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White Sands is located at Pasir Ris Central next to the MRT Station and within the recreational area of Pasir Ris New Town. 

White Sands offers its residential catchment the convenience of a one-stopshopping mall in an upbeat shopping environment, focusing on today’s healthy and active lifestyle. Being sited within the recreational zone along the eastern coastline of Singapore, White Sands has naturally become a popular destination among weekend holiday-makers. The mall is also a convenient stop over for young National service men making their way to their Pulau Tekong training base camp. 

The extensive revamp and expansion of the mall was completed in 2007. New facilities such as travelators, children’s restrooms and nursing rooms were added for the convenience of shoppers. 

Key tenants include Fairprice supermarket, the Pasir Ris Library, Kopitiam foodcourt and POPULAR bookshop. With many exciting new shops and F&B outlets, the mall has become a favourite haunt for school-going children, families and working adults. The weekend activities, adding excitement to the shopping experience, are specially catered to fun-seekers and family shoppers. 

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White Sands Mall is, I believe, just a place for Pasir Ris residents to get their basic necessities from. Nothing more. It's a place that I drop by only when I have absolutely nothing to do and just want to go for a walk. Its random shops serve as a good distraction but usually, I'd be out of the place by fifteen minutes. I do go there for lunch though, but its food sector is lacking quite a bit as well.

Shopping for clothes can't really be done there since there's not many clothing stores there. The mall lacks a variety of retail outlets which is why there's never really a crowd there.

Also, I'm wondering why there isn't a Starbucks at White Sands. Pasir Ris doesn't have a Starbucks which I find rather weird since White Sands would be a good place to have one.

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Community Mall

This is definitely not shopper's paradise, since the range of clothing and accessory stores are rather small compared, to say, Tampines Mall. The food outlets are a little better, with Mcdonald's, Pepper Lunch and Manhattan Fish Market. There's an NTUC on the ground floor for groceries and a relatively well-stocked library on the 4th floor. For stationery, there's Popular on the top floor, along with a few enrichment centres. If you're looking for a clean and affordable child-friendly mall, then this is the place for you.

Frequented by students and housewives on weekday afternoons and families on weekends, this mall is simple and unsophisticated, the place for Pasir Ris residents to do their shopping. It serves as an excellent community mall, but does nothing to entice the average shopper.

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A basic mall within close proximity to the Pasir Ris MRT

Whitesands Shopping mall is conveniently located beside the Pasir Ris MRT.

While it serves as a basic shopping mall, with NTUC fairprice at the basement, several dining options, ranging from the food court at the fourth level, to fast food choices such as Mcdonalds, Burger King and KFC, to restaurants like Sakae Sushi (not recommended), Mad Jack Cafe or Manhanttan Fish Market. There's always Xin Wang Cafe which opens till 4am (on Fridays and weekends presumably) where I liked to hang out for supper, the dry noodles series , which tastes incidentally like instant noodles, happened to be my favorite.

The only National library in Pasir Ris is also housed within the building, at the 5th level. While not big in size, it usually allows me to scavenge enough reading materials to burn my spare time away.

On a side note, there isn't any coffee place in the mall after the cafe in library closed down and I would love to see an addition of Starbucks or Coffeebean since those are my preferred choice of studying areas, exceptionally useful during the period approaching exams.

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Basic mall - not for shopping!

White Sands Mall is, quite frankly, an extremely boring mall. How I manage to keep returning to it, I do not know, but I have this aching suspicion that visiting it on such a regular basis has grown on me.

It is generally a basic mall. If you're looking for a shopping trip, White Sands Mall is definitely not the mall you should be at. There are drugstores like Watsons for basic necessities and simple make-up, Cotton On for clothes and Bata for shoes. The shopping choices at White Sands Mall is certainly not much to boast of, as these stores are pretty common in most heartland malls.

It is, however, a great place for residents nearby, as they can simply drop by the mall to pick up all of their necessary basic living goods all at one go, and even grab a meal to satiate their hunger.

