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People’s Park Complex Food Centre

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32 New Market Road Singapore 050032
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Listing created by lizzzie on July 16, 2012    
A low rise building in the heart of Chinatown with the famous People's Park Complex hawker centre and shops ranging from tea houses to apparel businesses.


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(Updated: January 08, 2014)

My Grandmother's spot

My Grandma loves to come to this place. It is a frequented place by my family as my grandmother loves to buy her shirts from People's Park Complex. Since the food centre is so convenient, more often than not, we would stop by and have lunch here instead.

Since my grandmother is a vegetarian, we usually eat our own meals while we enjoy some time where our entire family gets to know one another better. We talk and chat about many things - in Chinese of course. This place, though always crowded is filled with a mix of things and experiences just like our meals, have become a second home for us - it has become a place of eating and bonding.

The location of this place is less central, and I usually see more old people frequenting this place, but in the event that my grandmother passes on, I will miss this place; I will miss her.

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This food centre is big and has plenty of seating area but I find that it ranks low on the cleanliness scale. Their tables are usually dirty although free of used utensils, which slightly ruins my food experience there each time. Nevertheless, the wide variety of food stalls compensate for this little negative point.

I usually go for their prawn noodles and a cup of sugarcane juice. There are many stalls that sell sugarcane, so prices are kept low. The famous Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo Mee also calls People's Park food centre home and there is always a queue. However, their portions are small and personally, I find it overpriced.

After your meal, OG is just a short walk away if you feel like doing some shopping. Otherwise, head to this cute shop called Bunnies that sells little square-shaped buns in 6 pieces. Choose from many different flavours. The buns are soft and flavourful and extremely addictive. Many people buy these buns, but the ovens are always running so it is rare that they will run out. Perfect as a quick bite.

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This food centre is surprisingly airy and thus, being in it does not make me feel like making a hasty exit as soon as I am done with my food. Variety wise, this food centre offers a rather comprehensive range and one can find all sorts of local delights here.

My mother persuaded me to try the famous Yong Tau Foo stall and I was shocked that there was no option but ONE option at their stall. Needless to say, while the food was above average, I did not enjoy it a bit.

There is a duck/chicken noodle stall run by China men opposite the Yong Tau Foo that is not the least bit appetizing. The funny part was that they were so engrossed in their conversations that they nearly forgot that we hadn’t paid up.

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Welcome to China!

This hawker centre has much of a reminiscence to me as a child. It was a place we would visit weekly in the past and be soaked in the warm smiles of the local hawkers. Remembering the good old days where my mum would leave my sisters and myself to eat at the hawker centre while she go shop for textiles at the second level. A big plate of piping hot dumplings from Fong Ji stall would last us awhile before we 'jumped' table to get some Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo. Both stalls are still around today with the new challenge to battle strong competition from a piece of China. The front row of the hawker has since been dominated by the Chinese and has become quite a rowdy and boisterous stretch. The smell of the food is also overpowering the entire place. Not a place I like to visit anymore.

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More China now

If you had been to the food centre recently, you may have noticed that there were more stalls selling China food. Do not be mistaken, China food is quite different from local Chinese food. Our local Chinese food was brought here by our forefathers generations ago and had gone through many years of localisation.

The new Chinese must have come from different provinces from our forefathers because the food that they are eating is different from what we are used to eating. I had walked past a few of the stalls and never found the food appetising at all. In fact, if I am very honest, the food looked disgusting to me. The new Chinese food seem to go for quantity over quality, You will see large quantity of something I was not sure of cooked together in a few big pots. When customers buy the food, the hawker would scoop big scoops from the pots and served it together with big plates of rice. The size of the serving already turned me off.

I really hoped our local hawkers can stand the competitions from these foreign imports. This hawker centre used to serve the best local Chinese food, I do not want to see this place being taken over by the new Chinese food.

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Childhood yong tau foo

My family used to have a tradition of shopping at the OG at People's Park whenever there was a sale; there were so many things to buy each time and both my parents had VIP cards. After a day's worth of shopping, we always headed down to the hawker centre nearby for some Yong Tau Foo.

According to my dad, the Yong Tau Foo we ate is the traditional kind: we don't get to choose the kind of ingredients we want; instead every bowl of Yong Tau Foo is exactly the same. I don't know what makes it so special, but I'm pretty sure it's the only Yong Tau Foo stall I've ever seen with a queue. Being at the food centre brings back good memories of my childhood and I will keep going back for the awesome food!

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More good food to be found here than your regular hawker centre

For me, most hawker centers don’t differ that much in terms of the availability of good food. But I must say the sheer concentration of top quality national dishes at this hawker center makes it truly my favorite.

While you will spot a snaking line at a particular yong tau foo stall, I advise that you save the time and head for the steamed dumpling stall somewhere in the middle of the hawker center. With incredibly fragrant dumplings that have been traditionally prepared till this day. There really are few other places I’d head to after spending a long time away from Singapore.

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Nice food here if you don't mind the heat

My favorite stall at this hawker center has to be the Yong Tau Foo stall. It being one of the most traditional and long-living Yong Tau Foo stall around is relatively different from those you find at modern food courts or even other newer hawker centers now. There isn't a selection for you to choose but rather, comes in fixed sets. Despite the lack of choice, their Yong Tau Foo, being hand-made brings out a sense of freshness whenever I sink my teeth into one. The soup is boiled with the "yellow beans" (I'm not sure what they're called), bringing out a sweetness taste and I personally love to eat those beans as well for they're soft to the bite, after having being boiled in the soup for a long period.

On the other hand, I find People's Park Complex food center to be rather stuffy, especially at certain areas in front of stalls with massive stir-frying actions. The clearing up of plates can also be better improved though I'm not complaining for the price I'm paying for the food.

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Hungry? Go here!

This place is a food paradise. There are all sorts of local food available in this one place! I love this place for its authentic hawker feel and local delicacies!

The Xiao Long Bao is a must try at People's Park food centre! It is made by China nationals maybe that is why it tastes extra authentic. The soup inside the Xiao Long Bao is simply mouthwatering! The sweetness of the mince pork - which is the filling - can totally be appreciated just by sipping the soup! The generous amount of soup makes it all the more drool-worthy!

The fried dumpling is nice too! Though you might be expected to wait for quite a while. The skin is fried perfectly, not too hard, The filling - mince pork with vegetables - is generous too!

I love mince pork and vinegar hence this two dishes are not to be missed when I visit there!

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Food Paradise for me Since Child to Now !!

People's Park Complex Food Center, not only a place for meal-goers, but also for patrons to shop for mainly textiles and cultural products.

The Yong Tau Foo stall has always the longest queue among all stalls. It does not sell noodles and only the ingredients in the soup. However, personally, I still prefer the Pig Organ Soup. Since I was a kid, I always like the taste of its soup. It really brings out the originality of the soup even up till now ! I am certain, the stall in this food center is the one and only taste you can try in Singapore.

My 2nd in priority, is the Tao Ji Roasted Dark and Pork Rice. Unlike other common stalls in Singapore, it really brings out the juice of the dark when you chew on it. With the combination of chill sauce, it is really perfect. A must try for tourists ! However, its service can be abit rude as its boss and employees are mainly elderly. But no worries, they do not mean that way. So do not feel offended if they give ya the stern look.

The environment there can be hot and crowded during lunch times, so I would recommend meal-goers to take-away instead. The taste of the food will not be affectted. Overall, a 4 stars !!!

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