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Listing created by Jane on June 07, 2012    

Located just at Novena MRT Station and nestled in the heart of the bustling Novena Shopping and office hub, Square 2 is a shopping paradise with over 200 specialty shops and food outlets from Basement up to Level 4.

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Quiet mall, great ambience.

Ever since Novena upgraded their malls and let the sports mall Velocity shake the vicinity of Novena, the building Square 2 seems to have been forgotten. While square 2 was built only after Velocity was built, most of the time, the crowd lingers at velocity more. Square 2 is usually sparsely visited even though it has a connection of a glass door from Velocity to Square 2.

However, despite the lack of people, this mall is one of my favourite outlets to be in. With Singapore getting so densely populated, it's hard to find a mall that isn't crowded now. This place, is a gem, from the aspect that it lets me patronise stalls while not having to worry about jostling with a crowd. Not only can I take a short break at a dim sum restaurant, I could also choose to do my work while enjoying a healthy meal at Quiznos. However, the shops are sparse and seem to sell similar things that hardly peak my interest - it seems that the food outlets here are much more interesting than the apparel shops.

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Do Anything!

I actually really like Square2 because it has really good options for shopping, both for casual and for work. There is one particular shop, Ginger, where you can sometimes find blogshop clothings for a fraction of the price.

This mall also offers a wide range of eating places, both café and restaurants. For lighter snacks you could have fried dough sticks or for a fuller meal, grab a set from Donut Factory’s café!

After your meal, you can go grocery shopping at Japan Home or NTUC. Hence I would say that Square2 really offers you many options for the same activities, depending on your preferences.

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Just another shopping centre

There are so many shopping centres in Singapore, this has clearly got to do with one of the favourite past times of Singaporeans which is shopping. Square 2 does not stand out from the many other shopping centres in Singapore. In fact if I were to compare, I would say that I prefer many others to square 2. Square 2 feels rather claustrophobic at times with shops being placed rather closely together and narrow alleyways.

The only reason I visit square 2 is to kill time if I had a doctor's appointment in the neighbouring medical centres or when I am visiting someone at TTSH.

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Dinner after Hide-and-seek

This is one quiet building where shops are small and closely situated. More of a place for meals as there are many restaurants, cafes and eating corners here. The building is built in a very funny way where some shops are like 'hidden' in corners. Unless you know the directory of shops, you might get lost in the building's weird structure. I didn't know there was a foodcourt until recently when I chanced upon it on my way to Fairprice supermarket ( yes there is actually a Supermarket) at level 4.

Square 2 is usually very quiet and peaceful except during the usual peak hours. There is this frequent K-pop singing contest every now and then, held at the centre podium of the mall over weekends and I like it as it's like free entertainment. Overall, come here only if you are searching for food. Shopping wise, don't bother.

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Too confusing

Square 2 is just besides Velocity and whenever I was around the area, I would ask my friends where were we. I totally cannot tell which mall I was in as both the malls were equally messy in their layout. To make it simple, Square 2 is opposite TTSH and Velocity is opposite IRAS so whenever you are lost, take a look outside and see which building is nearer to you.

The layout of the mall made some of the shops hidden from the casual shoppers. It was easy to miss out one whole row of shops because you did not follow a narrow corridor. It was only after a visits that I was sure how to get to the food court. I was more familiar with the level 1 shop like Old Town White Coffee and Popeye. Those shops were at the edge of the mall and you did not need to navigate a maze to reach these shops.

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If you are looking for a mall to shop without spending most of your time searching for the right corners to turn or simply not losing your way somehow, I recommend you to no visit Square 2.

Although it is described as a 'shopping paradise' credit to the 'over 200 specialty shops and food outlets from Basement up to Level 4' it has, shopping at Square 2 was not a pleasant experience for me. Upon the first glance at the shops upstairs while I stood at the atrium, I was puzzled how there were 200 shops.

Eventually I realised the mall was structured in a way that there were shops behind shops, corridors after corridors. If you are not exactly streets-smart - like how I am - you would probably walking in squares (not circles, in this mall!).

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Korean Paradise

I love almost everything Korean so I'm a frequent shopper at Square2. Great place for consuming authentic Korean food especially the Korean BBQ meat and the Bibimbap. Other than food, there are a few Korean salons in the mall, my favourite is Neolive, where I had my first Korean volume perm. I love it because I feel myself becoming more Korean-like and the perm is not what you normally get in our local hair salons!

Furthermore, other than selling Korean items, there are several boutiques in the mall. There are small shops selling their own personal designed clothing and my mum especially likes Tanpopo's House where it sells very unique designed dresses.

Moreover, the redemption prizes in Square 2 are way better than any other shopping malls in Singapore. The lucky draw is sure win. Depending on the amount you spent, you'll get a much more worthy redemption prize. Once, we redeemed a set of skincare products from Skin Food. Compared to other shopping malls, their lucky draws are not sure win, and even if you win, you'll probably get a packet of tissue paper!

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Neolive and Tanpopo's House
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All about Korean.

I always associate Square 2 shopping mall with K pop and all other stuffs that are Korean- related. Square is located just one level above Novena MRT, and conveniently settled next to Novena Square, so if you are shopping at Nivena Square, you can walk all the way in to Square 2 as well. 

The concept of shops in Square 2 can be rather confusing. There are many small shops at the small alley along the Square 2 and they could be 'hidden' as well if you could not find the right way to walk into. On the first level, there is quite a huge hall that is multi functional, it can be used for show performance and sometimes it is used as the stage where the fans can have  meet-and-greet session with their favorite actors. On some other days, many product sales going on here. 

Going up to level 2 and 3, there are some hair saloons; in which 2 saloons adopt Korean style. There is also a small Korean Walmart where you could buy any Korean products from here. Korean Restaurants are available here. Several fashion shops are opened here but there are not much crowd drawn in to buy any apparels here. 

At the top level, there is NTUC Fairprice where the residents staying nearby could conveniently shop for their necessities. 
The drawback of this mall is that it is just too small and the customers might be oblivious of the existence of some shops. 

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Before the whole k-pop, k-drama craze, the mall was very quiet and did not draw much attention to many people around. Square 2 is somewhat of a korean mall because it has alot of korean-ish items, like korean food, korean supermarket and also many products that have been imported from there. It is located at Novena MRT, although just a little distance from velocity it is not as popular as it is relatively smaller and less hyped-up.

When the mall had lesser people, it was a very pleasant area to study because the cafes and restaurants are usually very clean and quiet. Also there are enough food choices around and it is very convenient, so it is really an ideal study location. Hidden from the sight of many, there are many restaurants at the upper levels, and also many authentic korean restaurants and supermarkets. The structure of the mall might be a little confusing for the first time visitors though because there are alot of small corners and majority of the shops in the mall are smaller shops, hence it might be very packed with the variety such that it makes it difficult to navigate around.

Today, the mall is becoming increasingly more popular and there are more restaurants that are coming into the mall. It is somewhat one of the upcoming mall thanks to the recent korean craze.

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