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VivoCity is the mall located in Singapore's Harbourfront district. It features wide, open spaces for waterfront relaxation and entertainment, and a full calendar of festivals and events that draw both local and foreign visitors. It is the largest shopping centre in Singapore.

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Nice shops, but confusing layout

Really loved the type of shops there! Burned a hole in my wallet though! The layout is pretty confusing as vivocity is really huge, but i really love the atmosphere there, and the ceilings are really high and pretty.

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Best Rooftop Garden

I think the best part about Vivocity is the rooftop garden. Actually, I don't know if it's called a rooftop garden but it's beautiful. It's a perfect place if you just want to chill out with your friend. Just take any random corner, and you can have your small gathering there.

Apart from that, the shops in Vivocity aren't that outstanding. You can find them in Orchard as well. Vivo is also seriously HUGE and finding a specific store would take lots of time, unless you frequent that place. It's super complicated to navigate yourself in Vivo, I remember when it first opened people couldn't find the toilet.

I like how Vivo is also linked to Sentosa and you can access the monorail from there. It makes things convenient for all.

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Jam-packed but that's because it's good!

Vivo, though it's so far from where I live and I have to wake up early just so I can avoid the afternoon rush, is one of my favourite places to shop. It feels like they have everything. There are some shops that I certainly can't dream of buying anything from but there are tons of other shops to do shopping at. It really caters to both working adults and students, I feel.

The design of the mall can be confusing at times but I don't think much can be done about it since there are just so many shops. It feels like a maze to explore, really. They have an array of food stores from fast-food joints to high-class restaurants to pick from. And I love how it's so close to Sentosa. Basically, Vivo is the place to go when you're looking to treat yourself with a shopping spree.

Though, the crowd is a giant turn-off. Sometimes I even find myself brushing shoulders and bumping into others because that's how crowded Vivo can get. But I can see why Vivo would be crowded, it's a great place to shop, after all.

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crowded, but definitely worth the hype

I usually have a rather pleasant experience with vivo city due to its diversity as a mall. It has anything that anyone could possibly need. I personally enjoy the fact that larger clothing stores such as H&M, forever 21, pull & bear, topshop and zara can conveniently be found in a singular mall. In contrast to orchard road where all these shops are littered along a larger stretch of road, this makes shopping a whole lot easier and gives my feet the relief of not having to walk 4 miles.

The lack food is not much of a concern when it comes to vivo city, they have a wide range of foods that everyone can enjoy. I personally enjoy eating at the nyonya baba cuisine on days that my wallet’s a little filled. Its a decadent peranakan restaurant that serves delicious savory food. My favourite is probably the bak kut teh. it is, basically, pork ribs simmered in a mouth watering blend of herb and spice-filled broth. The pork is well cooked giving it a slightly chewy texture that soaks in the flavor from the broth, creating an incredible ensemble in your mouth.

Despite all its positive features, vivocity tends to get a little crowded on weekends, sometimes making it hard to even get through to the other side. Naturally, the queues for most places string into a maddening length. However, if you’re able to overlook the crowd, vivocity does make a great mall.

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(Updated: November 29, 2013)

Huge mall

One word to describe Vivocity is: huge! The mall is very expansive, and it is quite easy to get lost in this mammoth of a shopping mall. Thankfully, the mall is very smartly arranged into sections, and this makes it easier to get around.

My favourite store in this mall is the National Geographic store, and I remember once spending almost an hour in there. Too bad it shut down. There is also a huge cinema here, with one theatre that is much bigger than the conventional theatre(GVMax). I frequent Vivocity for its large collection of shops, and also its cinema.

One thing I am not quite happy about is the insanely expensive food court that exists upstairs. The meals there are typically above 5 dollars, so please avoid the foodcourt.

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Nat Geo store, huge theatre
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All You Need In 1 Place

Vivocity has everything you need in one mall and easy access to Sentosa via the monorail on the top level. However, with such a big area to cover and number of retail outlets located in one place, shoppers may feel that it is a hassle to traverse the whole mall. Being young has that advantage for me as I'm able to cover the whole mall with relative ease. With that being said, I'm glad that Vivocity offers convenience with the variety of outlets.

Firstly, one would be spoilt for choice when shopping for clothes, with Levi's, Uniqlo, Topshop/Topman, Zara and many other retailers being located in Vivocity. I would be hard pressed to find this many retailers under one roof in other malls.

