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90 Hougang Avenue 10, #05-21 Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766
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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on April 17, 2012    

Hougang Mall is positioned as a trusted family mall with strong links to the community, building on its strong base of loyal customers from the immediate catchment of Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol and Serangoon districts. Hougang Mall was the first mall in AsiaMalls to participate in SPRING Singapore’s Customer Centric Initiative in 2007. The mall’s customer services ensure that shoppers enjoy a comfortable and convenient shopping trip. The novel ‘Kiddy cab strollers’ keep the young ones happy while mum gets her shopping done at the same time. With lockers placed on Basement 1 and Levels 3 and 4, shoppers get to enjoy hassle-free shopping. Kids enjoy outdoor thrills at the children’s playground on the Roof Deck. Shoppers also appreciate the availability of the comfortable nursing rooms, rental of umbrellas, use of wheelchairs, free Wi Fi access and the convenience of SISTIC ticketing services.

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Average experience a Bossini

Overall i enjoyed my time at hougang mall this particular apparel store "Bossini" the service of the staff was quite bad i had to wait 10 mins for the staff to come out of the store room just to take out the clothes that i want and the staff was not listening to me when i wanted to have another size but they gave me the wrong one it would the nicer if the staff was a bit more attentative but overall it does not feel as bad as some other particular place.

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Enjoyable place to hang out and kill time

Used to frequent this place a lot, mainly because I studied near here, but this really is a nice place to spend time at. They have a playground-type-thing on the top floor outside the arcade where students love to chill at. I used to camp there with my friends to chit-chat and eat after school or before CCA.

Other than that, they actually have a wide variety of shops. They've got Cotton On and various other fashion shops as well as stationery shops, a food centre and a SingPost outlet. There really is a rojak of various shops here, and I could usually find whatever I needed right here.

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grocceries shopping and food

My house is 5 minutes walk from Hougang MRT. Honestly speaking, though it’s near my home, I hardly every visit that mall. I would rather take a bus to Ang Mo Kio Hub which is much spacious and definitely more things to shop! I guess, the only crowd puller of Hougang Mall would be their NTUC, popular and library.

The unique thing about Hougang Mall is that they have 2 NTUC! One in their basement and another one right outside the mall! One wonders why 2 exact supermarket within such close proximity! Sometimes when I wish shop for some groceries near midnight, I will head towards the 24 hours NTUC right outside the mall.

For a heartland mall, it has quite a number of temporary stores selling very random stuff such as blankets, absorbent floor mat, dainty decorations for your homes, clothes, etc. The stores rotates every 2 months or so.

I would say, Hougang mall has also a decent number of food variety to cater to everyone. From food courts, to soup restaurants to pizza hut, to Sabu Sabu to fast food such as pepper lunch, long john silver, KFC, macdonalds etc During weekday afternoons, the mall will be filled students from the many neighbouring schools. In the evening, many living nearby will be there for dinner. Therefore, the mall is quite crowded at any time of the day

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Located next to the Hougang MRT Station and the Hougang bus interchange is Hougang Mall. My man lives in Hougang, so I visit the place pretty often.

There are a decent number of shops within the mall, or at least enough for you to get the necessities. When I'm at the mall, the three top places I visit are the library, the food places and popular bookstore.

They have quite a variety of fast food. I usually pick the one which is the least crowded, or at least somewhere where I can get a seat. The one bad thing is that with the vast variety of food places, it leads to a shortage of space in each of the outlets. It gets pretty frustrating, especially when you get really hungry.

I usually get my toiletries from watson's personal store and my stationeries from popular book store. I get my not so frequent dose of games and trading cards from comics connection. Hougang mall is a fine, pleasant place to be at.

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(Updated: May 11, 2012)

the typical shopping mall found within the heartlands of a housing estate, with a variety of grocery, food and shopping choices

Hougang Mall is merely an average suburban shopping mall that caters to the needs of the residents living within the area. It has two large NTUC outlets and several other smaller convenience stores to purchase grocery items from. Also, like other shopping malls located within the heartlands of a housing estate, a wide array of food and apparel stores is provided.

I do not usually have meals at Hougang Mall, as I do not particularly like any specific food stall there. However, there are several dessert stalls that are worth patronising. At basement 1 of the mall, I like to get this unique Japanese soft-serve icecream at SOFT!. Choco charm, a delicious icecream with fruity cereal topped with chocolate chips and sliced almonds, is my absolute favourite. Dessert Story, which is located on level 2 of the mall, sells lovely desserts including an assortment of flavoured shaved ice, creams, pudding and many others. I usually order the milk pudding, which is soft, sweet and does not have a strong smell or taste of milk.

