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Listing created by bxbong on November 21, 2012    

Located around Serangoon Garden, myVillage marries light-hearted nostalgia and modern convenience, being a place where people can buy daily essentials, pamper themselves, unwind and bond with their loved ones.


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I sure do wish it was mine

myVillage at Serangoon Gardens is a familiar place to all avid fans of Chomp Chomp Food Centre, with its rooftop doubling as an extension of the seating at the smoky and crowded hawker place.

This small shopping mall houses eateries and dessert places such as iSteaks Diner, Little Wimbly Lu, and Udders, making it a crowd favourite for dinner options. Most of the shops are either closed or empty, which lends this mall a quiet and quaint vibe. The highlight of this mall would have to be its rooftop though, which is spacious, windy, and ambient at night with its romantic lighting and relaxing music.

Don’t waste time standing around waiting for seats at Chomp Chomp anymore. Instead, just order take away and head over to myVillage, which is just a short walk away. It is perfect for groups, as well as a romantic date with your partner.

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Nice place to study in the afternoon, and in the night good food

I used to study at the coffee bean at this place because of its location - while it is near to my house, is it not so central that people would come here. This meant that the place me and my friends frequented would be quiet because there would be little people crowding up the area unlike other shopping malls.

Not only was this place a good place to study, it was considered by my friends as a place where everyone could go and "chill" once in awhile. With the large variety available from the numerous stalls that lined the streets of Serangoon Gardens, it was always a difficult choice to choose what to eat. Not forgetting that if we had craving for hawker food, Chomp Chomp Food market was just a stone's throw away. This made this place a good choice for a great time with friends after an afternoon of studying.

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Peaceful mall

This is one of those neighbourhood shopping centres, and it definitely does not have the variety of shops possessed by other neighbourhood shopping centres such as NEX and Heartland Mall, but what it has in turn is some peace and quiet. Due to its wide interior which is well designed as well as the lack of crowds, shopping in this place is more comfortable as there is no pushing, jostling or overbearing noise.

While the selection of shops is small, the shops there do actually provide quite a variety of things, and the place is perfect for buying little things like some groceries or food near your home without having to go far. There is a supermarket, food kiosks, food stalls, and my favourite shop, the deli Gastronomia, which has quite a range of western food at not too high a price, and it is my favourite place to buy desserts such as tiramisu and panna cota.

Taking a walk through this place for a little shopping while enjoying the peace is really a great experience, and one that I would look forward too every now and then.

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A little getaway

MyVillage mostly caters to the many, many rows of houses around Serangoon Gardens. As I have a good friend and some relatives living in the area, we often head to myvillage to catch up or have a meal.

I guess the winning factor for myvillageis it's accessibility and convenience to the residents in the neighborhood. As the nearest mall is quite far away, myVillage provides the residents with their dining, shopping and services. There are many great eateries here such as da paolo gastronomia and udders ice cream. Also, there are several shops like a fairprice finest, for residents to buy groceries at.

MyVillage also helps to bond the community around it. There are often flea markets held just outside the mall, and these are patronized by the residents. As they met regularly through these flea markets, the community becomes more close-knitted.

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Not much going for it.

In the food haven of Serangoon Gardens, myVillage appears to cater more to residents of the surrounding houses.

I have been to the shopping mall a few times while in Serangoon Gardens. I always found the decor and design of the mall to be funky and creative, just nice for the crowds of teenagers and young people who hang out in Serangoon Gardens. Udders Ice Cream, some eateries, and an open roof for people to chill out at seem to be the only thing going for the mall. Of course the supermarket at the basement would delight the nearby residents for its convenience.

Other than that, I there really is not anything in the mall to make me make the trip here. Fortunately for the management, myVillage is situated in a high traffic area.

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A break from busy

One of my favourite malls in Singapore solely due to its location ( which is near my house ), this mall is artistically and classily designed. My friend once mentioned to me that he thought the exterior corridor of the mall looks like a place plucked out from Europe, and is very different from the typical Singapore mall!

The mall has everything that nearby residents need; NTUC, restaurants, coffee bean, udders and many more. My favourite would be udders ice cream, where we would go to after our dinner at Chomp Chomp. The ice cream and waffle there is superb! It is also a great hangout place and very youth orientated.

The mall only has the more high end restaurants, so my recommendation would be to have your meals nearby before coming in to enjoy the atmosphere and escape from a busy city like Singapore!

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One time was all

I went to this mall during CNY last year. We were around the area and looking for lunch and most the coffee shops were either not opened or fully occupied.

Then we saw this small building and it looked like it was open for business so we went in to scout around. It looked small from the outside and it was definitely small in the inside. There were no many shops inside the mall, I remembered there was a NTUC supermarket.

A beggar cannot be a chooser so we settled for the Japanese Ramen shop for our lunch. Nothing especially memorable but at least we were able to fill our stomachs.

For me, the one visit to this mall was enough, there was no shop there that would make me want to go back to shop there again.

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Lacklustre mall

There is hardly anything to do or see at myVillage - basically it is a mall to serve the needs of the residents in Serangoon Gardens since it is a mall within walking distance and situated in the centre of Serangoon Gardens. If you asked me, I'd actually prefer to take a bus to Nex than visit myVillage if I lived in Gardens.

The anchor tenant would be Cold Storage, but even then there isn't much of a crowd at myVillage. It has a few eateries and a relatively empty Coffee Bean, together with Udders Ice Cream. I wouldn't visit myVillage unless I really needed to, like if I wanted to grab some coffee or have a quick bite.

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Open roof!

I will only go there for 2 things - Udders and the open roof. Other than that, there isn't really much to shop/do in the mall. There are multiple independent boutiques over there, but usually there isn't much crowd. The higher storeys have a few restaurants and that's pretty much about it.

I'd usually grab some tauhuey from the nearby chompchomp foodcentre with my friends, and slack at the rooftop. I believe it is one of the few malls that has this open roof concept and I really like it! & I will only recommend this to a friend - just for the sake of the open roof top :)

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