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Listing created by operationhazard on September 18, 2012    

After a hiatus of 3 years makeover, Leisure Park Kallang came back into the scene with a bigger floor place and more shops to cater to shoppers of all ages and tastes.
The shopping mall is home to the Kallang Ice World and Kallang Bowl as well as many other dining outlets and Filemgarde Kallang.


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Keeps you occupied

Kallang Leisure Park is one of the quietest malls I've been too and generally doesn't attract much of a crowd, even on weekends. I'm not sure if it's because of the range of shops or the location, but I personally appreciate the small crowd since having to squish through a whole bunch of people isn't exactly a great experience.

KLP offers a broad range of restaurants which always muddles with my head as it's hard to pick when there are this many restaurants. I love dropping by both their CBTL and Starbucks outlets (nicely situated beside one another). They're usually rather empty, perfect for catching up with friends.

KLP's bowling alley is one of its most attractive features. There's also an arcade and a movie theatre which is awesome. I think the only reason why KLP gets such a small crowd is because there isn't much to shop for there, besides their rather random shops.

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Quiet but nice

I frequent Kallang Leisure Park since it's near my house but it seems to be inconvenient for other people who stay further away.

I like KLP because it isn't crowded like other shopping malls, and there are quite a lot of decent shops here. I used to frequent Awfully Chocolate for their generous servings of ice cream after school with my friends. Also, the bowling place and ice-skating rinks are good entertainment for friends and families.

There are quite a lot of shops in KLP but most of them tend to be on the expensive side, probably because they cater to the many expats staying nearby. However, KLP remains one of my favourite shopping malls because it offers a lot of fun, entertainment and services that are convenient.

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Stay off the grass.

This is a mall I go to quite often. Why? Because I like walking in the area around Tanjung Rhu and the Kallang Basin and also because Kallang Leisure Park offers some entertainment: shows, movies, sport etc nearby that make it a destination that attracts apart from the shopping itself.

I really don't understand how it works or whether it will last. I hope it does. It is not that there are dozens of great shops there. It has nothing more, and indeed a great deal less, than most other malls in the way of shops: the ubiquitous Cold Storage, the equally ubiquitous Guardian, the almost ubiquitous British India and so on.

But maybe I am being unfair After all, it is called Leisure Park, not leisure shopping centre or even leisure mall. So from that perspective, it works with its cInemas, ice rink and bowling, And of course it is bang in the middle of the SSC complex, next door to the much underused Kallang Theatre and opposite the Indoor Stadium. And of course soon it will be right next door to the magnificent new national stadium.

Its main attraction though could be its downfall: it is hardly over crowded, I certainly hope it survives.

One thing about it that always amuses me, not only in Singapore, but throughout the world: planners here have designed and their foreign workers built nice paths with zig zags and quaint corners going from A to B via Q and X. Shoppers and sports goers prefer to walk in a straight line, so the grass between the MRT and the Leisure Park is criss crossed with straight line dirt paths like scars on pristine lawns whilst the meandering concrete walkways remain unused and almost pristine. DO not walk on the grass? Why lah? It is quicker going on the grass. Even if t means that you have to climb a railing at the edge of the station!

I am all for meandering paths, particularly in parks, but not in when you want to get from an air-conditioned station to an air-conditioned mall in the shortest possible time....

Meanwhile, you can walk a few metres to the Stadium

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(Updated: December 16, 2012)

An entertainment mall

The only few times I've been to Leisure Park Kallang is because of a concert that I am about to attend at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Situated conveniently outside Stadium MRT station, Leisure Park Kallang has the basic eateries and shops.

The only special thing about Leisure Park Kallang is their ice skating rink. It is one of the few shopping malls in Singapore to have an indoor skating rink. There is also a cinema, bowling alley, arcade and KBox. It is really an entertainment mall, with so many different activities to do.

What is lacking is probably shops for people to do shopping. However, with the cinemas, ice skating rink, bowling alley, and arcade, I don't see why people will choose to do shopping over all these interesting activities.

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Best entertainment mall

I rate Leisure Park Kallang very highly because a. it is within walking distance from Stadium MRT station and b. you can do almost everything there!

Leisure Park Kallang really is a leisure park; entertainment is guaranteed. It has a movie theatre, a bowling alley, a skating rink and even a karaoke centre! The best part is that Leisure Park is much less crowded than malls in town so you don't have to worry about human jams or being lost in the crowd. The bowling alleys are usually fully taken up, so go early to avoid disappointment.

