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Listing created by bxbong on November 16, 2012    

Greenwich V is nestled within the lush leafy surroundings of the established landed residential estate of Seletar Hills. The undulating site has a serene and charming quality that is rare in urban Singapore.

A mixed development with a condominium and retail mall located at Yio Chu Kang / Seletar Road, provides a one-of-a-kind retail experience with its vibrant blend of F&B concepts, lifestyle stores, retail and services including a supermarket and food court


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Small And Quiet Mall

Greenwich V is a small shopping mall located along Seletar Road, although I’m not sure it actually qualifies to be a shopping mall because if Ion Orchard was a giant, it would be a dwarf.

Although it may be small in stature, Greenwich V does manage to provide all the necessities required by residents living nearby. It has a food court, one or two tuition centres and quite a range of restaurants offering Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Western cuisine. There’s also a Cold Storage where you can shop for groceries.

Small, but compact. It may not be a shopping attraction, but it’s a godsend to the residents of Seletar Hills for all the convenience it brings.

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V for Very Nice

Marked by its ‘ulu’ but well-maintained and lush quality, Greenwich V is a popular location for students during exam periods.

Cafes such as Coffee Bean and even Cold Stone Creamery are all hot spots for students looking for a place to study, and it surely helps that Greenwich V is so out-of-the-way and hence usually deserted. Eateries and food kiosks such as Toast Box and Old Chang Kee ensure that students have diverse dining options to choose from, and provides the mall with the self-sustaining quality that students camping there all day would need.

Although seemingly ‘ulu’, Greenwich V is extremely accessible by a number of buses island-wide, but shoppers tend to just be students mugging their days away. Even though Greenwich V may be the unofficial studying mall, do be considerate during peak hours!

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Small, contained, and quaint

We diverted here on the way to prata at Jalan Kayu due to heavy rain. It is a rather quaint village apparently set up to serve the private residences in the area. The whole complex is basically a collection of restaurants and eateries with a smattering of various shops such as D.I.Y. and Cold Storage.

We relaxed with a meal at the Kopitiam (called "Kopi Seletar" here) and enjoyed some delicious Cold Stone ice cream while our daughter drenched herself playing in the water fountains on the second floor. The atmosphere is relaxed and being there felt like unplugging from the stress of life in Singapore. I would not frequent this place as there is not much attractions to make the journey there worth it, but it is a nice place to stop by if you are in the area.

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Warm and comfy

At first sight, I was a captive to this modernized and chic village. It bedazzled me with its lovely exterior where it's glass wall sparkles, ornamented with lights that were radiating its warm fuzzy hue. I could hardly wait to set foot on this beautiful compound. I love love LOVED the concept that it was short, small and cosy, unlike the overrated big, sardine-packed malls these days.
It looked straight out of a portrait from a nice German village. Add some snow and the scene would have been perfect.

Inside, due to its limited space, it's a far cry from a shopping paradise. However, it was certainly a food paradise cum Cupid spot for me. The atmosphere was perfect for a little date and some casual dining. I am utterly in love with the Coffee bean over there. It is my favorite little corner to mug away as well as have a little chit-chat with my loved ones.

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Convenient Air-Conditioned Respite in Seletar

I stay around the area and I find that I only ever go to Greenwich when it is raining or when it is sweltering hot outside. I must say that I do enjoy the semi 'less' crowded Paradise Inn compared to the other outlets, but the restaurant selection is not large enough. However, I have to say that it is sufficient for the soon-to-be residents of the Greenwich project by Far East. One thing though is the parking. Very small car park but good thinking of the management to have a free valet service to ease parking woes there.

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Paradise Inn
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A taste of shopping in relatively more rural Singapore

As a building shaped by modern architecture, Greenwich V sits at the relatively undeveloped region of Singapore in the Northern area. With its low accessibility (only a few bus stops service the area), it can be quite hard to find and quite inconvenient for a person that lives in the heartlands to travel and shop.

But for the locals living around the area, the shopping mall is a lovely place to hang out. Filled with numerous restaurants serving combinations of Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine as well as 'desserts' (Awfully chocolate is my favourite), be prepared to enjoy a good meal. However, a limitation is that being a smaller mall, there is not as much retail outlets as one is accustomed to in a big mall (take Compass Point, which is relatively nearby), but a bus trip can always be made to AMK Hub (Bus 86) or Thomson Plaza (Bus 163) to satisfy those needs.

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Comfortable and convenient

Greenwich is hardly known to anyone except for the residents living in the area due to it being unimpressive (only two storeys tall) as compared to other malls. However, despite it's size, it does resemble the other malls a few times bigger than itself, albeit with fewer shops. For example, the place has it's own carpark (where you can always find a parking spot no matter what time of the day). A caution though, to all those who love to shop: While Greenwich does boast a Kopitiam, a Cold Storage, an Awfully Chocolate and Cold Stone Creamery outlet, and various other restaurants selling different cuisines, there are almost NO other shops that sell anything besides food (well, except for this video shop and a few others).

The place is essentially meant for residents living near the area as well as for those who are going to live in the too-be-built condo called 'The Greenwich'. The condo and Greenwich would be linked by bridges so residents can easily access the place to eat or buy groceries there. However, even when the condo is built, Greenwich will still be open to the public.

Though small, Greenwich has a classy and relaxed feel to it, due to the fact that its design is supposed to match the condo as well as the fact that there is little human traffic, giving those who visit it a break from the usual crowds one face at larger shopping malls.

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Secluded area

Greenwich Village is a 2-storey open air mall located in Seletar Hills. I have come here only once, to study with a friend who lives nearby. The place is very secluded, and I would not recommend this place unless you live nearby.

The shops are what you would expect in any shopping mall, a supermarket (Cold Storage), a foodcourt, and a smattering of restaurants on the top floor, such as Cedele, Cold Stone Creamery and Coffee Bean.

It has a slightly upmarket feel, perhaps to cater to the residents nearby, who all live in landed properties. Due to its secluded location, I would only go here if I lived nearby.

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Small and boring...

I first went to Greenwich V when a friend who lives nearby told me about it and suggested having brunch there. As it was a new mall to me, I was pretty excited to check the mall out. However, upon entering, I was shocked to discover that the mall was only two stories high, and both floors were so small!

In terms of food, I guess Greenwich V can be satisfying as it is quite diverse in that, with restaurants selling Japanese and Western food, plus cake and dessert houses like Awfully Chocolate and Cold Stone Creamery. I also love that they have an empty Gong Cha outlet (tells you how many people actually come by here), meaning I need not queue up for my order! Other than that, there is hardly anything else to do, other than do grocery shopping.

Don't come here unless you are looking for food or dessert, that's all I have to say.

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