there’s Soup Restaurant, Sakae Sushi, Olio Café and of course, Ajisen Ramen!

Having said all that, the selection of food places isn’t good though. There are too many random and unnecessary shops. Compass point is like a mall with all the very different shops but does not have a specific area that it provides a wide variety for. It does not have any special shops too.

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Big but does not have many shopping outlets

I guess Compass Point is big but does not have many shopping outlets. I recently went with my mum and the only outlet we stayed at the most was Metro. Nowadays it is hard to find a department store. Metro has clothes, make-up, accessories and more. What I like about department stores is that we can be left alone to browse through the items and also if we need help we can approach the staff who are around but do not disturb us.

Another plus point is the library at the highest floor. Many students and families can be seen on a weekend. It is big but not very easy to find what I want. There is also a big Kopitiam at the top level. This is always crowded when I go and hard to find seats during dinner time. We had to wait around for people to finish up their meals or share tables with other people. The claypot chicken rice is not bad I must say. And the staff are generous with the chicken meat.

Other than Kopitiam, there is not much choice of food if one is not a fan of fast food. There are quite a few bread shops though so one can get some for supper. Bread Talk and Crystal Jade My Bread give promotion when it is night time.

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Great for getting errands done

Compass Point is a typical heartland mall, though it has a wide variety of shops ranging from shops that sell novelty items to a departmental store, and of course fashion retailers. Metro would be the only departmental store there, and although their products are slightly more expensive than that of the average departmental store, their products are of pretty good quality.

Aside from that, Compass Point is pretty accessible by public transport as it is just right above Seng Kang MRT/LRT station and literally just right beside a bus interchange. I would say that Compass Point is a good place to get your grocery shopping or errands done. It has a pharmacy store (Watsons), a supermarket (Cold Storage) and a bookstore (POPular) amongst many others.

In addition, because of its strategic location and its proximity to neighbourhood schools like CompassVale Secondary School, there will be many school students in the mall on weekdays. On weekdays, the more common group of shoppers would be families as CompassPoint is a relatively family-friendly mall.

Although this mall has quite a wide variety of shops, it cannot hold a candle to gargantuan shopping malls like VivoCity! Hence, if you are looking for a real shopping experience, head on down to Vivocity. On the other hand, if you are just looking to get your errands done, Compass Point would be good.

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