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Listing created by Jane on June 19, 2012    

Raffles City positions itself as a contemporary and fashion-forward mall; constantly evolving to stay relevant to consumers' needs through the years. Buzzing with convenience and extensive offerings from exciting new fashion tenants, enhanced food and beverage (F&B) choices at Basement 1 to beauty-on-the-go at the Basement 2 Link way, there is definitely something for everyone at Raffles City.

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Labels and food

When it comes to Raffles City, two things spring immediately to mind - branded apparels and food.

I'm not really a consumer of branded goods, but those who have the means to buy such stuff would enjoy shopping in Raffles City. It offers almost three full floors of luxury shops and branded goods.

Personally, what I like about Raffles City is the great variety of food at the basement level. You name it, they have it - Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Western, Chinese, German... My mouth starts watering just thinking about that place.

When you're there, be sure to visit the Marche Bar & Bistro for great beer, pizza and nutella crepes!

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Marketplace is worth a visit!

Location-wise, I think it's safe to say that Raffles City has arguably the best location for a shopping mall.

I usually head there when I'm in City Hall and waiting for a friend. I find that because of the brand names there, items tend to be quite expensive. Most of the time I head to the basement and walk around Marketplace. I love walking through there, as they have all the higher quality foodstuff that NTUC and Cold Storage do not have. From fine cuts of meat to imported chocolate, Marketplace has it all.

For food, I will usually head to Potato Depot or J Co Donuts to grab something light, although I do want to try more of the restaurants that are housed in the basement there. All in all, definitely worth a walk through.

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(Updated: November 04, 2012)

'Branded' mall

A mall located right smack in a famed tourist locale, and near the CBD area? Be prepared for a smattering of luxury labels and restaurant-level food to be paraded around you. I have nothing against lux - I love Paragon, but there just seems something too commercial about Raffles City.

Perhaps it's the layout of the shopping centre, but it seems as if you are walking through a place where the only interest they have in you are the contents of your wallet. Or maybe their staff just comes off as a tad too snobbish, especially if you are dressed slightly down.

With that being said, you can find quite the selection here. However, I still prefer shopping in Paragon.

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A mall worth exploring through.

I like coming to Raffles City for various reasons, although the only thing that stops me is the location. To get to the place for me by MRT is pretty long, and sometimes I am too bored to even consider. However, whenever I am there, I look forward to good eats and a good shopping time if I am going to shop.

Raffles City has a wide variety of food places such as restaurants, cafes, and fast food eateries. At the basement level alone, you can be spoilt for choice as you walk around thinking about what to eat! If you are not looking for a meal but a snack or drink, they have A LOT of takeaway stands like Chewy Junior and the ever popular Gong Cha.

Apart from food, Raffles City also provides a wide range of apparel stores like Topman, Timberland and La Coste, and other shops that sell consumer product. With so many kinds of stores in a single mall, Raffles City is no doubt a mall that accommodates to the needs of true shoppers.

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The basement alone would suffice

The basement at Raffles City not only houses restaurants but also shops like CD shops, Paper Market where you can actually do some shopping. The variety of eateries there range from snacks to fast food to restaurant type of food. There's even a food court called the MarketPlace. It's almost always crowded all the time.

But above the basement, human traffic is quite low. Most of the lots are taken up by luxury brands. What I like about this place is the high ceiling and the general cleanliness.

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A lot of walking

Never liked Raffles Place.

The place is very oddly designed. Too much walking space and too little human traffic actually interested in the stores. Granted, they have some big brands and it's an exciting variety, but thinking about the long stretches usually leaves me choosing Vivo instead.

I'd usually end up at their Starbucks resting my heel-strained feet instead of fully enjoying my shopping experience and complaining to my friends about how they should build upwards instead of sidewards. The most putting-off part is the people rushing around you trying to get to this destination. Kills the mood for shopping.

I'd rather just chill at the Starbucks.

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Shopping & Food paradise

Since its renovation 1-2 years back, Raffles City Shopping Centre has almost became a food paradise, at least for the working crowd. It became a perfect place for weekday dinners with friends. For the benefit of foreigners, do note that Raffles City Shopping Centre is not located at Raffles Place MRT. Alight at City Hall MRT instead.