There is nothing much special about Hougang Mall, when compared to other suburban malls. And alike any mall located near schools, it is very crowded during after-school hours as it is packed with a constant stream of students. It sufficiently serves the needs of the residents living within the area nonetheless.

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A mall that meets all my needs

Hougang Mall may sound like another typical, boring neighbourhood mall but I beg to differ. I love Hougang Mall and I feel at home there. Well, partly because I stay in the vicinity. But convenience aside, it has actually a lot for shoppers!

I am a glutton and always on the hunt for food but sometimes, I’d want to stick to familiar foods. All my favourite food is right there at the mall! They include Subway, Ajisen Ramen, Pizza Hut, Shabu Shi, and KFC. After satisfying my stomach, I’d go shopping.

When my grandmother needs some grocery, I’ll get it for her from the NTUC at the basement. The NTUC is quite big and has everything you need. I’ll also need to get my pets’ stuff and it can be done at Pet Lovers’ Centre. If I get hungry or thirsty again, there’s always barbecued chicken wings and pork ribs and also a bubble tea shop. There’s also Mr Bean!

If you like to watch movies or DVDs, there’s a video rental shop. Next to it is a Kodak shop so whenever you need to print photos you can do it at the mall too. In the mall there are shops like Sasa and The Face Shop for the ladies to get their beauty products. Students can also get their school supplies at Popular. For gamers, there is a game shop as well as Comics Connection. For the bookworm, a library is situated on the third level.

I cannot say enough how good Hougang Mall is in meeting my every need – shopping, eating, entertainment, and getting daily necessities.

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The Average Mall Next Door

First and foremost, let me start by saying that Hougang Mall is nothing short of ordinary , but it is nowhere near extraordinary , especially with the rise of latest Suburban Malls like City Square or NEX Shopping Centre along the North East Line.

It does however, serve as a mall to provide and cater to the needs of the people living nearby as it is surrounded by blocks of HDB Estates, but is definitely not a place you want to visit for your shopping compared to orchard road if you are given a choice.

No doubt, there are your usual fast-food joints ‘Long John Silver, KFC , Mac Donald’s or Subway , pepper lunch , pizza hut , kopitiam and a few other restaurants , you can be certain to take a train down to serangoon and find just the same kind of shops , if not more. Seating and parking however shouldn’t be a problem because not many people patronise or shop here, and recently, a new carpark was opened to help ease the shortage of parking lots.

Useful places of interest (at least to me): The library, Fairprice at the basement, popular bookstore.

Word of advice : If for some reason you decide to come here , don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to leave after a while as there is hardly any entertainment , leisure or shopping here that might appeal to you.

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A shopping mall for All

A few years back, i visited the Hougang shopping mall and was rather skeptical about the mall as it was rather small in scale, had rather little amount of shoppers and variety of shops. However, a visit to the mall recently proved me wrong.

The shopping mall, from my last visit, exudes a more vibrant atmosphere with its bustling crowd and new addition of shops that attract shoppers of different age group. With a newly renovated basement, it has more restaurants such as Pepper Lunch Restaurant, Long John Silver and many more.

In addition, it is a very shopper friendly mall. It has lockers provided for shoppers, that is easily accessible to shoppers to place their belongings or items in it. With its distinct color of orange and location in the mall, it is relatively safe for shoppers to place their stuff in it as many people would be around it at all times. A commendable segment introduced by the mall would be the children's playground on the Roof Deck as well as the nursing rooms and strollers for rent, making it a family-friendly mall as they did not neglect the needs of the children.

A library in the mall would attract book lovers to the mall to get a good read, or students to do their revision there. A surprising factor the library is pretty condusive for studying as it is rather peaceful over there, with little amount of disruptions from the children segment.
After long hours of being buried under the books like any typical student, i felt hungry and needed snacks to re-energise myself. In the mall, there are Subway and a dessert shop that sells chinese snacks and traditional chinese desserts called: Dessert Story. It sells great chinese dessert such as sesame paste and almond paste for just $2-3 dollars, as well as popiah and Mango or strawberry Ice cream in a resemblance to ice kachang (shop's speciality) and many many more!
The down side is that their popiah's skin was a little too thick for my liking, but overall it was still good. I love this shop, which has outlets in a few shopping malls too, such as NEX. It is great for an afternoon tea break or a hungry student like me.

With the addition of the new shops, i am more willinging to head back to the mall to knowing that i would not only be able to get my daily essentials from the NTUC and DollarValue shop, but also my fashion acessories, clothing from Cotton On or Bossini and school related supplies from Popular. This is with the bonus of being able to visit my favourite dessert shop: Dessert Story!

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