The dining choices at White Sands Mall are a little more varied as compared to the shopping. There are various fast food stores, like MacDonalds, Burger King, Subway, and KFC. Students looking for a meal at White Sands Mall should go to Pepper Lunch. The student meals and discounts are definitely worth every single cent. Diners looking for a slightly more expensive meals can go to either Sakae Sushi, Manhattan's Fish Market or Peach Garden.

White Sands Mall is definitely a very convenient mall for residents staying nearby. However, as convenient as White Sands Mall can be, I still lament over the fact that the shopping there is simply horrible.

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Your everyday residential mall

There is honestly nothing particularly good or bad I can say about White Sands Mall. It is your typical neighbourhood shopping mall, where one goes for basic necessities and dinner. I have been here numerous times already, and I have yet to make a decision if it is truly beneficial or a bane to the residents who live in Pasir Ris.

In my opinion, the mall can be improved in so many ways. But if it doesn't, it is no big loss anyways.

NS men who book in on Sunday nights will often huddle around the MRT Station - and by extension the McDonalds just next door - to embrace their last few moments of 'freedom'. I am sure that the mall provides an atmosphere of comfort for them before they board the bus back to Tekong.

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Basic mall with nothing much to offer.

I think the only reason White Sands exists is to cater to the people who travel in and out of Pasir Ris MRT. It's clear to me that White Sands thrives on this human traffic, and that without it, White Sands would be long gone.

The only reason I've ever taken walks in this little mall is because I had time to kill and nothing to do while waiting for friends. I did not see anything that caught my eye or even interest me vaguely.

It'd be great if they opened up a cineplex here, though, as I think the location and human traffic would be ideal, given the popularity and proximity of nearby Costa Sands and Aloha resorts.

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(Updated: October 26, 2012)

A mall for basic necessities

White Sands is a mall located next to Pasir Ris MRT station. This mall is convenient for people who want to stop in for a quick bite. There are several small eateries and fast food joints in White Sands. Example are Manhatten Fish Market, KFC and Subway.

There are also several small shops which provides basic necessities. It isin't the right mall for you mall if you are looking for branded stores such as Topshop, New Look etc. However if you are just looking to get some groceries or drugstore products, there is a supermarket and Watsons at the basement.
There is also a library in the mall itself. However, it is a rather small library so the books there are limited.

If I had to describe white Sands, it would be a mall for basic necessities.

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Heartland mall

White Sands Mall is a heartland mall with the most random things - A bicycle shop, restaurants, money changers, popular shops such as Cotton On. I go there once a month when I visit my friend's house and it's a place that is only for residents staying around the area.

Tip: There is a shop that sells cheap shampoo / bath foam / toiletries though, that is near POSB.

There is usually quite a lot of people as it is located at Pasir Ris MRT, especially students from nearby schools. Overall, a place for families and residents residing around White Sands.

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Nothing much but you will appreciate it when you have nowhere to hangout at.

There are no shops at White Sands that stand out for me. Maybe because the mall is quite small, there are not really much reasons for you to go shopping or dining there due to the limited options.

There are a couple of fashion shops. Quite a few shops to dine, including a Kopitiam. I frequent the Popular Bookstore and the library the most at White Sands because I can easily find a better dining or shopping experience else where. I visit the bookstore and library out of convenience only. White Sands does not even have a cinema. You will have to head to ehub! nearby.

However, if you really need to buy something or eat something nearby, it is when you will appreciate the mall.

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Simply for meals

Located next to Pasir Ris station, it is a mall I alway pass by whenever I go to school. It is a good meeting point for me and my friends as the common landmarks such as Macdonalds or just the hall is a good place for me to wait for my friends.

To me, the shops are mainly eateries, a NLB library, popular bookstore and a NTUC supermarket. The only times I am there is when I meet my friends for a meal or simply to borrow a book from the library. There are hardly any shops that are worth going shopping for unless you know a particular item you need urgently is there. I wouldn't recommend my friends to shop there.

Well, one good point is that, the crowd is not as large as in Tampines Mall or Tampines 1 which are just nearby. So trying to get a relatively quieter place for a catch-up session with friends at the eateries will be good.

One point to note. Since it is near many schools, students can be spotted studying in many of the eateries. It can be a little annoyning when they start to chatter louder. So do choose an eatery without many students if you wish to dine in a relatively quiet place.

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