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The Verge Shopping Mall
Listing created by The Verge Shopping Mall on August 10, 2012    
The Verge, formerly Tekka Mall, (Chinese: 德卡廊), is the first and largest modern shopping mall at the Little India precinct in Singapore, being opened in 2003. The Verge has two buildings, the main building and Chill @ (The Verge). It is located on the southern part of Little India, with the main building is located on the junction of Serangoon Road and Sungei Road and the Chill @ The Verge is located on the junction of Perak Road and Sungei Road.

Both of the buildings are separated by Clive Road and the mall lies opposite of Tekka Centre across Serangoon Road. On 16 July 2008, the mall was revamped, which also brought about the name change from Tekka Mall to The Verge.

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Ghost town mall underrated

Little India has always been a place that is misunderstood - it is not so commonly frequented by many people. However, while taking a detour from a trip from Ukulele Movement, I found out the existence of The Verge and decided to explore it.

The first time I was there, it was almost empty, there was only a spacious departmental store with clothing seemingly catering to older men and women. The other shops in the place were also being set up - only the signboards were up, the shop fronts were still close to empty with a few stray chairs lying around.

Today, however, this mall has seen a transformation. Not only are there more stalls that are selling more interesting things such as little knick knacks that caught my attention the last time I went there. Despite that, this mall, even after renovation still seems like a ghost town. I feel that it is a little underrated and deserves a little bit more recognition. While it might not be a megamall, it is great for a leisurely stroll if you're down in from Little India.

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Fake flowers are fantastic in their place

When a place continues to be revamped, you now there are problems. The Verge/Tekka Malls are a case in point.

It used to have a great food court on the fourth floor of the main building. Now closed. There used to be the friendlies Subway in Singapore on the ground floor of the annexe. Closed. There were claims that this would rival Sim LIm Square. Never materialised.

Now it is partially occupied by things like training centres and schools, always a sign of going down hill fast...

This is a shame. It contains one floor which is fantastic. The top floor. Fake flowers and plants. Fake? The range of shops and their contents are truly stunning. It is worth it just to wander through these places. It puts the plastic decorations of many Marine Gardens by the Bay shops into proper perspective! This place I love.

The fourth floor that it. It is a shame about the rest.

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(Updated: January 31, 2013)

Ghost mall?

The Verge, well it really is the verge, or rather "on the verge" of shutting down for good. I remembered that when this place was still Tekka Mall, the only big stores in there were the Sheng Siong Supermart and one of the chain KTV outlets being its biggest tenants. With no crowd and nothing interesting, it was doomed from the start.

Then when it was re-advertised as the Verge, it was marketed as the next Sim Lim Square to bring a digital mall to the mass. I was pretty thrilled by that idea since I was a techie. But frankly, with such a successful Sim Lim Square just opposite, I doubt it would work.

And true enough, the Verge did not materialise as it advertised and the last time I went, I only remember seeing a food court at the upper levels, which was not occupied. There was NTUC or Sheng Siong at the basement which was doing good business since there were some base from the HDB opposite. There were also some smaller shops in the first 2 level and that was about it. Again, nothing came out of it. It really is a waste of time and resource to be there. Even the foreign workers dun frequent that place on weekends.

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I came for the Subway

And nothing else.

I was here with an ex-boyfriend some time back to collect pay from a nearby place. So we decided to take a walk down Little India. As it turns out, it was an atrocious decision and we ended up going to Tekka Mall (I apologize, I mean, The Verge) for shelter and food.

Not too bad a decision for the shelter, but food. There's nothing here that seems remotely pleasing. The stalls look tacky, the upper floors looks intimidating, the only thing here that looks alright is Subway so it gleamed like a forgotten beacon and we went for sandwiches.

I wouldn't come here again.

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Give it a miss

The revamped mall was supposed to house IT shops selling electronic stuff but now there's more furniture shops than anything else. The only place that drew the crowds is Sheng Siong Supermarket at the basement. I saw quite a number of maids doing their grocery shopping there.

It's a quiet place with nothing much to see and really, I would suggest giving this place a miss. Sim Lim Square nearby is a much much better option.

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clean spacious and quiet

The Verge is located at Little India, highly accessible by public transport and offers a cool respite from the heat on grocery-shopping trips to Tekka Market. It has been newly renovated and thus, most of the floors are rather empty. You can find a few shops selling contemporary Indian apparel, an ayurvedic clinic, some beauty and hair salons. The fourth floor has three giant florists/home decor shops that are pretty but too quiet. Only someone with too much time on hand would have ever explored the upper floors.

The place resembles a ghost town, especially if you happen to visit it on weekday mornings, a striking contrast with the ever-bustling streets of Little India.

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(Updated: August 11, 2012)

Quiet..way too quiet.

So, today I decided to go with my mother to this shopping mall called "The Verge". My Mom loves to do shopping at the Sheng Siong Supermarket there. We've been going there for our groceries for almost 5 years now, and when it was named 'Tekka Mall', it was filled with shoppers.

What I saw today though, was a little saddening. The mall's entrance was blocked by a construction site for the Downtown MRT Line. With less people noticing it, the less customers and shoppers there will be. Inside the mall, however, it was a much more delightful sight. Owners did not close their shops down because of poor business, which provided the small handful of shoppers convenience. Sadly, though, the 'Banquet' foodcourt on the 4th floor, which served great food, has ceased operations.

Overall ambience is okay - at least you feel like you're in a shopping mall and not an abandoned and run-down building. The cleanliness is fine, and they don't cut costs on maintenance too. I'm speaking only about the main building, because I haven't been to the other one, which is a part of The Verge but is called Chill @ The Verge.

The mall itself is just a 3-minute walk from Little India MRT (NE7), so do head down for some shopping!

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Sheng Siong and Old Chang Kee!
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