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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 07, 2012    

Beauty World Centre is a commercial property located in 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road in district D21. This commercial space is primarily used for Office rental and sale. This Office space is 0.11 km away from Beauty World MRT Station (U/C 2015).

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Plus and minus

I used to come here on a regular weekly basis for about one and a half years for tuition, twice a week. In a mall that looks like it doesn't belong in our present time, Beauty World centre is an aged building who had its heydays in the past. The once vibrant shopping centre is now filled up mostly with tuitions centres, interior design shops and luggage shops. I go to Aspire Hub, which is located on the third floor.

Having a Macdonalds outlet there is extremely convenient because other foods are not easily available at this place at all times of the day. However, it is notable that the Oishi bread shop in the fourth level is quite nice too. Having patronized them for mid-class snacks, I have to say that the bread there is affordable and satisfying.

Also, the hawker centre located on the fourth floor is often filled with people, which can only suggest its popularity with the locals in the vicinity. I had the well-known Xiao long bao there once, and finally understood all the rage about it. It is one of the cheapest and tastiest Xiao long bald I've had in Singapore.

In all, although Beuaty world might be a run downed building, with less than acceptable toilets, it is a good place to go to once in awhile, especially for meals!

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I used to go to Beauty World Centre for piano lessons at Cristofori, and Grassland, the stationery store, was where I spent most of my primary school pocket money.

If you take a short walk out the side, you'll find Ah Hua, a lovely traditional craft store where there are all sorts of beads, ribbons, buttons, and the like. Even inside BWC itself, there's an art store where you can find similar materials like suede strips and sequins.

Both the flowers and the florists at Prince's are sweet and worth the time. The stores, though not so pleasing to the eye, do hold some good deals, especially CDs, if you stop to look.

If you ask me, Beauty World certainly wouldn't be where I'd choose to spend my day. It surely doesn't cater to everyone, but it isn't a complete write-off either.

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Cannot understand how they survive

I was at this mall quite a lot when I was younger. My mother used to bring us there to buy our clothings. At that time, we were staying at Bedok and had to travel all the way to this place, so that said something about its popularity at that time.

Recently, I went back to the mall and cannot recall anything from my childhood visits. The mall looked so old from the outside that one may have thought the mall was no longer open for business. There was also not one shop in the mall that could be considered an anchor tenant. Most shopping malls now have a few anchor tenants, these will be the shop that will help to draw the shoppers to the mall.

Based on my last visit there, I was surprised that the mall can still survive. There must be more shop keepers than shoppers in the whole mall. May be it is time for this mall to be like Ten Miles Junction, to do a total face lift.

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Nooo, not THAT malll!

"Nooooo, not THAT mall again!"

That was what i used to tell my parents whenever they suggested spending a weekend evening there. For me then and now, it is totally boring with nothing trendy or interesting to fascinate me, not even their food. It's practically empty at night with all the shops closed. Perhaps the construction of the MRT tracks worsen the mall's business.But well, i certainly wasn't pleased to spend another boring night again.

My parents liked there for its calmness and serenity, there was no hustle and bustle no pushing, nothing. Just old, simple, nostalgia and quietness. They told me that in the past, this mall was like our "Orchard Road", where they often frequented to do some shopping, THE place to go last time. As for now...let's wait till they do a revamp.

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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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Just another old mall

I don't really feel comfortable when I'm at Beauty World Centre as this is a place where youngsters who love playing lan and pool hang around. I don't really have a good impression of these typical so-called 'ahbengs'. Other than lan and pool shops, Beauty World Centre is just a mixture of random food stalls, travel agencies and maid agencies.

There is nothing interesting there and thus, there's really no reason why one should visit Beauty World unless you're there for a game with your friends.

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A random mix of stores

It is a pretty strange shopping centre that houses a variety of tenants. From pushcarts selling apparel to electronic shops to beauty care spas, it does not really have one major selling point. There is however, a MacDonalds near the entrance which often sees many students studying there.

It is rather dark indoors and at night it can seem a bit shady. I tend to avoid that area at night as people like to hang around the stairs drinking beer. I usually go there to use the POSB atm whenever I'm in that area.

I think that one would only visit this shopping centre if you had a specific product or service you needed to buy, otherwise you would not be missing out if you did not stop by.

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A nice place to study in

But that's about it.

I have come to realize that most shopping centers are saved by the grace of McDonald's. Say what you want about this unhealthy giant but this place brings a mall back to life again.

Beauty World was just a place near my usual billiard spot and that's all I'll ever remember it for, if not for the Mac's. I grew to like studying there and would often order a pack of fries then spend the rest of the day trying to figure out my engineering notes.

There is a billiard place on the top floor but it's constantly filled with teenagers of the worst kind so stay away and go to Mambo, just a walking distance away. The clothes here are nothing too much so don't expect the world.

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(Updated: July 08, 2012)

Don't disregard its inner beauty!

Despite the run-down and backdated façade, unlike other shopping malls, the business and the crowd in the MacDonald’s outlet is a reminder that Beauty World is still a place of interactive human-life. The fact that it has an outdoor setting gives one options to take in the fresh air outside.

I have been to Beauty World several times (3-4 times a year) and each time I go there, I never fail to spot the SALE tag in most of the shops. The ones spotting brightly colored signs include shops selling clothes, bags and books. The shopkeepers/salespeople are very active and alert too. The minute you walk past their shop, they would be out inviting you to come in take a look, convincing you of their good discounts and how they suit your needs. Personally, it is awkward as such similar shops are usually very near to each other and I would feel bad rejecting either one of them on that spot. Still as a customer, you could reject courteously anytime.

For those who love flowers, there is a flower stall at level 2, manned by an uncle and an auntie. They really have many types of flowers, from plastic ones to silky ones which are attractive for decorations. If you’re planning to buy a real plant, rest assured as the florist would expertly tell you how to maintain that specific plant, such as the environment it needs to be exposed to, the number of times to water it, as well as the type of soil you would need. Otherwise, you could simply grab the fake-flowers for 3 for $10, a very cheap bargain for most of us.

In short, there beauty world still has its ‘inner beauty’ to count on!

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

Not for everyone

There are mainly 2 reasons why I visit Beauty World Centre. Sure, most of you might say that it's an old,run down and unattractive shopping mall. In spite of this, there are several stores that shine.

Many patrons come for the Char Kway Teow (so do I). Located at level 4, it only costs S$2.50. For extra cockles, an addition of S$0.50. It's moist but not overly greasy. The cockles are fresh and large. Best of all, it's served in a generous portion. It's quite unhealthy but hey, life is short. It's alright to enjoy it once in a while.

Secondly, the bookstore! It deals with adult, teenage fiction and second hand books. I also noticed some old copies of National Geographic. The thing is it's best to buy rather than sell your unwanted books. I sold mine for only $$5. Despite that it's new and in a mint condition. Thankfully, they have a huge range of books, which makes it all better. Most books are cheaper by S$3-S$4 compared to POPULAR and other major bookstores. Sure, it's used, but they're pretty new. No torn covers or pages.

Back to the mall, there are some fallbacks. The department store sells outdated and unappealing apparels. The toilets are old and dirty. Oddly enough, they don't smell. I guess the cleaners use a lot of air fresheners.

Other than that, there's also MacDonald's, Watsons, shop n save and a scrapbooking shop. The rest are mainly renovation, agency and enrichment centres.

This is not for everyone. You have been warned.

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Best Part:
Char Kway Teow
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