Secondly, even choosing where to eat becomes a problem with the number of restaurants and cafes there. Fancy knocking back a few beers and German sausages with your mates? Brotzeit covers that. Fast food your thing? Carl's Jr and McDonald's are available as well. With the choices you get, taking 15 minutes just to decide where to eat isn't surprising when you're here.

Lastly, Vivocity is not short on entertainment options albeit for different reasons. There is a Golden Village cinema complex for the movie buffs and with Sentosa and St James' Power Station a stone's throw away, I feel that Vivocity has everything under one roof.

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Amount of retail outlets
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Vivi vivo!

I could never really understand why a huge mall would work here at Harbourfront. It is not in the centre of any major residential area. Sure, it is the terminus of two MRT lines, but, for reasons that escape me, it is always packed. Maybe it all the tourists looking for somewhere cool after baking on Sentosa, but that doesn't hod true. There is more air con on Sentosa than there is forest cover.

I am not a mall man, but Vivocity is one of my favourites.

As I have said elsewhere, the first thing abut shopping centres that should be considered is: how easy are they to navigate. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being easiest), I'd give Vivocity an 8. It's not perfect, but then, when a place is as big as this, there are bound to be problems finding your way round. I have had difficulty, for example, trying to find my way out and on to the walkway to Sentosa.

Its size makes even getting to the MRT a challenge. It is 300 metres long, which means that a shopping jaunt on each floor will serve as far better exercise than an hour on a treadmill. But there is something about the place that makes it a fun mall. Maybe it is the view from the restaurants on the roof, overlooking Sentosa. OK, the view is spoiled by the uninspiring integrated resort, but once the sun sets and the lights light up, it touches on the magical.

Vivocity is definitely one of Singapore's largest malls, if not the largest. And that does not include the terminal building next door which is staid and proper and hardly exciting. Vivocity somehow feels exciting. It is not the weird pancakes plastered over the exterior: it is something to do with the internal pedestrian/shopper flow and overall design.

Maybe it is the roof? The roof that gets to me, particularly in the evening with its water features, playground and splashing areas for kids, ampitheatre, great eating places, including one of Singapore's best food courts (in my view) and gardens.

Destination shops? Hey, that is asking too much. Malls in Singapore exist to contain shops. Malls in Singapore are filled with the same shops. is there any destination shop anywhere that sets the place apart from the thousands of other ins Singapore?

Not really, but then that is what you can say of that criteria for all malls (except Katong Shopping Centre, Beautyworld and a few other more ancient, dilapidated and depressing places where the main business is selling maids!).

So a SIngaporean mall stands out for reasons of entertainment, design and general ease of shopping. In that sense, this is one of the best. In itself it is a destination, and when the sun beats down and fries us all, here is a place you can go and enjoy yourself in the cool. Maybe even buy something... apart from laksa.

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Fun for children

VivoCity has a playground at Level 2. This is the place that my children can play for free. Occasionally, VivoCity will also set up rides besides the fountain at Level 1. This will be the place for children to have fun for a place.

Another fun place for children will be Toy R Us. This is one of the bigger branch of Toy R Us in Sinagpore. Children will like seeing the different toys even if their parents cannot buy all the toys for them.

My children also like to visit Smiggles. From what they told me, it is cool to have some stationery from this shop. This shopping mall also have a lot of selections for food so after shopping, you can easily find your food of choice to have a meal.

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Feels like Home

Vivo is probably one of the biggest shopping malls that I frequently visit. It's a true-blue Singaporean shopping experience, but something unique to this big-mall that I don't get in other megamalls along Orchard is that homely, Singaporean feeling. It's spacious and a sweet place to hang out with friends or family, or even bring that special someone to enjoy the night sights along the harbour.

Vivo is well stocked with foodie places, apparel and clothing, supermarts and quirky shops, and a gorgeous cinema to serve all your movie-going needs. What makes it stand out is the enormous rooftop space left open till the wee hours of the night for you to use, peruse and abuse (if you so wish to). It's a remarkably Singaporean place for a mall so modern.

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Shop like never before!

When it officially opened, i went there shopping consecutively for a few weeks! They have everything there, from food, to retail to entertainment, which can attract both the young, middle aged, or the old.

They do carry some rather high class brands which if one cannot bear to spend, can just window shop. The atrium is also great for seasonal activities. Previously when i was there, there was a runway show there which attracted many. Their garden overlooking the sea is also a great place to just chill with your partner and take in the breathtaking view.

One thing though that the place is rather big, one may get lost finding their way through.

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