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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

Tiong Bahru Plaza offers a unique urban experience while being part of the city downtown area. The mall is constantly re-inventing itself to present new and exciting offerings to its shoppers. There are a total of 165 shops available for you and your family. The motto of Tiong Bahru Plaza is to be a 'Mall for Every Generation’ which aims to better cater to the changing needs of its shoppers and for the next generation.

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Don't get your hopes up

Really an average mall, it has sufficient facilities to cater to residents of Tiong Bahru. Be it food joints or shops to get your necessities from, it is mostly available. Yet, it generally has not undergone any major expansions for many years.

For one thing, the mall’s overall layout is quite stifling, whereby the walkways are narrow alongside the shops. The NTUC, compared to other outlets is quite small- hence its availability of stocks would naturally be limited. Of course, as for the basement, I acknowledge the mini revamp is a plus point for the mall- there are more eateries built (such as Chewy Junior and Umi Sushi) to add on to the existing mix of food courts and restaurants.

In addition there are also food stalls that are clustered together (the ones that are accessible from the outside of the mall). While they give more options for customers, the heavy smell collected from all the food can really get you down and stick to your clothes-which can really make you feel uncomfortable. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are simply heading home after buying the food.

The cinema which is a Golden Village branch is quite well maintained be it in its cleanliness or its quality in the screening and having a clear sound system. It gives a pleasant movie experience for the movie-goers.

In summary, Tiong Bahru Plaza is just your ordinary mall- so don’t expect too much from it.

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Tiong Bahru Plaza (TBP) is your typical heartland mall... Old and rather bare but thankfully with a range of popular (or rather, ubiquitous) restaurants as its saving grace. Its toilets are rather filthy and pungent and the complex hints of the need to be renovated. That said, that might also be a unique point about TBP which seems to preserve a raw and/or nostalgic quality of being wedged between old-school and modern.

Personally, I have been to Tiong Bahru Plaza for only three things - Mos Burger, Ajisen Ramen and MacDonalds which, like the other F&B outlets at TBP, are clean and modern. Shopping is rather drab in my opinion. There are local shops retailing over-priced tacky-looking clothes.

Tiong Bahru Plaza seems to be a mall that primarily serves the interests of residents and office people around the area with stores meeting basic necessities. I do not think anyone would want to ditch town to spend their weekend at TBP unless it is to procure a good movie slot and seats at TBP's cinemas.

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very small suburban mall with basic shops

Tiong Bahru Plaza is a small suburban mall that houses everything from shopping and food to entertainment.

There are few varieties for shopping and eating, but it sufficiently serves the needs of the nearby residents. When I used to study within the area, Tiong Bahru Plaza was never one of my first choices for lunch, apart from the fast food restaurants since there is cheaper hawker food nearby. It was a good place to spend time with my friends though, watching movies at the cinema or playing games at the arcade during the short breaks.

Although the mall is small, there is sufficient walking space along the aisle. It is most crowded during the mornings and lunch period, with a great influx of students and working adults. Do not expect much from Tiong Bahru Plaza as its size limits the number of stores that can be built in the mall. But, the basic necessities and groceries can be bought from various stores, including Wastons and NTUC.

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Small and cosy

Tiong Bahru Plaza is small and cosy, yet it contains all the fast food joints, shops and entertainment that you would look for. Located at the heartlands of Tiong Bahru right beside the MRT station, it is easily accessible and a regular one stop shopping centre for all residents who live near or at Tiong Bahru.

Sporting many fast food restaurants like Mcdonalds, Burger king and more, it is a favourite hangout place also for students to gather and have their meals after school. What i really liked about Tiong Bahru Plaza is its cinema located right at the top. It’s one place along the green line to go to for a movie without travelling all the way to town. Many shops are available at Tiong Bahry Plaza as well to satisfy your craving to shop.

However, because of its small size and plain layout, residents may find Tiong Bahru Plaza a really boring place as sometime. But for me, i like how it looks cosy and how it gives me a comfortable “at home” feel whenever i drop by Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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(Updated: May 21, 2012)

Average Mall

Tiong Bahru plaza may not be as exquisite as those which are located at Orchard for it is a pretty small mall which caters to families.

Tiong Bahru plaza has a huge range of different food outlet such as sakae sushi, toast box, LJS etc and most of the food outlets are located at the basement! Trust me, you would be definitely spoilt for choice. However, apart of from food, Tiong Bahru does not have much clothe or accessories stores. Nonetheless, I would consider it as a shopping mall which has at least one of every different kind of categories. For example, there is an arcade, a family store (Tom & Stefanie), John little, party & gift store (SKP), electronic store (challenger) etc. All in all, it has almost everything that you can name it!

What i like about this mall is that it is linked to the MRT station. It is really convenient and accessible. However, I wouldnt suggest Tiong Bahru Plaza to be a shopping mall where you can do all your clothes shopping. It would be more of a place for you to have your stroll, do your grocery shopping, have a delightful meal, catch a random movie or even have a nice family bonding time!

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Small family mall

I used to live at Tiong Bahru area and the mall I frequented after school or over the weekends with my parents was Tiong Bahru Plaza. This mall has not many shopping outlets, but rather, it is more of a family mall. This is because, there are many food outlets, Popular, Bata and NTUC.

This is a small mall that is also populated by students after school. After school, I used to grab a bubble tea from Sweet Talk, and a snack from Old Chang Kee. Over the years, many more food outlets opened like The Soup Spoon and more. I like that there is also a Golden Village Cineplex there which is always very empty so one can always go there if there is a new movie out and wish to beat the crowd.

When I was still schooling nearby there, I used to frequent the Kopitiam to eat the ban mian. It used to be one of the better ban mian. However, the standard has already dropped.

I guess this is one mall I have many memories at and will go back once in a while as my friends also stay nearby. It is a relatively peaceful mall.

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great mall!

Tiong Bahru Plaza is a mall designated for all ages. It has many varieties of shops such as arcade, gift shops, restaurants, and cinema and so on.

Usually in the afternoon, Tiong Bahru Plaza would be packed with people. The whole Tiong Bahru Plaza pretty crowded at that time. Nevertheless, it is still an ideal place for people to shop at.

Tiong Bahru Plaza has many well-known restaurants which is quite popular among people, such as the “BBQ Chicken” and “Korean Restaurant”. To add on, it has a space located at basement which sells food, mostly. At the basement you could see shops like, “umi sushi”, “crystal jade-pastries”, “dessert story” and so on, these places sell food at affordable prices!

At level 5 it has a tuition center catered for students! Hence, you can see that Tiong Bahru Plaza is not just a mall for shopping and leisure but also a place for students to gain knowledge.

Most and mostly importantly, its toilet are really A-grade. Not just because its clean, but it has really looked in to consideration for different ages. Children toilets and disabled’s toilet were set up too. Its toilet paper would always be in place unlike some shopping center which usually neglect this very important aspect of the toilet.

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