There's also a Starbucks, Yoguru and Marble Slab Creamery if you're looking for a place to chill. As for shopping, there aren't many retail outlets, the most famous one being BritishIndia.

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One stop entertainment value

Although Kallang leisure park is slightly out of reach from my place, I come here all the time because of the myriad of entertainment activities to choose from. I love coming there to ice-skate, which I feel this leisure park is best known for. The skating rink is probably one of the bigger ones I've encountered so far.

Besides skating, I can bowl, watch a movie, play arcade games, have a karaoke session and the list goes on. If you're not entertained enough while at here, something must have gotten into you! Of course, I do agree that this places does not have lots to shop from. If it does, it wouldn't be called a leisure park but more like a shopping mall, right?

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Starting point for other activities

There is hardly anything to shop for in this mall and is rather out of place for those who travel by public transport, thought the new Stadium MRT has made it more accessible.

I will not come to the mall for the shops itself and this place is generally a hub for the other activities in the region. The Cage is a 10 minutes walk from the Mall and it is just beside the Kallang Indoor Stadum. Thus, I usually visit this mall prior to and after my activities in the area.

There are various dining options though I wouldn't say the choices are fantastic. The usual fast-food are available and great for takeaways especially when you are late to catch a performance, as I was back in July. It also has great entertainment options such as the ice-skating and a cinema. The seats are usually not fully filled owing to its location and thus I have turned to it several times when tickets have run out at other cinemas in town.

Personally, I will not visit this mall unless I have a particular activity in its vicinity.

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Convenient but overpriced!

The amazing thing is how this place has everything there is for groups of people to hangout together. Cinemas, bowling alley, ice skating rink and even karaoke! The close proximity of these popular leisure activities makes Kallang Leisure Park a good location for birthday celebrations or meetups, with the convenience a major plus in consideration.

However, price differences can definitely be observed as well. The bowling alley and ice skating rink's prices for example are actually a tad steeper than other places'. And due to the fact that the entertainment places such as KBOX and the cinema are often crowded, service can be below average with impatient staff and slow service.

It's really about what you're looking for. For me, it's more of the people that I hang out with that matters when I visit the place so the poor service may not matter as much. The variety of shops here are also limited, as it is more of a place for the leisure activities and less of shopping. Oh, and the vegetarian place here closed down as well... ): Food options here are definitely varied, but can also be on the pricier end for some.

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The only ice skating rink of the East

This place held valuable memories to me, even before the major revamp for it housed the one and only ice skating rink in the East, then and now. The ice skating rink happens to be the place where I first held my "Shen Jia Yi's" hand (watch "You're the apple of my eye").

While it used to be run-down and valued only for the ice skating rink, Kallang Leisure Park has now more attractions than before although ironically, the ice-skating rink seemed to have shrunk in size.

It now housed one of the less-known but still comfy cinema, the Filmgarde. You can also bowl in the mall now. The drawback of Kallang Leisure Park is its location, not having been near any MRT stations (at least previously but now perhaps within the proximity of some Circle line stations). On the other hand, one might actually view the secluded location as a plus point for the mall is seldom crowded (except for the small ice skating rink) and offers an alternative to the usually packed malls during the weekends.

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Horrible place to shop, but great for entertainment

I love shopping. Perhaps that is why Kallang Leisure Park is not my go-to mall.

Kallang Leisure Park severely lacks shopping and retail shops. It does house a few retail brands, namely British India, Summerlily, and a few others, but these are hardly fashion paradise, and would definitely be unable to satisfy any shopper.

However, it does have quite a variety of food stores, ranging from Japanese cuisine to Western cuisine, to cafes and yogurt shops. Kallang Leisure Park would certainly be a good place for friends to hang out and chat, as the stores are rarely packed with people, and it would be easy to find seats for a larger group of people there.

Also, Kallang Leisure Park would make an excellent entertainment hub. Housing a cinema, an ice skating rink, and a bowling alley, it makes an excellent place for the fun-seeking folks.

The mall can get a little too packed on days when there are concerts nearby, so leisure shoppers ought to take note.

Kallang Leisure Park is undeniably a good place to hang out. The quietness of this mall provides a fresh take on malls nowadays, and is certainly unique in it's own way.

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