Despite the crowd at Raffles City, I enjoy the spaciousness and cleanliness of this mall. At the basement level, it comprises of many restaurants (at least 20) and small take-away counters for yoghurt, sandwiches, salads, etc. There is bound to be something for everyone. If you find the restaurants too expensive, fret not. There is also a food court located at the highest level. If the variety at the food court is not to your liking, you have another alternative – fast food! From Macdonalds to MOS Burger to Burger King to Subway, you choose.

Raffles City is considered one of the middle to high end shopping malls in Singapore, comparable to places like Scoots Square and Ngee Ann City at the streets of orchard road, etc. Some of their higher end boutiques include Bally, Kate Spade, Shanghai Tang, Agnes B. For the working crowd, I would say, Raffles City is good place to purchase your clothes. Shops such as GG 5, Mphosis, Blum & CO, Esprit, Robinson departmental store is a go-to for the white collars!

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One of my favorite malls in Singapore!

Besides Ion Orchard, I LOVE shopping at Raffles City. How could I not? The moment I step out of the MRT and take the escalator up to the mall, Starbucks greets me.

There, I can read a book, grab some blueberry cheesecake and a vanilla frappe to recharge my batteries for an intense day of shopping. Shortly after, Accessorize will greet you, housing an array of bags, swimwear, shoes, accessories and stationary for sale. The beauty department of Robinsons greets you as Chanel front runs the section. A MAC make-up store is right next door for you beauty queens to purchase your make-up goodies.

Tired of your heels and in desperate need for a new pair? Steve Madden, Guess Shoes and Aldo are here to fulfill your shoe fantasies. In need of a new leather bag? Try Kate Spade just around the corner from Steve Madden. Or perhaps you are hankering for a new diamond bracelet. Fret not, Swarovski Crystals is just a stepping stone away!

Guys, do not be disappointed, there is a Timberland store for you to purchase your hardy boots and denim wear. What if you are feeling somewhat oriental? Shanghai Tang is ready for you to enter and purchase some delicate silk scarves or branded polo tees.

Tired after a day's worth of shopping? Grab a local meal of chicken rice or fish noodles from the food court at level three, or if you're feeling more adventurous, you are spoilt for choice below at the basement.

To sum it all up, Raffles City has a favorable thumbs up!

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Avoid the crowds if you can

Crowd, crowd, crowd. Like many other major shopping centre in Singapore, Raffles City suffers from an overcrowding problem during peak hours (evenings and weekends). During these times, it is always hard to find a place to eat in the basement that doesn’t have a queue. It doesn’t help that the quality of restaurants here is reliably good, with brands like Din Tai Fung and Skinny Pizza. There are also plenty of small bites you can buy home. My personal favourites are Chewy Junior’s, well, chewy cream puffs.

Don’t get me wrong – Raffles City is still a wonderful place to shop because it is chock full of all the top brands. If you go there during non-peak hours, you will surely have a pleasant shopping experience.

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Convenient for everyone

Raffles City can be considered a s one of the big-time shopping centers that have a belt of shops dealing with, both domestic and international luxury goods.

Various clothes boutiques include G2000, Topman/ top shop, Dorothy Perkins and British India. Although they might be normally expensive, there are occasional discounts that you might want to look out for. I recall for Topman, cotton shirts were going on at price of 3 for $36, while if you buy 2 jacket that is priced at $66 each; you could get a 20% discount off in total. So do take advantage of the great Singapore sale!

Shopping aside, one unique thing about the raffles city shopping mall is that they have dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims to pray, at level 2. Simply look out for an alley where there is a huge space and you could see from afar the men’s and the women’s room. Taking your ablution is easy as the toilets are nearby for you to get access to water. Each room also has slippers ready for anyone’s use so you could simply leave your shoes there and then proceed to the toilet.

Food wise, there is a food court that caters to everyone, with decent food standards. Or you could go the basement for takeaways from food outlets like Mr Bean or Yoghurt shops alike. Shopping here is really made easy for everyone.

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